Chapter 5:

Y1: Yara the Hacker

This Elf Became a Trucker to Return to her World

My name is Yara, 19 years old. Bookmark here

Last name? Don’t have one. Never did. Been in and out of foster homes most of my life, so I never bothered to learn any of them. Bookmark here

Most of my parents didn't care much for me either, so I spent a lot of time staying after school in the schools' libraries and computer labs. It was there I learned something; I was actually good at hacking. It started out with the usual: finding out passwords and credit card numbers, pirating movies, hiding my online presence. Bookmark here

Then one day, I was caught. Not by the police but by a group of expert hackers. They said they would help me if I helped them.Bookmark here

The name of their group? They didn’t have one. Bookmark here

They taught me things, things I would have never learned on my own. It was like something out of a video game. I learned how to hack ATMs, cars, street lights, even heart monitors. The world was opened up to me in new ways I had never known before. Basically, anything compliant with the FCC rule 15 was a toy I could play with. One day, however, I messed up.Bookmark here

I got caught hacking an ATM. It was a new neighborhood- I didn’t like to rob the same place too often. Unfortunately for me I missed one of the security cameras and got caught by some chubby looking blue boy. They said they would take me in for questioning before anything else. I just went along with them calmly. Thankfully, I had a kill switch on my phone to erase all of its data for just this situation, so there wasn’t anything they could really do about evidence. They wanted to keep me overnight anyway, however, since having a phone with factory settings seemed suspicious to them for some reason. Bookmark here

So, there I was in the holding cell. They put an old magazine in here for some reason, so I decided to take a look with nothing else to do. After a few hours in silence, suddenly another girl got thrown in with me. She looked like a cosplayer of some sort- her outfit was like a cross between something from lord of the rings and a tavern maid. She seemed rather angry, but whatever, it was nice to have company. Bookmark here

I overheard the officers talking.Bookmark here

“Not like you to put someone in holding over ‘disturbing the peace.’”Bookmark here

“Some punks claimed she shot them. The one was missing an eye even. He’s on his way to the hospital now.” Bookmark here

“Geesh. Did you find the weapon?”Bookmark here

“Nope. When Davis brought her in, he said she had nothing on her. No weapon, but also no ID. I’d at least like to find her parents or something, she doesn’t look any older than 17 at least.”Bookmark here

“Well, best case we find her parents, worse case we get in contact with the ICE. She might be a refugee. I hate to see kids get treated that way, but you know the chief.”Bookmark here

The ICE? Maybe this girl is in a rougher situation than I th- Woah… was she feeling herself up? Did she not realize I'm here with her? Um… how did people talk to each other in prison movies and stuff?Bookmark here

“So, what’re you in for?” I tried to make myself look cool on the bench, holding the magazine and trying to look indifferent. Bookmark here

“A foolish human dared to approach my territory, so I drove him off with my magic,” she proudly declared. Bookmark here

“Pfft.” I couldn’t help but laugh. How was I supposed to react when said that so directly? Man, I’ve heard about being in character, but this girl was a bit much. I tried to play it off. “So, what, are you one of those ‘Magical Girls’ or something? Or are you the next Bowsette or something?”Bookmark here

“Magical Girl? While it may seem that my body is that of a woman, I assure you that I am quite male. That being said, one's sex is not important for my kind.”Bookmark here

Alright. This girl was great. I felt like I could get to be friends with her. “Know what, I like you.” I sat down my magazine and reached out to shake her hand. “My name is Yara. What’s yours?”Bookmark here

She gave me a smile that sent some chills down my back. “I am the Demon King Ond. You may refer to me as King Ond, Lord Ond, or Majesty. This world will one day be mine!” I barely held back a laugh. Bookmark here

“I’m just going to call you Ond.” Bookmark here

“I suppose that is fine.” She seemed a bit disappointed at my sudden dismissal of her title.Bookmark here

“You sure you don’t want to be called ‘Queen Ond?’” Bookmark here

“No, regardless of my body I shall still be king. King is not a title restricted by one’s sex. Even if I were a woman, I would still be the king!”Bookmark here

“If you say so.” I haven’t been too keen to keep up with gender issues, but I suppose her argument made sense. I laid back down on the bench, looking back at this magazine. If we were going to be in here all night, I would need at least some breaks from her.Bookmark here

“Now then… maybe I can find out which spells I can still use.” There she goes again with that magic stuff. I decided to watch her from over the top of the magazine. It seemed there might have been some truth to what she was saying about magic, even if it was just some sleight of hand. She would shout things and there would be small flashes of light between her hands. One time a whole pebble fell to the ground. Bookmark here

Then, out of nowhere, she pointed her finger at the adjacent wall. "UV Beam!" As she shouted, a burst of purple light flew from her fingertip, leaving a dent and burn marks on the brick wall as the dust cleared. Bookmark here

“What the hell was that?” I jumped up from the bench. That was definitely some sort of magic! Or maybe it was some sort of energy attack? I heard what sounded like shuffling coming from the other room, the officers were probably going to come and check on us. Bookmark here

This girl, she didn’t seem to be alarmed. In fact, she looked very happy, like she had just concocted an evil scheme. She turned her gaze over to me. “Yara, was it?” She slowly approached me. “I may have a way to get out of here. I wouldn’t do it for just anyone, however.” She slid her hand against my cheek seductively. Bookmark here

“Agree to be my wife, and I can make us both free.”Bookmark here

A- a proposal? In a jail cell?Bookmark here

And from a girl who I had met mere moments before. Wait, a girl? Do I even like girls? No that’s not what is important here...Bookmark here

“I think I heard something! Quickly!” The officers were about to come into the holding area. Think quickly, there was still a chance I could be found guilty. In fact, considering my race that chance was probably high.Bookmark here

“Fine, if it gets us out of here, I’ll do it.” I couldn’t let this chance pass. Bookmark here

“Very well.” She started to mumble something before kissing me directly on the lips. I forced my eyes shut.Bookmark here

My first kiss…Bookmark here

Somehow, it was better than I imagined it would be.Bookmark here

When I opened my eyes, we were standing in a glowing light. I felt a slight burn coming from the back of my neck.Bookmark here

“The contract is complete. You are my first wife in this world. How does it feel to be a demon princess?”Bookmark here

The officers had thrown open the door, drawing their guns at us. "Freeze! Put down whatever your weapon is!" Bookmark here

Ond turned to look at them angrily. “How dare you interrupt us! Invis Barrier!” A wall of light emerged from Ond’s hand between us and the officers. They panicked, firing off bullets that bounced off the wall. “Shall we?” Ond grabbed my hand. “light form.”Bookmark here

I could feel my body’s mass change. It was weird. I could still see myself, but I seemed to be almost see-through. It was like I had become a hologram. Ond lead me around the wall of light and we managed to pass through the door as if it wasn’t there. Bookmark here

“Now, Invis!” Just like that, our bodies became invisible. “Don’t let go of my hand, or we might not find each other again.” Ond said, keeping my hand held tight as I could feel my heartbeat quicken. Bookmark here

Before I knew it, we had made it outside of the jail. Sirens had begun to go off, so we didn’t have any time to stick around or to go back for my phone. Bookmark here

That was how, within one crazy afternoon, I managed to get arrested, escape prison, had my first kiss, and get ‘married’ to a strange person who claimed to be a demon.
Ana Fowl
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