Chapter 39:

Chapter 39

Prince of the Sun

Jace’s behaviour could lead Momoka to no other conclusion.

The wolf hunted through the hallways. Using a strong sense of smell to find her target. All of the royal Phoenix smelled a little similar, a warm smokey scent with a floral. Jace’s scent was a gorgeous delicious scent to Momoka but the scent she was tracking raised her hackles.

A jealous rage pulsed through her, propelling her forward each step she took. There was no room for any other thoughts within her mind, reason and ration were thrown away. She could and would be able to find one solution to this feeling. Then everything would be fixed in her relationship. It would go back to the way it was. Jace would fall deeply madly in love with her.

She just needed to fix the issue.

She would have to be smart but also brave to do this and with the backing of a beast under her skin she felt that she could.

The guards throughout the palace paid her no mind despite the abhorrent things she was thinking. She was thinking. She was glad that Phoenix couldn’t read minds. Her name and her status got her past them with no concerns. It was almost an abuse of her own power.

She was even allowed past the guards at the entrance to the royal part of the palace. After all there were many that were trusted within their quarters and she did make that list thanks to Jace. So she was allowed by him, given permission by him to seek this solution.

She tried her best to keep the dark look off her face yet it was difficult.

Nikita was sitting alone in a shared space looking over her notebooks. Her languages teacher had just left her and she was pouring over the written forms of a very complex language. The joint forms of the letters sometimes made her miss a few when reading. Her straightened hair covered her back completely, coating her coat in a thick layer of white.

Nikita did hear someone enter from the hallway but she payed it no mind as she was expecting her next lesson to begin shortly. They were probably early. She did want to study some more before the next lesson started but it was fine to start early. She was expecting her Tutor or Jace who attended the class with her. Yet instead she found a very strange sight.

A giant white wolf.

She blinked a few times, believing that her eyes were playing up on her, had one of the paintings on the walls come to life? Was one of the witches playing a joke on her.

What wasn’t a joke was the way the wolf ran towards her.

As it neared she remembered that there were many werewolves within the palace. Yet why was it in wolf form? And why was it looking so threatening?

Nikita quickly got up from her chair using it as a barrier between herself and the wolf. It stood as tall as she did.

“Um hello, who is that in there?” she asked.

No response but the chair was swiftly knocked aside with a swipe of a paw. There was a flash of teeth, but Nikita was fast leaping back. Had this werewolf lost control of its wolf form? Was that even possible? Nikita had no idea how to handle the situation.

Yet she didn’t have very long to think as the wolf lunged at her again with teeth as long as her fingers. This time she wasn’t so lucky. The beast being fast with those jaws it caught her skirt. It meant business pulling and tugging the skirt. Despite the exceptional quality of the textiles from the world of the Phoenix this werewolf managed to rip a huge chunk out of her skirt.

Nikita gaped at the wolf. “You’re going to have to stop right now or I’ll fight back dog!”

The werewolf lunged at her, its paws and weight knocking her to the floor, its teeth closing in around her waist, she was lucky her coat protected her but the force of its jaws squeezed her so hard she felt her rips crack.

Letting out a cry of pain she blasted the wolf with light.

The toxic scent of singed fur filled the room and the wolf instantly recoiled, backing off Nikita for a moment long enough for her to scramble away, almost tripping on her coat.

Her mind reeled, trying to think of if she had a silver weapon in her coat somewhere. That would subdue the beast. She didn’t know if she was allowed to seriously hurt it.

The wolf was wincing in pain from being burned. Nikita hoped it would just back off.

Slowly trying not to make any sudden moves she started to feel around in the pockets of her coat for any weapon that she remembered to be silver. She wasn’t having much luck though, it was just not something that she needed. The only silver she could see was in the paint on the walls but that was clearly not enough to make a werewolf sick. She wasn’t even sure if it truly was real silver.

Savagely the wolf turned on her and bit into her arm. Again, her coat protected her from the fangs piercing her skin but the force nearly broke her arm. She shot the wolf quickly with the concentrated light from her eyes. It blasted two holes deep into the body of the wolf. Yet it didn’t let go.

Nikita screamed as the wolf bit down harder and harder on her arm.

She blasted it with more light, singing its entire back.

It held firm though clearly in pain.

Suddenly Jace burst into the room.

“Nikita?” he shouted.

The wolf’s grip loosened on Nikita’s arm. Just enough for Nikita to slip out her arm and blast the wolf with so much light it slid across the room, with burning fur.

Jace looked at the wolf, his eyes searching for something.

The wolf quickly recovered, getting to its feet and running toward Jace. Jace braced but it merely stood in front of Jace growling at Nikita.

“Momoka?” Jace’s voice was just a whisper.

Nikita looked into the wolf’s eyes, they were Nikita’s brown eyes.

The wolf shot across the room, this time it was going for Nikita’s throat.

Nikita panicked.

She couldn’t kill Momoka yet Momoka was going to kill her.

She shot out as much light as she thought she could get away with but it seemed it was no bother to Momoka who swiftly knocked her to the floor. Nikita hit the back of her head hard.

Jace let out a scream and ran towards them, he kicked the wolf in the side. “Get off her now!”

The wolf growled directly in Nikita’s face, its teeth mere centimetres from her. It would be a nightmare to kill Momoka yet Nikita couldn’t die.

Suddenly Jace pulled a sword from his coat and plunged it into the back of the wolf.

It let out a howl of pain in Nikita’s face hurting her ears but she managed to free herself and kicked the wolf off her, using a little bit of light.

The wolf whimpered and staggered, flopping to the side and began to pant heavily.

Jace and Nikita’s eyes met, both completely horrified as the room began to fill with black coats.