Chapter 24:

A movie night with Yori-chan Pt.1

My childhood friend ran away from home and now I have to share a room with her?!

Thankfully, ice really does wonders against nosebleeds. After an eggs-and-pancakes breakfast, I’m restored to full health - or, as my otaku self would usually say, I’m at max HP again. But actually saying that out loud would make two women stare at me oddly in the blink of an eye so I’m keeping this one to myself.

Back in my room, the two of us are pondering what to do today.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to stay indoors for today,” I explain apologetically as a certain stingy, slightly itchy sensation on parts of my skin reminds me of the sunlight’s blessings I inadvertently received the other day. Yeah, fuck that yellow ball - a shut-in like me shouldn’t be reminded of why I’m avoiding this place called ‘outside’, right?

“That’s okay,” Koyori tweets, her attire truly resembling a strawberry from her toes - she’s wearing red socks today, to her hair that’s tied into twintails by two slightly less oversized, red ribbons today. Her dark red shirt and the leafy green, frilly skirt complete the impression of a sugar-sweet strawberry. Considering that she wore a red summer dress and twintails when she was a little kid, her outfit evokes a certain sense of nostalgia in me. And, naturally, she looks super cute again.

“Kei-kun, you usually play games all day, don’t you?” the girl inquires, bouncing around energetically as I scratch my sleeves.

“Yeah, I do, but…”

She wouldn’t enjoy me grinding mobs in an MMORPG or shooting bullets at virtual avatars, would she?

“I want to get to know that new Keiichi who likes games and funny books better so I need to know how that new Keiichi spends his days, yes I do.”

Koyori beams at me but I’m not really feeling it yet. Seriously, she wants to watch me play games and read manga?

“Are you sure, Koyori?” I interrogate her to rule out that she’s just acting in a spontaneous mood. “This might not be exciting for you.”

“Spending time with Kei-kun is exciting enough for me,” Koyori assures me with a wink and a cute pose to match it. “Do not worry about me and start doing whatever you’re always doing.”

Confronted with the eagerness of a cute girl, I can’t help but give in to her desires. Who would have thought I’d be forced to play games in Koyori’s presence? Exhilarating, isn’t it?

The sound of my profound sigh mingles with the excited humming of my friend and the sound of my computer jerking awake like an old friend upon my command.


Over the course of the morning and early noon, I show her some of the games I frequent the most. Neither Gunshot Online, my favorite MMO nor the odd gacha games I play seem to catch her particular interest. However, if Koyori were bored by watching me and listening to my half-assed explanations she probably doesn’t understand anyway, she’s not showing it at all, frequently asking questions or marveling at my apparent ‘skill’.

After lunch break - yeah, we’re having that curry we skipped the other evening, I decide to introduce Koyori to the immersive world of manga, handing her a volume that’s safe to read for someone like her. Perhaps a little too late, I realize that giving her a manga about a middle school girl constantly teasing her seat neighbor who has the hots for her, may inspire her to try some of this on me. Thankfully, Koyori is showing a more docile side today, merely giggling cutely whenever the comedy gets to her.

Eventually, we move over to my console to engage in some friendly racing competition on Yoshino Cart. After playing the game tryharding against people online all the time, competing against Koyori, who hardly manages to stay on track, feels strangely refreshing, and I even let her win a few times, pretending to suck much to her delight.


After another - and probably the last curry dinner for a while, I'm pondering how to spend the remaining evening with Koyori. While the girl is changing into her pajamas and taking a quick shower, I quickly turn on the computer to complete some daily quests in a gacha game I play more out of boredom and habit than out of real interest. Totally not because of the lewd cutscenes, I swear - or not. I deliberately skipped that one earlier when introducing my friend to the concept of a gacha game. I’m not going to repeat my mistake from the other day or else Koyori won’t stop believing that I’m into that kinda stuff. Spoiler, I am.

While Koyori seemed to enjoy herself on the surface today, I don't think playing any further games would be in her interest. To be honest, even to me it kinda feels like a waste of time when there’s finally a chance to do things together with someone I like rather than doing everything by myself.

Didn't she say that she's looking forward to having a movie night with me?

The thought of it hangs in the air like a chandelier when Koyori breaks through the door, wearing the green pajamas on her skin and her typical jolly expression on her face.

"Kei-kun, let's watch movies all night! I want today to be like a real sleepover!"

Well, that saves me the effort of thinking of something else. Wonderful.

"Sure, I'm in," I agree with her proposal, shutting down the computer again. "Should I get some snacks and drinks then?"

Following a quick nod, I rush back down to get everything we need, a bottle of soda for me and some juice for Koyori. I swipe two bags of potato chips from the storage as well, carrying everything back up where my friend is already waiting for me.

The girl has taken a seat on my sofa already, and she's already prepared a blanket to wrap around us. Koyori is wagging up and down on her seat.

Seriously, she's that excited over this?

I can't help but chuckle at the sight, feeling reminded of how a dog would greet their owner upon their return. Koyori is patting the empty space to her right in a repeating motion as if urging me to sit down right next to her.

Ah right, I had a feeling already…

Koyori has been surprisingly passive with her snuggle attacks today but I feel like this is about to change. After storing drinks and snacks at a safe place in my room, I approach the girl, following her call. Or not. Instead of sitting straight down, I'm sending an 'Are you really sure?' type of glance at her.

"Sit," she prompts me, patting the empty space next to her even more dramatically.

Am I a dog now?

I deadpan at the girl. Then, as if out of spite, I sit down on the other edge of the sofa.

"Bad boy Keiichi, sit here," she orders me around though the playful undertone gives her harmless intentions away. I'm not ready to follow her instructions blindly, however.

"What will you do if I don't listen to you?" I retort with a playful cock of my head.

"No snacks for Keiichi and Yori-chan is going to attack his weak point until he listens to her," Koyori threatens and I hate to admit that her warnings hold some weight to them.

‘No snacks’ is one thing but tickle attacks are pure evil! Well, it was worth trying…

"Looks like I have no choice then," I sigh profoundly, robbing over until I'm sitting at the designated position, only an arm-width away from my friend.

"Good boy, here's your reward, hehehe,” Koyori says with a snicker, rewarding my obligation with no more and no less than a blissful series of headpats. Koyori is even stealing my cap for this while wearing a silly, slightly smug grin on her face.

"Does Yori-chan get a headpat from Kei-kun too?" she inquires cutely, blinking her eyes a few times, thus making it extremely hard to say 'no' to that.

"O-only if she behaves herself," I answer nervously. Following the events of last night, I believe I’m dealing with closeness just about fine now. Koyori has always been the one to initiate it, though. Aside from the hug I gave her last night, I've never been the one to start something - and even then, technically speaking, Koyori started that one too! Therefore, I'm not sure if I could do it even if she does behave.

I was only able to hug her the other day because she looked like she really needed it. I don't think she'll start crying if I deny a headpat, right?

"That's too vague, Kei-kun!" she protests weakly, trying the puppy eyes on me. "Yori-chan will behave a lot better if she's patted properly…"

Oh, are we really going there?

I try my best to stare her down the way Mom would often do. When Koyori begins to add a shade of sadness to her puppy eyes, however, I fail to keep up the act.

Stop being so adorable, I can't even scold you for your audacity here!

"Alright, but I'll absolutely move away from you if you overdo it tonight,” I give up at last. Koyori showers me with an angelic smile as I try to figure out how to give her headpats while living to tell the tale.

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