Chapter 36:

Chapter 36

Prince of the Sun

Late that night after all his meetings and lessons Jace went back into his quarters. Closing the door with his back, he rested his head on the door.

He had tried so hard with Momoka yet it was just getting worse. Insulting his sister as well as Nikita, embarrassing the pack, him and herself, to the point where even his parents had noticed. Anything and everything he did with her now felt like a chore. She had become something so different around him.

Was that her true personality or just the curse in full effect? It hardly mattered now her actions and words had gone beyond acceptable.

Either way it was just far too unpleasant to be around her. This time unlike the last he couldn’t just rely on Nikita to break them up so cleanly. He would have to do it himself.

Sighing he pushed off the door and made his way through his quarters. He didn’t think he could spend his hours reading, there was no way he could focus with all the turmoil within his mind. Crossing his arms he surveyed his quarters. The books were piled up high.

He supposed he could take some back to the library, he certainly didn’t need the Fae ones anymore. Perhaps he needed books on demons. Yet if such books existed he would find little useful information about demons in the palace. The only knowledge they collected about demons was of how much of a terror they were and how to destroy them. Yet not many did research on demons, the mythical communities tended to completely dismiss them. Only the most well meaning might have a reaction like Lynn’s most would be horrified to learn of anyone having any kind of a relationship with a demon.

Jace noticed the outside of the windows the snow had come alive with a green glow.

Transfixed he wandered toward it, moth to the flame he stepped out onto the balcony. Closing the door behind him the cold air surrounded him yet he could do nothing except look at the sky. The green faded into blue then to pink as it danced hypnotically in the sky.

With his heart and mind full of emotion he looked up into the serpent among the stars and his mind could be emptied. For just that moment he could be nothing but light that danced upon the sky. Darkness threatened around yet he was of the sun and would not be scared, it could not dim him, it only embellished him. All of the arctic world filled with colour it had been completely robbed of for so long.

It was best to wait until she left, was the interrupting and sobering thought that crashed him back down into his body.

His parents had been alluding to it. If he stuck it out until she left in another month then it would be easier to blame it on the long distance. She might still be angry with him yet breaking up with her while she was still living in the palace she would see it as no fault but Nikita’s. It would make for a very unpleasant month for not only Nikita but himself.

Yet it meant that he would be stuck with pretending to be enjoying Momoka’s company for the rest of the month, he would have to play the part as well as he could. He could be cast in any film if he could pull such a thing off. Sure within his Princely duties he had had to fake pleasantries with people he despised yet usually that would not last longer than a few conversations, balls and meals together. It wasn’t such an extended period of time. It usually would not involve kissing and beyond.

Jace put his hands on the railing, the cold tried to bite into his hands but he gripped the marble tight. He looked over the edge of the balcony into the snow in despair.

He very much would like to avoid Momoka for the rest of the month, yet it would only make the situation worse. The best thing to do would be to spend all of his time with her, and try not to blow up at the inflammatory things she said.

He gripped the railing even tighter, his heat flowing into the marble. It was such a waste. He had not long to live and wasting even a month on someone so unpleasant to be around seemed like such a huge portion. Sure for Momoka who could live forever it would be a bat of an eye but one month meant so much more to him. Yet he had no one to blame but himself; he was the one who decided dating was such a good idea. That romance could even be possible.

His face contorted. Unable to cry, it was the only thing he could do.

There was nothing that could be done, he needed to save face. He was such a fool and he needed to fix his own problems. Taking a deep breath he tried to calm himself.

He turned around to go back inside and there he was, Zebedaios. Jace’s heart nearly broke with happiness so truly grateful for his visit.

Bathed in the Aurora Borealis Zebedaios skin shone. He took off his mask, his lips pulled back in the classic playful smirk. And there were his eyes, green and shattered, the ones Jace was supposed to be terrified of yet they were exactly what Jace wanted, needed to see.

Jace returned Zebedaios' smile.