Chapter 38:

Chapter 38

Prince of the Sun

Zebedaios stayed as long as he could with Jace, long into the night and the early morning. Jace embraced each second of it. Greedily devouring his time with Zebedaios. Something so precious to him he even skipped breakfast to prolong it.

Yet the time came when Zebedaios with a sad smile had to disappear. Jace had Princely duties and Zebedaios understood that and didn’t want any risk of being caught.

Though it wasn’t the first time Jace had met the demon he felt a closeness and a deep connection forming between them. This time through opening up about his own pain he was able to learn more of the demon. Again everything he knew about Zebedaios was in strict contradiction with what he had been taught about demons. It was almost laughable if it wasn’t so deeply troubling for someone he had such strong affections for. He was so glad that Zebedaios had spent so much time with him, Jace felt a longing for his touch even seconds after Zebedaios disappeared.

Gathering himself and dressing for the day he really did hope that Zebedaios would hold true to his promise to help Jace through this difficult time with Momoka. He needed it more than he would care to admit.

He braided his hair himself, forgoing the usual styling for more time with Zebedaios. He couldn’t do it nearly as well, he felt like he was making such a mess of his curls but he managed to make one braid that hung between his shoulder blades. Not the most elegant yet it would have to do. He finished it off with a white satin ribbon with a simple lace trim.

Finally he stepped outside of his room and it was the strangest thing. Momoka was standing in the hallway. Jace nearly jumped in fright.

“Where were you?” Her eyes bore into him with suspicion.

“What do you mean?” Jace asked. He glanced around, wondering how she had gotten past the guards. Perhaps they had just let her past considering everyone now knew Jace was in a relationship with her. He was thankful that the door was locked. He would be mortified if Momoka had caught him with Zebedaios.

“You weren’t at breakfast.” Momoka pouted.

“Oh yes you’re correct, I was very busy with my studies and also not all that hungry,” Jace explained with a lie.

“Who was with you?” Momoka squinted at him.

His heart picked up a little. He knew she could hear such a thing, being a werewolf. Yet he couldn’t help it. He had such a strong emotional response when it came to Zebedaios.

“No one, I was alone,” Jace said. He couldn’t even say Lynn anymore, firstly because she probably was at breakfast and secondly because she was somehow also a sore point for Momoka.

“You’re such a liar Jace,” said Momoka.

“I’m not lying,” Jace lied.

Momoka peeked into his room. “There was someone in there and since you’re lying we both know who it is.”

Jace exhaled loudly. “I promise it was not, why in the world would I want alone time with her?”

“You tell me,” Momoka bit back.

Jace closed the door to his room sharply. “I can’t.”

“Do you won’t and it hurts me just as much as your own actions,” Momoka said, a little too loudly, “at least if you could admit it I would respect you more!”

Jace could feel the flames of anger building inside of himself. He was beginning to be late to his appointment too. So he did what was best, which was walking away. He would deal with the fall out later.

The wolf skulked behind him but he did not look back and as he left the royal section of the palace he sped up to lose her.

Only when he had gotten far enough away from her did he notice his eyes glowing from such intense emotions. He leant against a wall trying to steady his emotions.

A painting of one of his ancestors he should have remembered the name of slaughtering a demon hung beside him. He turned away from the glorified picture, it making him sick to the stomach.

Lynn thankfully was the only one to find him in the hallway.

“Jace,” she said softly, meeting his eyes with her own soft blue ones.

“She makes me so angry Lynn, I was such a fool to think I could love her,” Jace said feeling so utterly defeated by his interaction with Momoka.

Lynn quickly surged toward him, catching him in a hug. The warmth and thrum of her power calmed him. Though they seldom made contact Jace needed the hug and it was just the right thing to comfort him. Lynn was also a very tall girl, yet she was still 30 centremetres shorter than Jace, her face was pressed against his shoulder.

Yet even in the comfort of his sibling bond a dark thought crept in. Momoka would be horrified to see them like this.

Lynn’s voice was so soothing, “Jace you can’t blame yourself for wanting love. It didn’t work out and that’s ok.”

“I have the rest of her visit to pretend it’s ok but it’s just not,” Jace whispered.

“We will get through this.”