Chapter 3:


Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

 I hoisted my revolver on my belt. I really don't like using the gun, the sheer amount of paperwork you need to write afterward is exhausting.

They were all focusing on the gate so no one noticed me walking up to them.

I went to the car closest to the gate.

“If it isn’t Captain Tanaka-san.” A black shadow appeared from the first car. He was wearing a long black coat and a wide scar on his forehead. I knew that face.

Kujo Sawa, famously known as the “Knife”. We had a file on him bigger than anyone else in the Miyazaki prefecture. He adjusted his coat and took out a box of some kind. He lit a cigar and offered me one from his pinewood cigar box. I took one to not seem intimidated by him.

His henchmen started getting out of the cars too. Around 30 from what I could count without making it obvious. They had no weapons in plain sight.

That’s exactly what bothered me, that they are probably just hiding them behind their backs.

“Are we doing something illegal?” He asked as if mocking me. Everyone started snickering around me. It was as if they were toying with the police system.

“You know you are on prohibition right?” I put the cigar on my lips while he brought his lighter near it. It was one way to deal with people you can’t put in jail just yet. You have to act as if they are your friends.

“You still think you were the one who put me in?” He started laughing while leaning back on his car’s hood. He wasn't wearing a shirt underneath his coat, his tattoos were on full display.

I took a deep breath. I had stopped smoking because Sakura was worried about how it could affect the house.

I was about to cough from all the smoke but I had to show intimidation. At least before the backup arrived I reassured myself.

“It’s not about who put you in, it’s about how long you think you can stay out this time.” I let out a subtle smoke in the air.

“You are already violating your probation by simply just being here. Why are you making it more complicated.” I tried to reason with him. I’m not someone who can beat a few dozens armed Yakuza by myself. Not anymore at least.

“How about you chill out a little, old man? I respect you, I really do. But someday this courage of yours gonna get you killed.” He tapped his cigar on my boots dropping the ashes on it. I knew he was just trying to test my patience.

“Hey. Stay away from him.” I heard a shout from the back, it was Juno. I told him to stay inside the car. Juno was pointing his revolver at Kujo.

Kujo smirked at him while getting back slowly.

The goons started grunting with their hands shining with knives and metal pipes. Aha! I knew that they were hiding weapons, but it  was no time to praise myself.

“Officer Juno, how about we all take a deep breath?” I waved my hands around to de-escalate the situation. He lowered his weapon and stood beside me.

“Well looks like you haven’t trained your dog properly.” Kujo waved his hand and his goons started calming down. Juno was surprisingly calm. Good, a clear mind is a must in this line of work.

“Careful now, there’s only so much I can help you with. Let’s get back to the topic. Why are you here?” I offered a peaceful smile.

I was in no hurry to let Juno get hurt.

“Family matter you can say.” He signaled one of the goons.

The goon opened a small door inside the big gate and leaned in to have a peek, “Yeah, they are here.”

He went inside and dragged a woman from the shoulder. She seemed to struggling back but her body was too weak. Another one followed him with an unconscious small child in his arms. The child is probably 7-8 years old.

“Who are they?” That sight shocked me. Do I really have to engage with them just by myself? I had already counted Juno out because a weapon is as powerful as the holder. Once you draw it out you better not show hesitation.

“My wife and my daughter.” He raised his hand towards that woman’s face but she slapped it away with a disgusted look.

“As you can see this is a personal matter. We would like to keep it that way right?” He smiled at his wife. I knew her, she was in the file. He married her for the money and influence. We were preparing to get in touch with her soon anyway. Her testimony can very well put Kujo Sawa in prison.

“Hope you don’t mind if I ask them this myself?” I tried to negotiate. I turned towards the kid and the wife.

“Is everything okay?” I knew there must be an internal matter she couldn’t tell to the outside people.

“Please…My daughter…” she couldn’t even form a full sentence.

I noticed wounds around the mother's hands and neck. I remembered something. The daughter was supposed to be in high school.

I turned to the kid. She was all bones and veins. Dear God, they must have starved the kid for her to lose this much weight. I started to figure out the pattern. Domestic violence and child abuse! I gasped to myself in rage!

It made me agitated but I knew it was not the right time to confront him. We need to have proofs and procedures in place so he can’t get on prohibition again.

I turned to the mother. “Well ma’am I’m sorry but we can’t do anything on a personal matter. I'll ask you to come and sign a paper though." I told Kujo, "You know how it is with the new law. So just to be on the safe side have them come to the station tomorrow.” 

I smiled and started walking back. I hated acting like a jerk. But to eliminate any suspicion from Kujo I have to do my best.

“Let’s go.” Kujo grabbed the wife and mumbled.

“You think he can save your kid? He couldn’t even save his own.” 

Something snapped inside me after hearing those words.

I don’t remember what happened afterward. Just faint shouting from Officer Juno and my fist hitting something hard.

 I saw Kujo lying on the ground with his whole face covered in blood. I also saw his goons lying around me. Officer Juno was panicking and waving his gun at the remaining goons to keep them away. My fist was dripping with blood. I tried to evaluate the situation. Why did I lose control? Ah yes because he was talking about her.

I looked around at the mess. It seems I can no longer befriend these goons. 

A few of them were covered in blood but it seemed none of them was dead.

I could hear the faint sirens. Police cars started coming from all directions to stop the thugs from fleeing. I just stood there while everything was being unfolded around me. Kujo was trying to shout something while getting in the ambulance. The place was swarming with the police officers. 

We were preparing for this but never thought it would happen like this. Kujo’s wife kept crying while holding my hand drenched in blood. I knew that from her testimony we could finally end this. Her daughter was being taken to the hospital too.

“Go home.” Chief patted my shoulder. "I'll take care of the paperwork. This is a big bust. National Crime Bureau might want a piece too." He chuckled and asked a nurse to take a look at me. The nurse grabbed my hand and wiped the blood.

"Let me stitch your wound." She wiped all the blood and looked at my hand.

"I-" She seemed speechless, "It's, it wasn't your blood?!"

I just gave a blank smile and started walking towards the darkness of night.