Chapter 38:

Ch. S4 Happy Valorine's Day!

Hour Empty Child

Back at Olinia, the nobles were celebrating a special kind of day that only comes by once a year.

Before this certain day, however, many noble women spend their time in the kitchens to create their perfect treats.

These perfect treats are chocolates to give to their special loved ones, only to be shared on this day.

As this day arrived, only to be called Valorine’s day, the noble women give their chocolates to the man that they so enjoy being with to offer affection, and for some, use this chance to confess their love to that man in hopes of blossoming a relationship.

Valorine’s day was created from a long time ago when Valorine himself created this day after the terrible tyrant of a governor banned marriage. He nearly sacrificed his life so that they would overthrow the kingdom, and was left crippled. On that day, the people saw his bravery and anointed this day as Valorine’s day, because he did it all so that he could marry his loved one.

Though some cities in Peranim don’t celebrate it, as Valorine’s day is usually celebrated in other countries, Olinia, being the capital, would be the one to do it.

In that city, everyone was swept up by the special holiday.


“Kudo! Come here! I made you something!”

Hinota, sharing the brightest smile ever known, held something in her hands as she called Kudo down from the second floor.

“What’s up?”

“Hehe, Happy Valorine’s Day!”

Hinota entrusted Kudo with a heart-shaped box to his chest.

“W-Whoa! What is this?!”

Kudo held onto it with a gaping expression, but then he noticed the shape and the pink color.

“I-Is this for me?” Kudo looked up with a widened expression.

“Yep! Though, it’s obligation chocolates.”

“Chocolates? What’s the reason…?”

“Oh, you don’t know, huh?”

Hinota figured that Kudo wouldn’t know since his village probably doesn’t celebrate this day.

“See, today’s a holiday meant to celebrate the day of love. Something happened in the past that made this holiday, and now today, girls go and celebrate by giving chocolates to their loved ones.”

“L-Loved ones…?” A faint blush rose from Kudo’s cheeks.

“A-Ah, that’s why I said these are obligation chocolates—they’re meant to be given to friends who girls regard as people special to them, so that they won’t feel left out.”

“O-Oh! That’s so considerate of you, Hinota!”

A smile replaced his blush. Hinota felt comfort knowing that he understood.

“Then, go ahead, dig in! I worked hard to get these chocolates, so I want you to enjoy it!”

“Eh… alright, I’ll do it! I never had chocolates before, but it sounds promising!”

Kudo quickly opens up the heart-shaped box, and inside of it were 3 square shaped borders which had a small single chocolate bar in it.

“Oh! It looks good!”

Kudo picked up the chocolate with an excited nature and popped it into his mouth.

He chewed on the chocolate, letting the chocolatey taste overwhelm his taste buds. But it didn’t taste sweet.

“Huh…” Kudo now felt a slight pain in his throat. “Hinota… where did you get these chocolates?”

“Oh, I made them with my own hands! After hearing that today’s Valorine’s day, I borrowed the kitchen from the inn to create it myself! It was a pain to get the ingredients, but I got excited that I got to cook something again!”


Suddenly, blood dripped from the corner of Kudo’s left side of the mouth.

“K-Kudo! You’re bleeding!”

“…I don’t think that’s the worst of it.”

Kudo prepared himself mentally for what is about to come…

“Kudo! I’m so sorry! Please, wake up!”

Hinota carried Kudo’s head as he was on the ground, blood dripping from his mouth.

His stomach was in incredible pain, and he felt like he was at death’s door. Dozens of knives are penetrating his throat and stomach, and somehow, his eyes became blurry.

“Hi…nota… were you planning on giving these to somebody else?”

“N-No! I only plan on giving them to you! You’re the only one that I would give chocolates to!”

Hinota assured, though she didn’t understand why Kudo was having a big smile on his face.

“Thank goodness… then… I feel a little happy about that.”

He smiled, and to Hinota, it was a smile that accepted the things that happened.

“Hinota… Happy Valorine’s Day… the most dangerous day that I have ever known…”

“Wait! Kudo! That’s not what the day is meant to be! KUDO!!!”

She screamed, but it was too late. Kudo was gone.

“It… it… IT CAN’T BE THAT BAD!!!”

On the most romantic day of the year, Kudo was stuck in bed for nearly a week thanks to Hinota’s hand-made chocolates.

Happy Valentine’s Day, people! Hopefully all of you have a better day than Kudo had…