Chapter 31:

Battle for the Temple

Full Moon! Through the Rings of Love

Mond and the Portal Master were standing just in front of the crystal temple, pointing at eachother like bickering fools.

"Let me break it!" Mond shouted. "I don't trust your pervy fingers to actually do the job right!

She was holding a transparent hammer with a wand at its core.

"But Lovey, your delicate fingers will get sprained! Plus, that's my wand…"

"This is my retribution, my rebellion! It's only right for me to take charge! And my fingers aren't delicate enough to punch you in that bandage covered nose!"

Now that I looked at it, Portal Master was actually blocking her from hitting the crystal temple with that magic hammer.

"Alright, if you don't move, I'll just have to hit through you! 1…2…"

As she reeled back the hammer to strike, I snatched it away from her.

"Hey! Give that back!"

"Yeah, okay. Like that's going to happen." I stepped away from her, absolutely not willing to hand this hammer back.

This wand…it was strange. I didn't even know wands could turn into tools like this. Then again, this isn't far off from how people magically paint things.

As long as I had it though, Portal Master couldn't use his magic, so that was a bonus in our favour.

“Sister, that is enough!” Luna yelled. “We will not let you sever the connection between our worlds.”

“Humans don’t deserve magic!” Mond shouted. “I’ll prove how useless they are without it!”

Mond sent out a glittery beam of light toward us, but Luna countered with a Lunar Flame spell. Both seemed very weak from what I’d seen before.

Mond was limited by the same issue as Luna. They could only power up based on the phase of the moon. With that hindrance, they were less capable of heavy hitting in this battle.

Meanwhile, the Portal Master walked up to me and asked for his wand back, but I wasn't going to give it to him.

"Like I'd give it back…"

"Fine, then!" He raised up his fists. "Looks like we'll have to go fisticuffs for it!"

I'm not proficient in unarmed combat, so throwing punches wouldn't be very good for me.

Since we'd beat some pretty difficult boss fights…my natural level raised a bit higher. All the way to Level (20) Never thought I’d see that number without Luna’s help…

I had to think of a good spell to use with this wand. I had a few that might be useful here. I was too weak to use them before, but now they might be pretty good.

I raised up his very wand in my hands, priming a Concussive Blast spell.

"Wait…" he waved his hands around, frantically requesting I stop. "We can talk about this!"

Red kinetic energy gathered at the tip of the wand, big waves of force powered out. I was barely able to keep hold of the wand.

A boxing glove like shape shot from the wand, slamming right into the Portal Master's gut.

"Oof!" He went flying back.

I know I'm a Level (20) now, but this wand did most of the work. It was really powerful. It’s not hard to see why he’d have an advantage using it in a fight.

As he hit the ground, the bandages on his face came undone…his face…it was gorgeous! Chiseled like a godly statue!

What in the world was Mond thinking, not wanting this man? I say that completely objectively, of course.

"Why do you even cover your face?" I asked.

"If a woman doesn't love the inner man, she doesn't deserve the outer one." He winked, sending a strange shiver down my back.

"Dude, Mond isn't into your inner man at all."

"Oh, but I'll break her. She's hiding in the intolerant shell, but I'll crack it open with my passion♡"

In a ridiculous way, he and Mond were meant for eachother. Both were incompetent, and dragged each other down. If anyone else had to suffer them and their selfish ways, I'd be the first to give my condolences.

"You're a real creep." I said, now bringing my wand over him, charging intimidating red energy at the tip to seem like a threat.

"Ahh, but I'm not an ugly creep." He had a good cold sweat going, but a confident smile.

Why did Charlie trust this guy as a mentor again?

Meanwhile, Mond was completely out of breath from her magic duel with Luna. They’d both been jumping around and throwing white flames at each other.

"Why aren't you tired?!" She yelled at Luna. "We've been running around for so long!"

"You prioritized beauty over exercise!" Luna stood proud. "Magic will only go so far, sister."

Luna and Mond were on levels of beauty only airbrushed models could achieve, but Mond had extra in her shape. She could attract eyes with those curves, but it was clear she didn't work out much.

Luna was evidently slimmer, and over the course of our travels, I've seen she's very active.

If they were competing for lust, Mond took the edge. But if it were a running race, Luna would win nine times out of ten.

“HYAH” The Portal Master kicked the wand out of my hand while I was distracted!

The wand flew all the way over to Mond. She caught it, then aimed it at the crystal temple.

“What useless things, I can’t believe I have to rely on one of these human wands!”

The energy charging around the wand looked like it could easily take down the temple with a single blast.

But just as she was about to fire off the spell, the wand exploded in her hands!

Spell surge!

The smoke cleared out moments later, in the place the princess was once standing now sat a frog.

“What the…?” Mond’s little froggy head turned and examined her new body. “Noooo! This cannot be!”

“I wanted you to croak, but this is ridiculous.” I said, thinking I was funny. Luna gave me a cute snicker.

Luna wanted to know how I caused the wand to explode, but that wasn’t me at all. If you don’t know how to channel energy through a wand, or do too much or too little, that can cause a spell surge that can destroy the wand. It happened to me with the last wand I got before my current one.

“Let’s be glad the surge wasn’t too bad. They can get really nasty if you’ve got bad luck.”

In this case, it wasn’t Mond’s luck, so much as our luck. Fate was on our side.

The Portal Master stood up, ran to the aid of his lover and held her in his cupped hands.

Both gazed at each other with curious eyes, twinkles were shared between them.

“Who are you?” Mond asked, nearly captivated by him.

“It’s me, Lovey♡” He replied. “I’m sure a little kiss will put you back to normal♡”

“Oh no! Somebody, help me!”

Hearing her frantic froggy voice almost made her sound cute. But no sense in feeling bad about her.

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