Chapter 2:


The Letters That Heaven Sent

The first week of the college was over and now we had to choose a club. I was not sure what to choose, but as i had taken a course of literature it was better to go with the literary club. Kuro said he is going with football or basketball club. Kobayashi-san said she was aiming for a seat in the student council.

It was now time after the classes ended for us to go to our clubs and introduce ourselves. There weren't many people in that club. Hardly 4 members out of the whole university. It didn't faze me much and I went inside and introduced myself.

"Hello everyone, my name is Inoue Arata. I am first year in this university and my major is literature." Everyone were happy and clapping. Welcoming me in and soon they introduced themselves.

"Welcome Inoue-kun, I am the club leader, Haruki Hayashi." He was quite tall for his age, and looked stylish and quite studious to me. I know he has a very calm personality and he really looked like a leader.

"Hi Inoue-kun, I am Akio Yamada. I am the treasurer of this club." He was shorter than me and he was probably from overseas. He looked kinda russian.

"Welcome to the club Inoue-kun, I am a member and my name is Asuka Hamada. Make yourself here, there are not many people here, but it's still a good club." She looked very happy when I joined the club. She was a second year so was yamada-san. Hayashi-san was a third year in the university and was one of the top students.

"Is there anyone left to introduce to?" They had 4 names in their log so I was confused.

"She is not here today. Her name is Ayaka Kai. She is a second year student and does not come to the club much because of her part time job."

"I see." I didn't thought much about it and just went and read some books again on psychology to try to understand any way to get the emotions back.

I read for about two hours and then went home. Akio-San left as soon as he introduction were over. Asuka-san left a little while before me. The club leader was still reading, so I thought he will leave soon. When I was walking home, I saw a poster about a part time job. It was from a small Café. The pay was good and the work hours were flexible. It was near my home so I can easily go there without being late and this money will definitely help me mom with her cancer.

I decided to ask my dad about getting the job, and I was mostly sure he won't let me get it, but he just said yes without another thought. I was really confused.

"I can really work there?"

"Since you want to work there and gain some skill of some sort or experience, why would I stop you when you asked me about something in a long time."

"But I also know that those experience and skills is not the reason for you getting a job."

I know my father knew about my reasons, but when he was not telling about it, I thought he didn't knew. He is a very cautious man and takes every step rationally.

"Yes dad, the money is the reason for the job." I said with my bent a little.

"Listen, I know it's for mom but you should also spend it on yourself, get stuff you want or better to save it."

He then took a deep breathe and sighed. He thought I was being reckless and not thoughtful of myself. He was true in that. 'What can a emotionless shell do for himself' is what was always in my mind.

"I am still your father and I still about you even if you grow old. If you still want to give it to for your mother, how about this, you give her forty percent and keep yourself sixty."

"Seventy for mom, 30 for me."


"Fifty it is then." My dad had a huge laugh then. It felt as though he laughed a real one in a long time.

I waited for Sunday to come. I then woked up early and got ready. Bathed and put on clean ironed clothes. I then went to the café. It was very beautiful and had such a calm feel to it. I waited a few mins for the boss to come out. A lady in her thirty's or forty's. She had short black hair and was a little shorter than me. She had beautiful brown eyes and was very fair.

"Good Morning, are you the one who applied for the job?"

"Yes ma'am, it was me." I was a little nervous which felt something new to me this time.

"Why don't you start by introducing yourself?"

"My name is inoue Arata, I am 19 years old and I study at Osaka University."

"My major is in literature and I don't have many hobbies. I love reading though. I read a lot in my free time."

"Okay, I think it was a fine Introduction. Inoue-San, do you know anything about the job?"

"No ma'am, this is my very first time at a café."

"Okay then inoue-san, this work is not tough at all. It requires some movement is all. I am the head so I sometimes stay at the counter or cook. I have a cook here and one more employee as a waitress. Are you willing to take the job?"

"I will work hard ma'am."

"It's good to meet you inoue-san, my name is Hana Hirawa. You can call me boss. I will introduce you to all the workers tommorow."

"When should I come to work?"

"Whenever you are free, the evening works the best."

"I will come in evening then. Thank you for your time boss."

"Inoue-kun, you should keep smiling you know. It looks good on you."

I didn't notice until she said it that I was smiling when I got the job. Was confused why didn't I know about it. Didn't pay much heed to it but was happy that I got a job. As I was coming out of the café, there came a girl coming in my direction, she was having a mix of black and brown hair, was about my height and was very beautiful. She just looked at me and our eyes locked for a second. She went into the cafe and after that i just continued walking.

I thought something was about to happen with that girl and me.