Chapter 35:

Chapter 35

Prince of the Sun

There was a sense of duty in his relationship with Momoka. Yet to Jace duty had always been the death of romance. He took Momoka to the place in which they had shared their first kiss; Lynn’s greenhouse. Though Jace was internally bitter about Momoka’s comments towards his sister he put it aside for the sake of trying his best to save face with Momoka.

Momoka was all smiles and laughter returning to the greenhouse. Though Jace’s mind still thought she didn’t deserve to step into it he was pleased to see her so happy. She had been so glum and moody every time he saw her. It was Nikita’s words that had haunted him, saying that she had kissed him to put Tati out of her misery that she did it for what was best for everyone involved.

Yet Jace was scared. Scared to continue his relationship with Momoka and scared to break it off. He felt completely trapped by it.

“How does this place even work?” Momoka asked him, pulling him from his spiralling thoughts.

Looking in her general direction he asked, “What do you mean?”

She was kneeling down by a flower, one that Lynn had described growing in a tropical country far down to the south. “How do you get the flowers here?”

Jace was a little thrown off by the question. “I believe we receive seeds and bulbs or smaller plants and trees in special containers to survive the journey here. I wouldn’t be entirely sure though, you would have to ask Lynn.”

Momoka chuckled darkly, “yeah not going to happen.”

Jace titled his head to the side. “Why would that be?”

“I think I’ve had more than enough of your female relatives,” Momoka stood and walked away from the flower, wandering further into the greenhouse.

Jace didn’t follow her.

Instead he took a moment to compose himself. Trying not to say something that was just an emotional outburst. He tried very hard to brush off that comment yet it was difficult. Nikita he had his own issues with, so insults against her, though he was not meant to tolerate them he could. Yet Lynn was an entirely different story. She didn’t do anything wrong and was far from deserving of Momoka’s hatred.

“Now that’s not fair Momoka, Lynn has been nothing but kind to you and very supportive of our relationship,” Jace said as he slowly followed Momoka.

“I said what I said and I would prefer it if it was just us,” Momoka said so casually.

“Momoka I have a lot of women in my life who are not only important but important to me. You can’t just be unpleasant toward them,” Jace explained softly.

“I know,” Momoka said, “You just have a lot more to prove when it comes to me compared to them.”

Her words left such a bitter taste in his mouth. Gone was the adorable girl he fell for it seemed.

“That attitude is unhelpful Momoka,” Jace scolded.

“You sound like my Alphas” She said playfully, “Didn’t we agree to do away with all the formalities?”

Jace sighed and Momoka hugged him tight. He put his arms around her.

“I know I said that and yes I do enjoy being casual with you yet in front of the court it’s really important to keep up appearances, I know I sound like your Alphas but it is genuinely important,” Jace explained.

Momoka suddenly gasped. “Did I get you in trouble?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Jace said quickly but Momoka understood the meaning behind his words a little too well.

“I’m so sorry Jace.” Tears welled up in her big brown eyes.

“No really it’s ok. It’s just I really need you to stop glaring at Nikita,” Jace said and stroked her hair with his gloved hand.

Suddenly she swatted his hand away. “Why is this going back to Nikita again? Why is she always on your mind?”

Jace stared at her exasperated. “Is that not what we were talking about?”

“Nikita really has you wrapped around her finger doesn’t she?” Momoka said, a vile awful stabbing jab at him.

“Clearly not if you’re my girlfriend,” Jace said, taking her hand and fighting back against his negative emotions toward her.

Momoka smiled and stood on her toes to kiss him. He kissed back his arm snaking around her back to support her unstable position. Yet his heart was not in the kiss. Momoka was adorable and he did have affection for her yet they were quickly drying up and dying. How could he truly be with someone who was not only nasty toward his promised, Nikita but also his sister. Lynn, his true support. His loyalty to his sister was stronger than any romantic relationship he could ever have. Perhaps because in the very back of his mind he knew how doomed they were to fail and no matter what Lynn would always be there in the end.

Also the kiss was inferior to Zebedaois’ kiss. Perhaps it was just mere perception of the person yet the demon was a really good kisser.

As his kiss with Momoka broke away the feeling dawned upon Jace of how to end his relationship with Momoka. He had to be so delicate and careful. Even the mere mention of Nikita caused tears. What would trying to break up with her turn into?

Perhaps he really did need Nikita’s help though he had told her so firmly to stay out of it.

He smiled down at the werewolf yet behind that smile he was panicking. How often that was the reality of a royal Phoenix.

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