Chapter 0:

Behind Closed Lids

Who am I?

Her eyes flickered open. A bright light blinded her, and she guarded her face with her hand. It felt strangely heavy... her back hurt, and her legs were stiff as boards... as if she hadn't moved them in a while. Groaning, she shifted her body, tried to sit upright, but failed.Bookmark here

Through thin slits between her hand, she tried to make out her surroundings.Bookmark here

It was still too bright, too hazy...Bookmark here

The strength in her arm left her.Bookmark here

Her eyes fell shut once more, and although she could still make out the brightness through her lids, darkness crept in, enveloping her completely.Bookmark here

She was limp once more...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

She felt something in her arm.Bookmark here

It stung, it annoyed her, it... hurt?Bookmark here

It wasn't a wasp, was it?Bookmark here

A memory told her that she was allergic to wasps! Wasps had... wasps did... how did she know? What was going on?Bookmark here

Her eyes wouldn't even open this time around.Bookmark here

Maybe the poison already spread through her body, and she was too late?Bookmark here

Mother...Bookmark here

Father...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

With a start, she convulsed.Bookmark here

Voices.Bookmark here

She heard voices.Bookmark here

Her eyes refused to open at the bright light, and it was all she could do to groan and moan, strange sounds she wouldn't have guessed came from her mouth.Bookmark here

She sounded like an alien.Bookmark here

Someone grasped her hand, and she tried to squeeze back. Any warmth, any contact was fine, was good, was helpful!Bookmark here

Her only worry was that she couldn't even guess who exactly would hold her hand in a situation like this...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

It happened again.Bookmark here

The light was mild, now, not as oppressive as it had been, earlier. The voices were gone, the touch was gone, the pain was gone.Bookmark here

Once again, she tried to sit upright but failed.Bookmark here

She felt awful.Bookmark here

She felt dirty.Bookmark here

How long had she been in here?Bookmark here

Why did she feel so tired?Bookmark here

It didn't make sense!Bookmark here

Nothing made any sense!Bookmark here

Angry and irritated, she forced her eyes to open. A black screen immediately washed over her sight, her mind spun in circles, and she fell asleep, again...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

There it was...Bookmark here

The voices...Bookmark here

The light, mild but powerful...Bookmark here

It didn't seem scary, now...Bookmark here

She moved her arms, her legs. The voices grew more excited, anticipating her awakening. The thought gave her power, made her strong enough to rub her eyes, and slowly open them... only to fall shut again.Bookmark here

She didn't pass out, which was good.Bookmark here

Her eyes flickered, fighting against an invisible force keeping them closed. Pain, discomfort, and stickiness increased her struggle, but suddenly, the touch was back! Someone clung to her other hand, waiting for her, praying with her!Bookmark here

Enough with the weakness!Bookmark here

She had to wake up!Bookmark here

She had to open her eyes!Bookmark here

In a struggle against herself, she fought and fought, when suddenly, an impact shook her entire body. Her stomach had received a heavy blow.Bookmark here

The air left her body, but a second later, the floodgates opened, allowing the air back inside. Along with them, her eyes shot open.Bookmark here

They didn't close.Bookmark here

They saw.Bookmark here

She saw.Bookmark here

She was awake.Bookmark here

Nina Kamiya
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