Chapter 20:

Please Silence Your Cellphone While In Service

Otherworld Isekai Service

Diesel looked around, seeing that all of the Truck-kuns had gathered. For some reason, Kami-sama had made an emergency announcement requesting for everyone available to meet him in the Divine Realm.Bookmark here

As he waited around wondering what it could be, Kami-sama suddenly entered from a portal with a stiff look on his face.Bookmark here

"My fellow Truck-kuns, there is a great danger about to fall upon us. Please, take a look at this."Bookmark here

A large display showing a person in a hero's outfit hovered in the air.Bookmark here

Target: Satou KandaBookmark here

Occupation: Unbeatable Champion of the World of FangaeaBookmark here

- World ConquerorBookmark here

- Skill MasterBookmark here

- Possessor of Divine EquipmentBookmark here

"Huh? Looks like the generic end-game hero to me. But that name…where have I heard it before…?" Diesel pondered out loud.Bookmark here

"Diesel-kun, he was the target that was sniped from you by a goose."Bookmark here

"Oh right! That guy!... but why is he showing up again?"Bookmark here

Kami-sama grimaced. "He has grown too powerful. He is trying to tear through the dimensions between worlds so that he can find some place better."Bookmark here

Diesel didn't understand why that was so bad. Would it harm the worlds if that happened? Was he just abandoning the people from the world he was in? Though, he had saved and conquered it already, had he not? It didn't seem like they would mind if their hero decided to call it quits.Bookmark here

"If Satou-kun goes around and keeps saving the different worlds…then what are you Truck-kuns going to do? Also, what is going to happen if he starts disagreeing with how the Divine Realm does things? Why, it'll become utter chaos if he attempts to stand against the Gods!"Bookmark here

True enough. The Divine Realm seemed to have a certain system of how things went, and it had been around for countless years. However, if that was the case, then how did things come to this?Bookmark here

"Kami-sama, how did Satou wind up with such immense power? It doesn't seem like he would find a loophole that easily."Bookmark here

Kami-sama furrowed his brow before switching to another image, one of the Hero Satou looking at his smartphone. A collective groan sounded in the room from the other trucks.Bookmark here

"Oh my god! How did THAT get sent with him?!"Bookmark here

"No wonder he's so OP!"Bookmark here

"I swear, that is the most disastrous thing that humans have ever made!"Bookmark here

Diesel was confused. It was just a harmless phone. How could it have contributed to his powers? Kami-sama clearly saw Diesel look around strangely at his fellow trucks like he was completely lost.Bookmark here

"Cardinal Rule #51 – Never, EVER let a target hold onto their smartphone when they are sent to the next world. Apparently, Moon Goddess Yue forgot to remind her geese, so the one that had sent him neglected to knock the phone away first."Bookmark here

Kami-sama rubbed his temples before continuing.Bookmark here

"As you may know, people undergo transformations and gain potential new powers when they move from world to world. It so happens that smartphones undergo similar effects as well."Bookmark here

"Wait, so his smartphone works in the other world? Still…what could he do besides looking up stuff?" Diesel thought it would be quite handy to have access to modern information to give oneself an advantage in a less-developed society. It would certainly balance out the aspect of magic and mythical creatures more powerful than the typical person. At most, it seemed like he could look up how to make some neat stuff that existed in his previous world.Bookmark here

"Diesel-kun, please take a look at these clips." Kami-sama directed him to the screen, where various moments of Satou's time as a hero was displayed.Bookmark here

Satou was facing off against a large dragon, one that appeared to be too strong for him.Bookmark here

"Siri, how do I beat that dragon?"Bookmark here

"The Ancient Dragon of Vornath has a penchant for the taste of elderberries, prioritizing it over all dangers. Feed a bag of them to it, and it will become drunk and pass out; thereby, becoming an easy target for elimination."Bookmark here

"Thanks, Siri. I just so happen to have some."Bookmark here

Another scene played where Satou was in front of a large magic circle.Bookmark here

"Siri, how do I deactivate this magic circle that is about to call forth the total destruction of this city?"Bookmark here

"This magic circle relies heavily on the principles of Feng Shui. Erasing the following markings as displayed will stagnate mana absorption and halt the summoning process." A display highlighting the proper markings to remove was shown on the smartphone screen.Bookmark here

"Siri, you make things so easy."Bookmark here

Another scene of Satou in front of an intimidating boss-like fighter.Bookmark here

"Siri, can I beat this guy?"Bookmark here

"His fighting style is weak against long range ki attacks as it relies on strength rather than maneuverability to win his fights. As long as Master does not approach within 10 feet, then victory is assured."Bookmark here

"Siri, you're the best."Bookmark here

Diesel relented after seeing this. Now, he understood how fearsome and unfair possessing a smartphone would be in another world. To think that an AI for a search engine would somehow become an all-powerful companion that could analyze and lay out exact methods for beating nearly everything.Bookmark here

"It's not just that," Kami-sama added. "The various apps that he has installed have turned into overpowered tools the likes that no one in that world has seen.Bookmark here

A map application that showed where everything and everyone was.Bookmark here

A normally worthless power level app that could display a person's skills and stats to the minute detail in the other world.Bookmark here

A barcode scanner app that revealed the value and properties of all goods it examined.Bookmark here

A reading app that allow for any language of any text to be read.Bookmark here

A weather app that controlled the elements.Bookmark here

A dating sim app that allowed him to virtually pick up any girl of that world.Bookmark here

Presented with this list of heavily upgraded functions that Satou's phone apps had gained, Diesel started to understand why this had become such a problem.Bookmark here

"In any case, we will need to dispatch someone to service him once again but without his phone. In the process, his abilities should reset in the next world. If he manages to open a path for himself, he'll be able to retain his current abilities, which would be far too dangerous. Tanaka, you're the one most familiar with OP heroes. You'll take the lead. Diesel, go back him up, since you studied up on him once before. The others will stand guard in the space between dimensions to keep him from breaking through should you two fail to stop him."Bookmark here

"Aye aye!"Bookmark here

The trucks moved from their spots, having been given their duties. Kami-sama opened a portal for Tanaka and Diesel to the world of Fangaea, where the Hero, Satou Kanda awaited.Bookmark here

"You ready, Diesel?" Tanaka started psyching himself up. He was looking forward to restoring things to their proper order.Bookmark here

"I guess so…as much as I'll ever be. Though, not sure what I'm supposed to do against such a strong opponent."Bookmark here

"Remember, it only takes one clean hit by a truck to send a target into the next world. As long as it properly connects, no amount of power can resist that," Tanaka said confidently.Bookmark here

"Is that so? Then, a surprise attack? I'm game." If that was all it took, then hopefully, it would be an easy job. Diesel was all worried about how scary of an opponent Satou would be, but it seemed like Truck beat all in a game of rock, paper, and scissors.Bookmark here

The two of them leapt into the portal and ended up in a large temple-like structure sitting in an open field. First, they had to find Satou, and then, they could figure out what to do to make a sneak attack on him. It was a Truck-kun's specialty to come out of nowhere and run over people.Bookmark here

However, Satou apparently had other plans in mind.Bookmark here

"Welcome! I was expecting you!" A loud voice echoed throughout the temple grounds. "I was sure that playing around with this world's connections to the heavens would cause some kind of stir with the Gods. It seems like I wasn't wrong about that."Bookmark here

Looking behind them, Diesel and Tanaka saw Satou approaching on foot. His fancy armor clinked as he walked, and he held a sword in his right hand. He looked nothing at all like the timid loner that Diesel had observed a while back. In his left hand, he held up his smartphone.Bookmark here

"Siri, can you analyze that portal the two trucks came out of. Particularly, how to recreate that spell and triangulation of coordinates."Bookmark here

"Recreation of the Portal spell is possible according to this formula. By inputting the corresponding numbers for coordinates, one can instantly transport to another world. As a reference, I have set up the values for both this world and the world of your origin as default locations."Bookmark here

"Siri, what would I do without you?"Bookmark here

The hero, Satou Kanda, slipped his phone into a pocket in his armor and patted it gently.Bookmark here

"Now, all that's left is to take care of these troublesome puppets of God!" Satou raised his sword and pointed it at Diesel and Tanaka. A powerful battle aura emitted from his body.Bookmark here

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