Chapter 24:

No Longer Alone

Annika Says No!

A strong wind blew by me, messing up the long hair of the blonde girl who sat right next me. Yet she was totally unfazed, listening to every word I said with all her attention.

“We promised each other that we would save ourselves for marriage until we would meet again as adults.”

“Ehhh…..isn’t that cute. No wonder why you’re so snobbish to everyone in the school. Even the boys.”

Suvi lightly elbowed me on the shoulder.

“Hmph.” I crossed my arms. “That’s none of your business. I couldn’t be bothered to talk to anyone but her.”

“But you’ve been talking to me for weeks on this rooftop,” Suvi said as she pointed at herself.

I narrowed my eyes against her. “That’s because I can’t ever get you to leave.”

Suvi giggled. “Just admit it, you liked my company didn’t you.”

Hints of red entered my cheeks. “I can’t say I hate it.”

Another gust of wind blew by our faces. Suvi held onto her hair and frowned.

“I think I’m going to cut my hair short now.”

I let out a grin and gazed into the sky.

“It isn’t right.”

My grin slowly curled back down. I turned to look at Suvi’s face, who looked a little sullen.

“Without her, you appear so miserable and lonely. You’re always pushing everyone away. Now there’s no one by your side. No one to comfort you, no one to listen to you, and no one to hold you. Is there truly any point in this promise of yours?”

I winced.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep this promise.” I grasped my fist. “Even it hurts me.”

Suvi hung her head down, then she laid on the floor.

“I have a question, Kwan.”

“What is it?”

“What if….Annika moved on?”

I puckered my lips. “What do you mean?”

“What if she’s forgotten about your promise?”

“No way,” I shook my head. “I believe in her.”

“Are you sure? One hundred percent? Or is it just something you hope for?”

Something….I hope for? No, I trust her with all my heart. There’s no way she would betray me like that. Would she?

Something in my heart told me that something wasn’t right. It was all just my perspective. For the past 3 years, I have had no contact with her ever since our promise. Her parents made sure of that. How would I know what happened to her after all these years?

“People change.”

I turned to look at Suvi. At first glance, her eyes appeared to have a raging fire, but quickly turned back to its warm sunset-like state.

“I learned that the hard way,” she said and leaned back to sit. “I placed my trust on everyone, always giving them the benefit of the doubt, and I paid the price for it. You can’t rely on anyone, because they’re always bound to change. Friends, family, and even myself.”

She looked at me with her pitiful gaze. The first time I saw it, I felt offended, but now, I realized that she genuinely cared for me.

“I just don’t want you to end up like me.” Suvi held my hand. “If you’ve spent all your time focused on a girl so far away, and you realize that it was all for nothing, it would shatter your heart completely. You might never come back from such pain.”

For some reason, I didn’t bring my hand back. I let her hand sit on mine, and didn’t say a word.

A flock of birds flew above the blue sky, moving together in harmony. Suvi moved her hand upward, and pointed at the view.

“Just like birds, humans are social creatures. Life is better when you journey with others. You don’t have to be alone, let’s go through life together.”

Because of Suvi, I had started to make more friends. I realized that I needed some form of companionship all along. The gap that Annika left my heart, needed to be filled.


How many more times am I going to keep dreaming about Suvi? I’m sick of these stupid sequences. I dream about Suvi, then I’m horny when I wake up. I’m already used to it. There’s no way I’m falling for this pattern again.

I feel better now! That was a good night’s sleep! I may have awoken in the middle of the night, but that’s fine. I don’t feel sick anymore, and I can simply go back to sleep anytime. So what if I dream about Suvi again? Bring it on!

A knock sounded on the door.

I got up from my bed and smiled.

This time, I’m gonna give Annika a good old hug as thanks for taking care of me! I’m feeling better anyway, so it’s probably fine.

I opened the door and immediately lunged myself at the girl, with my arms wrapped tightly around her body. Strangely enough, her breasts felt bigger than I expected them to be.

“Ahhh, I haven’t felt this in such a long time.”


That wasn’t Annika’s voice!

The girl on my arms hugged me back and rubbed her face on my chest.

A scent with honey and sunflowers, short blonde hair, and that hypnotic voice, the same one from my dreams!

“W-What the hell are you doing here, Suvi?!” I shoved her away and tripped back inside my room, falling to the ground. “How did you find out where I lived?”

“Oh, Annika told me where she lived, and said that you lived next door.”

Suvi gave off a smile of bliss, and walked inside my apartment. Once she made her way inside, she closed the door, then proceeded to lock it shut.

“Hey, what’s with that look in your face? You’re the one who decided to hug me. Now I’m really feeling it now.”

She moved closer to me in a steady fashion, as if she was taunting me to make a move. I shuffled backwards, trying to keep my distance from her. She giggled as she watched me struggle to stay away. As soon as I reached my bed, the end of the room, I stood up and extended my hand.

“Don’t come any closer!”

Suvi stopped and chuckled.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything to you.” Suvi raised her hand in the air. “It’s you who will be taking action.”


Suvi began to strip herself down of her clothes in an alluring manner, slowly taking off all of her garments one by one, until all that was left was her white-laced lingerie, with most of her body laid bare to see.

“I’m not interested.” I glared at her and crossed my arms.

“Kwan Jr. seems to tell me a different story.” She placed her hand on her lips and looked down.

As much as I hated to admit it, Suvi in her underwear had turned me on. My great dragon bulged out of my pants once more, ready to blast rays of inferno.

“Well, as Kwan Jr. 's owner, I will refuse on its behalf.”

“Really now?”

“Shut up! Did you forget what you did to me?!” I snapped at her. “You made me break my promise!”

“But you enjoyed it.” She licked her lips. “Then we did it again. And again and again and again. And again. And you’re blaming it on me? When you had full control of yourself?”

I clicked my tongue.

“And we became a thing, remember? Because of me, you were no longer alone. You were happy when I set you free from that foolish promise!”

“Don’t call my promise foolish.”

“It was eating away at you on the inside, so why wasn’t it foolish?” Suvi walked closer to me. “We were together for a long time, and you enjoyed every second with my body.”

I couldn’t come up with a response. Her arguments were valid. Accusing her of making me break my promise was a stupid move. That was my choice. My own fault. I’m an idiot for not owning up to it. Suvi did nothing wrong. It was fully consensual, I accepted her and let it inside, willingly.

However, this was not the reason why I despised her. It had nothing to do with the broken promise.

“So what? You betrayed me in the end! You cheated on me with several different guys! Why should I sleep with you again?”

Suvi opened her mouth without making a sound, then she hung her head down.

“I loved you. Truly. With all my heart. But you didn’t love me back.”

“Oh! So you’re just going to resort to making stuff up! I’m sick of all your lies, Suvi. I’m not falling for it.”

Suvi stared at me blankly. It seemed like she was at a loss for words, but I was mistaken. She was flabbergasted.

“You don’t remember?”

“Remember what?”

She suddenly burst into laughter.

“Even when we were together, you would always mention her name. Annika. Annika. Annika! Over and over again. Even in your sleep. Even when we were doing it! You would always apologize, but were those apologies truly genuine? She was always in the center of your mind, so was there truly any room for me? You could never move on! You only thought of me as a form of pleasure, to deal with your loneliness!”


I failed to respond. That part, I was guilty for. I never thought about it that way. I couldn’t deny it. Annika, she was always on the back of my mind.

“But…that’s all right.”


Suvi smiled at me. A strangely warm smile empty of any grudge, as if she didn’t mind any of it.

“Those are just my reasons for cheating on you. Not excuses. I realized that, all this time, I didn’t have the right type of love.”

Suvi grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. It was as soft and squishy as I remembered it to be. For some reason, I couldn’t get myself to let go. It was if it had been stuck in by glue.

“True love….is sacrificial,” Suvi said. “If you truly love someone, you must be willing to give up everything for that person without asking for anything in return.”


“That means….I’m willing to give you my everything, even if you don’t love me, because I love you. All of my sins, I will pay for in full.”

Those words of hers resonated inside my heart. She was by far, the most convincing person I have ever met.

We both fell down on the bed, our faces merely inches apart, with Suvi’s body laid on top of me….all my demons ready to unleash everything upon her.

I felt her warm breath on my face, her sunset eyes gazed into my own with a radiance of passion. She licked her luscious lips with her tongue, ready to be devoured at my signal. Her hand drew all the way to my thighs, and started to pull out the beast inside.

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