Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Fake Eyes

Wren Yerim Kim was trying to run away from home again. This was the seventh time she was doing it. She had packed a bag full of her essentials. She had money and she would spend it wherever it was needed. 

It was 11:00pm. Everybody in the house was sleeping. That means, only Wren's mother and the housekeeper. These were the only people at home. The cook was on a holiday today. All of the people who worked for Wren's mom were loyal to her like dogs. 

She quietly crossed the hall and made her way outside. As soon as her feet touched the ground outside the house, the alarm started ringing and Wren stopped in her tracks and gulped. 

The two guards who were outside made their way towards her and pointed their guns at her head. 

"Miss Kim, please go inside," said Saul, a man with dark brown hair and cat-like eyes, annoyed. 

"Yes ma'am. We don't wanna hurt you," said Theo, a tall man with black hair and big black eyes, even more annoyed than Saul. 

Wren sighed when she looked at the two guards. She was tired of these two stopping her all the time. 

"Guys, please let me go. Why do you always have to interfere?," she asked. 

"Because, ma'am, if we let you go, the boss will kill us!," Saul said. 

"And you know that your mom is one hell of a woman!," Theo said. 

"Okay," she said, sighing. 

She said that and went back inside. She was just about to enter her room when she saw her mom in the hallway. Her mom was an Italian woman who was married to a Korean man. Her husband was dead. She was smirking. 

"So, Wren, did you run away? Did it work?," she asked. 

"Mom, please. What is wrong with you? Can't you see I don't wanna live here any more?," Wren said, annoyed. 

"Why, my dear?," she asked, as she smirked. 

"Oh, please. Don't act like you don't know. You are the one behind it all! You're like, the worst!," she said. 

"Well, my dear, it's better if you go sleep right now because I'm pretty tired of you trying to run away all the time," her mom said. 

"Yeah, whatever," she said and rolled her eyes. 

She said that and then walked into her room. She fell on the bed. She hated her mom. Day in and day out, it had kept becoming even more difficult for Wren to survive in this house. 

Now, Wren was a skilled architect, who had designed a lot of amazing buildings in the city. The problem with Wren's mom is that she is a cardiologist who does not love her own child at all. She stays in Milan, Italy for 6 months and stays in Seoul, Korea for the other 6 months. 

It's not like Wren is at peace when her mother is in Italy. Her mother's dogs which were the guards, Saul Kwan and Theo Kang, and their Chinese housekeeper, Magnus Xu, a sexy tall man who wore spectacles and had dark hair and dark eyes, always kept her inside and only let her go outside if she had something to do with her work. 

So, why does Wren's mom do all of this? This is because she wants Wren to marry Jay Paavalo, a neurologist that Wren's mom met in Milan. He was very charming and handsome, and Wren's mom immediately wanted him to become her son-in-law. 

But, Wren is against her mom's decision. She doesn't want to marry Jay. Even though she knows he is a good guy because she had once talked to him and though she had no boyfriend due to her mother's strict policies, she had no intentions of getting married at all. 

She went to sleep, thinking about her bad luck and she was crying. 

She woke up the next day and hurriedly got dressed in a white shirt and black jeans, which she found to be very comfortable to her. 

She was gonna go to the museum, which was one of the biggest buildings in the city. The museum needed some renovation, so they asked Wren, an amazing architect, to renovate the area and to add some designs of her's too. 

So, she spent her entire afternoon there, and the housekeeper Magnus was with her all the time because he had to be with her. He was the housekeeper but he was Wren's keeper, too. 

But, Wren was getting another call related to her work now. She had not noticed that when she was looking at the art pieces after the inspection of the place, her bag had been swapped with someone else who had the same one as her's. 

When the other person who had her bag noticed that the phone in the bag was ringing, they opened the bag but the phone inside was not Elvis Min's. 

Meanwhile, when Wren opened the bag she had to look for something, she noticed that the bag did not belong to her. She got confused and did not know what to do. Her confusion got the attention of Elvis. When he saw her confused, he made his way towards her, angry. 

"Excuse me, ma'am, but why do you have my bag?," he asked. 

He wasn't that tall. He had dark intimidating eyes and shoulder length dark hair. He was wearing a black oversized hoodie with black baggy jeans. 

"Oh, actually, YOU have mine and you should tell me why you have it," she said, angry. 

"First, you should tell me why YOU have mine? Here, take YOUR bag back and give me back MINE," he said. 

He gave her the bag and she gave him his. 

"You didn't do anything to my stuff, right?," she asked. 

"Oh, I sprayed poison in your bag so that when you'll open it, you'll smell the strong poison and you'll die," he said, rolling his eyes. 

"Hello, but that's not funny," she said with a straight face. 

"Who even told you to laugh? YOU didn't do anything to MY stuff, right?," he said. 

"I did not. I'm not like you, idiot," she said, smiling.

He was furious now. 

"Get lost, woman. You don't want to pick a fight with me," he said, glaring. 

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," she said.

She rolled her eyes. He rolled his eyes, too. She opened her bag and saw that her mom had called. She sighed. Then, she left the guy alone and left with Magnus.

But, Elvis, the producer had noticed how Wren had reacted when she saw her mother had called. She became a bit worried. He had to know now who she was. This woman interested him.

Fake Eyes

Fake Eyes