Chapter 6:

New Dawn

Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

What is this warm feeling? I can’t seem to see well, it’s all fuzzy silhouettes.

I remembered I was falling from the sky. It was nighttime? I was passing through clouds. Feeling very cold. Suddenly my hands started to shrink.

Yes, I was about to hit the ground. What happened? Did I die again? I don’t want to see the goddess again. Can you even get reincarnated again if you die again? Is it that easy?

I had so many questions. But right now what is this shadow in front of me!?

I could make out a person, No two people from that blurred vision.

I started to hear faint voices too.

“See, you woke him up. From now you can’t play with him anymore.”

“It’s not fair! He woke up on his own.”

I could make out two kids’ voices.

My vision started to become clearer. Two very small girls were standing above me. Wait, above me? I’m a tall guy. Did I shrink?

I started to look around to assess my situation. It appeared I was in a house. The sun was shining so bright from the window that it almost blinded me. The house looked pretty run down but filled with stuff. While I was looking around I saw two pairs of eyes glued on me. They were filled with excitement.

I looked around and saw my tiny hands. Tiny pink hands with chubby little fingers. I had turned into a baby!

No way! Did I really manage to reincarnate successfully?!

I was so happy that I ended up crying.

“Ummm baby please don’t cry.” The girl with ponytails started crying too.

“Stupid Anne! Stop crying. You will make the baby more sad.” The older-looking girl with the twin tails hit the ponytail girl.

They seemed amusing, I ended up laughing. It seems I can’t control my emotions in this body.

They both stopped and started giggling too.

“Hit me again. Hit me again Mary!” The ponytail seemed way too excited after seeing me laugh.

The twin tails hit her again. I ended up giggling again.

They both started giggling too.

“What is all this commotion? Did I not tell you girls to stay away from the baby? You know how scary Elie is right?” A middle-aged woman came from the outside. They both froze in fear.

“I’ll tell her to stop telling the bedtime stories if you keep bothering her son.” The older woman seemed to be respected by those girls, or perhaps feared.

Those girls went away running. The woman stayed behind and adjusted my blanket.

“You are just so adorable that my daughters can’t stay away. Even I want to pinch those cheeks.” She raised her hand but stopped herself. It seems she was also scared of this Elie person.

“Your mother really loves you. But I can understand why she is being overprotective.” She patted me very gently.

“Being a single mother at a young age.” She let out a big sigh. She closed the door behind me.

Finally, I had time to process everything. Those girls seemed to be sisters. The ponytail is Anne and the older-looking twin-tails is Mary. And that woman is their mother.

Wait, she said I have a mother. It can’t be, my reincarnation was unplanned. I don’t have a set of parents.

She mentioned someone named Elie. Who’s that person?

I also looked much older than a new born baby. But I didn’t remember anything after I hit the ground. This was all giving me a headache so I ended up falling asleep.

When I woke up I heard some whispers. My whole body was moving. It was as if someone was carrying me.

“You sure about this? If Elie really came to take back her kid, we are all doomed.” I heard a man’s voice. I looked around. It was completely dark.

“That’s exactly what I want idiot! We will lure her and hit her with our trap. I will finally take my revenge for giving me this scar.”

I lift up the lid on top of me. I could see a person holding me. He was hiding his face. It seemed I was in a big bag. They seemed to be walking through the jungle at night.

“Jeager, I honestly think we should reconsider this. Last time she let us go because we promised not to do bad things.” The person seemed to be much smarter and more rational.

“If you are so scared you can stay at the back, with this little shit.” He threw the bag at him. That hurts! Just wait you jerk, my mom will beat you to hell. I ended up getting angry. It came out as a natural response.

But who exactly is my mom? Elie…

Ah! How can I be so blind? Goddess Elaine… Elie…

My mom is Goddess Elaine of nature!! I got shocked, excited, and confused all in just one breath.

“Hey someone is coming. Stay alert.” Jeager gave orders. He turned at us. Me and the guy holding the bag.

“You stay at the back, if somehow it looks she is overpowering us,” He made an evil smile, “Kill the baby.”

What do you mean kill the baby! I got terrified. That dude took me out of the bag. It appeared he was equally terrified too!

He stared at me with a panicked look.

We heard a woman’s scream from a bit far away.

“It seems she fell for my magical trap!” Yeager was laughing menacingly.

“You stay here, rest of you let’s finish her off while she is still trapped.” I saw a bunch of people following him. They all had very evil expressions. They had swords and daggers in their hands.

Please god keep Elaine safe, Wait who do you pray if you are goddess yourself? I started thinking about some weird stuff.

Suddenly we heard a bunch of people screaming. It kept getting louder and louder. Until I saw a giant shadow coming from the woods. It was a huge ball of people tangled together with tree roots. It was floating in mid-air. Everyone seemed to be still alive but horrified.

Elaine! I saw the person beneath it. She was looking fierce. She looked exactly the same as she did when I saw her, but a lot more angry. Her eyes turned gleam and her walk became slow. It was as if she was almost stopping herself from ripping the whole forest apart!

“What are you waiting for? Kill the-” Yeager was still shouting from inside the wood-tangled ball. But a vine strapped his mouth close.

“You! I will give you fate worse than death.” She turned back at us.

“Lay a finger on my son and I’ll make sure to bloom flowers from your eyes.” She was so scary. It was as if the roles were reversed, someone would get confused about who exactly is the villain here.

“I never wanted to do this, trust me.” The guy holding me started to shake.

But that was not enough to calm Elaine.

“Daaaaa!” I tried saying stop but it appeared I was still unable to form words. I just raised my hand in front of her. I knew the guy holding me was speaking the truth. I would be sad if a kind guy ended up suffering too.

My voice and gesture had some effect on Elaine. She stopped with a surprised look. She raised her hand and looked at the dude holding me, “Begone!”

The guy gently placed me on a crate and ran into the forest. Then she turned at those guys in the ball.

“Repent what you did in hell.” She waved her hand and the ball flew so fast on the horizon, like a bullet from a gun. They went up flying! I felt a bit bad about them. But they did try to kill an innocent kid, tsk tsk.

“Come here, my baby.” She grabbed me while showing a completely different expression.

No one could guess this person was the same person from a few moments before.

“You said your first word. Mama is so happy.” She started rubbing her cheek to mine. What happened, why she is my mother?

I had a lot of questions but no ability to talk. I will just let her continue. I mean she just saved my life.

“Mama will never let you go from her sights!” She started snuggling.

“Ugh,” I ended up getting annoyed and let out a weird noise.

She was surprised. She stared at me for some time. Kept staring. Did she find out I’m not a normal baby anymore?! I got scared and averted my eyes.

“You remember everything don’t you?” Her cold voice was back!