Chapter 3:

The Garden Of Eden

The Letters That Heaven Sent

"The year I was born, was when many tyrants died,

I came to know about them now, and wonder if I am of their kind,

People say you are very different from them,

But the thoughts of tyranny run my mind.

I am now afraid because I fear my life

Thinking at some point, I might commit a crime,

I won't let my mind get the best of me is what i decide,

And the next day I was seeing my people from the sky high."

A poem I wrote for an assignment. It's to be submitted by everyone at the end of of each month.

After submission our classes went on like always and I went to our club to read a few books. No one except the club leader was there. He was immersed in reading so I didn't disturb him. I sat down reading and that's when someone entered.

I got a feeling—she seemed familiar— but can't remember where so just went on with reading. It was six pm and soon was work time. Left the college and walked home. It was about halfway around six and then cooked a meal for dad—it wasn't anything fancy but tried my best. Locked the house and went to the shop. The boss was waiting for me and there was only one customer inside.

She introduced me to the cook—Daiki Sato, a popular chef from a big restaurant in Tokyo which was closed down because something bigger was going to build there. He looked really average with a normal hair style and length, he had beard and it really suited him, he was around six foot tall and had a bit darker complexion than most of the Japanese.

"Pleased to meet you—inoue kun—I am Daiki Sato, it's good to have you here."

"The pleasure is mine, I will work hard."

"Well now there is only one more to introduce you to and she will be here soon." That's when it clicked me that the girl yesterday could be the waitress here. Then the Door opened and within the last rays of the sun setting—she came. The sunrays shined her hair like diamonds in binds—the fragrance blowing its way to everything in sight—she looked like a beauty unlike anything in life, yet I found her to be lost just like me beyond oblige. A poem occurred in my mind when I saw her. It was very weird but the thought was basically of no use to waste time on, didn't even bothered about it then.

"Ahh! Here she is. Ayaka-chan, this is Inoue Arata. He is going to start part time here and I hope you don't mind showing him the work."

"Yes boss, it's not a problem. I will show him. It's nice to meet you Arata-kun, shall we get started then."

"Yes senpai."

"So first we always wait by the entrance and when a customer comes in you will say 'welcome to the cafe'."

"Yes senpai."

"Wait until they have decided what to order and go to them when they call you. Treat each and everyone with the same respect."

"Senpai, do a lot of people come here? It doesn't really look that way."

"It's not in a busy area, less people tend to come here but most of our customers are from around." The café was really calming and had good feel to it.

The walls were painted like that of a tree. The menu was really simple and aesthetic. The tables were very comfortable and the food tasted amazing. The outside of the café really seemed like an old style. There was a 'Special Today Board'. There was a small flowerbed on both sides of the entrance and it was beautiful. The café really needed to be seen by more.

It was nearly eight in the night and a customer came in.

"Ding ding".

"Welcome to the Garden Of Eden."

We greeted the customer and everyone started doing the jobs, kai-senpai didn't even went to him and got something from the counter. I understood that the customer is a regular. Boss told me to take the food to him. He stopped me and asked me

"Are you new here son?"

"Yes sir, I am. Today is my first day."

"Nice to see someone new coming here, otherwise it's just all the same old folk in and out. No offense to any of the staff."

"None taken sir."

"You are quite a humorous fellow. Work hard now son, though it's mostly empty. I actually love the coffee and omurice here. Really brings back the childhood."

Soon a few more customers started pouring in and everyone asked about me. They all were really happy someone new is working here. Brought their orders to them, changed water jugs, cleaned the tables, cleaned the floor thrice because there is nothing else to do.

Everything ended and it's ten in the night, almost no store was open anyone near but the café is open for someone who is late for dinner or hasn't had any food. It was a café unlike any. The chef cooked us all a meal and asked me if there is someone who needs a meal at home, since dad comes late, that's what I said to him. He then made two meals, one for dad and one for Kai senpai.

The meal was really good and we ate all heartily. The boss talked about her family tree and about the café her parents started. They were going to increase the business and were going to Australia and that's when their plane crashed, no survivors.

The business never went overseas and here it is now. It was very unfortunate but she held on strong and did her best without her parents and now is trying her best to make it a good café.

I went home and kept the food on fridge putting his name on it.

"Hi, mom. How are you doing?"

"Honey! Come in! Why are you here this late? It's almost midnight now."

"Sorry mom, just wanted to see you." She was looking even thinner than before. The feeling I was getting was not really good.

"Are you eating okay? You are looking far too thinner than before."

"I am fine honey, this is just some side effects of medicine. The doctor said I will soon become healthy."

"I hope you won't get more thinner than already."

"Enough about me, look at you. You are a young boy but look like a skeleton from a science lab. Are you eating fine and on time? You can't lie right now you know."

"I am eating fine mom. I want to tell you something."

"What is it honey? Is everything fine?"

"I joined a part time job and today was my first day. Everything went well and it's in a very good atmosphere. It is also very near to our home.

"Is it garden of Eden?"

"Do you know that café mom?"

"Hahahaha! That's where your dad and I met. I was a waitress there and your dad came as a customer."

"I am happy you are doing something for yourself. Work hard there.

"Yea mom, I will."

"Does your dad know you are here?"

"No mom, I came just to tell you."

"Go home right now before he sees you out this late. He will scold you if get caught."

"Bye mom, I will come tomorrow."

"Before going, come here..."

She hugged me as if this was the last hug she will ever give to me. Kissed me so many times on cheeks and forehead.

"Get better soon mom, bye."

Whenever I come into her room, something unpleasant surrounds me all the time—some kind of fear which I don't understand right now but it is very disturbing.