Chapter 10:


Vampire Lanterns

But at first, he should change the bandages, which got drenched in blood once more. The scent of it, was making him go wild again. She was embarrassed all over again, but she had no other choice right now and Yan insisted on doing it for her. The wounds looked even worser, than before. Why wasn't she healing?
"What's the matter, my Lord Yan?" Right... she thinks, his name is Yan. For now, he will play along and his human name will be Yan. He sighed. "Your wounds look..." Petrona knew. "The second and third day, they will always look even more bad, than the day before. That's normal. Don't worry my Lord. It will heal in a few weeks."
He was shocked. What did she mean by a few weeks? He had to think fast. Do humans heal so slowly? Is it normal? He had to keep calm, so he wouldn't blow his cover. He carefully agreed and watched closely her reaction.
She just continued her talk. "I am glad, that the ointment helps with the pain. I feel much better. I should and will thank Mirko, when I go down to fetch something to eat for you, my Lord..."
He cut her off. "No! I am forbidding you from going anywhere without me. I will go and bring the food myself!" That was something new for her, but she still protested. "My Lord Yan, I am at your service, not you. Please, don't make this difficult for me. It's disrespectful of me to be expecting anything from you, my Lord. It's the proper etiquette and..."
Demyan stood up. "It's an order. You can not defy me in this one." He was right. She couldn't go any further against his commands.
She just hung her head... "Yes. As you wish, my Lord..." Demyan wanted to pay her back for the kindness she showed him and also needed an excuse to disappear for a quick revenge. He felt guilty for using his authority on her like that, but he couldn't help it. She was too stubborn.

Demyan walked down the stairs and towards the main building of the bulwark. On his way, he met Mirko and also Luka got in his way. He had also some "important matters" with the supervisor. That pudgy old fool, didn't even know, what was about to happen to him.
The supervisor was sitting at his office table, as the day before, when he was screaming at Petrona. Demyan could tell, where exactly the horrid torture of Petrona happened. He caught a glimpse, as they were walking by. His blood was boiling, but he kept cool.
Mirko announced them. The supervisor welcomed him warmly. As soon, as he could inspect Prince Yan's earring by standing closer, he got even more drooling. He expected some financial support from Demyan, but instead...

Demyan grabbed the supervisor by his neck and lifted his 5'6 body into the air. He ran faster than Luka, because he was about to do the same. The supervisor tried to calm down Demyan, because he had no clue, what this was about.
Demyan without showing any emotions at all, pulled him closer... he was right in his face. "So you think, I should have died? How dare you make such a judgment!"  With a shaky voice, he still didn't get it. "M-my prince?! W-what do you mean? I don't understand!" Demyan dropped the man on the floor.
He scrambled like a cockroach to the other side of the room. Demyan with a glare declared. "You dared to hurt the woman, who saved my life! You punished Petrona for her service to me!" Sweat broke out in the supervisor's face.
"Ah, did i? It wasn't me! It was him!"
Pointing the finger at one of the soldiers standing guard outside the door, who was peeking in right now. Demyan knew, he was lying. He could smell Petrona's blood still on his hands and on the whip, which was pinned to his belt. The supervisor didn't do any more service with what he said next. "That small witch, is lying to you, my prince! She just wants to get me into trouble. Trust me!"  That angered Demyan even more. "ENOUGH!"
With a cold look in his eyes, he walked closer to the man and grabbed him by his neck from behind and began to drag him outside. The man held to Demyan's arms and struggled to free himself, but to no avails. Demyan threw him at the same spot, where Petrona was placed a day before.
Demyan took his whip, which reeked of Petrona's blood. He had to control himself to not change into a vampire and began with his revenge. The supervisor tried to flee from the punishment, but Luka tripped him and kicked him back into place. Demyan and Luka gave each other an affirming stare.
Demyan whipped the bejesus out of the supervisor, till the smell of the men's blood overtook Petrona's scent. When Demyan was done with him, he once more grabbed him by the throat. The supervisor thought, he would end him so he blurted out: "P-please! S-spare m-my l-life... 30 g-gold c-coins. T-take t-them. I-in m-my d-drawer..."
Demyan smirked and dropped him with his bloody back into the dust. "Mark my words... You will NEVER EVER talk to her again nor order her around!"  The supervisor just shakily nodded his head out of fear.
Mirko ran back down with the pouch full of gold coins and gave them to Demyan. "Here my prince Yan... they are now yours!" Demyan felt the weight of it and returned to Petrona holding a tray with yummy food. "Where were you, my Lord?"

Demyan sat down with a smile on the bed next to her and patted her head. "I just got lost a little."