Chapter 4:

O2: The Demon King and the Hacker

This Elf Became a Trucker to Return to her World

So, that uniformed man put me in jail. Well, a holding cell I think he called it. He was going to let me go after some questioning, but then another human wearing the same uniform told him that “Some punks claimed she shot them. The one was missing an eye even. He’s on his way to the hospital now.” Bookmark here

And then he said he wanted to keep me here overnight for questioning! Like, what even? Don’t you know I’m the Demon King? Well, I’m not going to complain too much, at least this gives me a please to sleep for the night and think things over, and check myself out…Bookmark here

I really was in Ceatha’s body. Did the two of us merge? Or is this body some sort of copy? Either way is probably a side effect of our spells clashing… So, this is what Ceatha’s body feels like… damn shame she never let me feel it when I asked her...Bookmark here

“So, what’re you in for?” A voice spoke out to me from the other corner of the cell. A human girl was lying stretched out on the bench, reading what appeared to be a very thin book. Bookmark here

“A foolish human dared to approach my property, so I drove him off with my magic.”Bookmark here

"Pfft." The human looked up from her book and I got a good look at her face. Her complexion seemed a bit darker than most of the humans I had fought, even the ones from earlier today. Did humans have this much variance? I had never bothered to pay attention to them. "So, what, are you one of those 'Magical Girls'? Or are you the next Bowsette or something?"Bookmark here

“Magical Girl? While it may seem that my body is that of a woman, I assure you that I am quite male. That being said, one's sex is not important for my kind.”Bookmark here

The human let out a laugh. “Know what, I like you.” She stretched out her hand. “My name is Yara. What’s yours?”Bookmark here

I smirked at her. “I am the Demon King Ond. You may refer to me as King Ond, Lord Ond, or Majesty. This world will one day be mine!”Bookmark here

“I’m just going to call you Ond.” Bookmark here

“I suppose that is fine.” Bookmark here

“You sure you don’t want to be called ‘Queen Ond’ instead?” Bookmark here

“No, regardless of my body I shall still be king. King is not a title restricted by one’s sex. Even if I were a woman, I would still be the king!”Bookmark here

“If you say so.” She leaned against the wall on her bench. Bookmark here

“Now then… maybe I can find out which spells I can still use.” Bookmark here

I cracked my knuckles. Elemental magic was one of the specialties of the demon race. Me not being able to use elemental magic would be like a bird not being able to fly. I Extended my hand again and poured as much energy as I could into my palm. “Produce Fire!” A small light appeared in my hand for a fraction of a second before quickly disappearing. Bookmark here

“Wow. Is that your magic demon power?” The human dared to mock me, but I ignored her. It wasn’t that magic didn’t exist in this world, it just wasn’t working… perhaps another element… Bookmark here

I clapped my hands together, focusing all my might into squeezing them as tight as they could be. Quickly I tore them apart as I yelled “Produce Earth!”Bookmark here

Another small flash, this time a pebble fell from between my hands and landed on the ground. Bookmark here

“A whole pebble? We’ll have our own continent in no time.”Bookmark here

“Don’t you have anything better to do?”Bookmark here

“Well, we’re in jail so… no.”Bookmark here

I tried similar basic production spells for wind and water with similar results, though the water was enough to make a small pool on the floor. Something was wrong with my elemental magic... What could it be though? Did elemental magic not work in this world? Or were its principles different? Gah! Magic always just came naturally to me, so I never bothered studying the principles behind it! Bookmark here

Wait a minute.Bookmark here

That spell worked though, right?Bookmark here

I already know a magic that works in this world!Bookmark here

I aimed my finger towards a spot on the far wall of the cell. I concentrated like before, but this time I felt energy actually surging. Yes! This one would work! “UV Beam!” a purple flash extended outward from my finger, leaving a burn mark where I had aimed at the wall. Bookmark here

“What the hell was that?” The human had jumped up from her seat and seemed notably startled by the impactBookmark here

I smirked. “Yara, was it? I may have a way to get out of here. I wouldn’t do it for just anyone, however.” I walked over to where she was pressed against the wall and placed my hand on her cheek.Bookmark here

“Agree to be my wife, and I can make us both free.”Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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