Chapter 5:


Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

No light. No sound. It was as if everything had stopped existing. I tried to move around, but I couldn’t tell if I was above the ground or at the bottom of the ocean. I wasn’t even sure if I had a body.

The only thing working was my consciousness, my agony, and my inability to protect the one thing I swore to protect.

You hope she doesn’t bear the same fate again right?

My own voice echoed in my mind.

You also hope to keep your negative self away from her right?

My voice continued. I was not sure but maybe yes?

You also hope to reincarnate in a new world and let her have her peace right?

Right…What no! Who’s this? I realized the voice was mine but it wasn’t me!!?

“Darn it! Well, I thought if it worked I could skip meeting face to face.” My voice in my head transformed into a female’s voice.

Suddenly I felt a blinding white light. My senses were coming back. I was alive again, in a sense at least.

“It’s okay, take your time. I’m here to guide you, my child.” I saw a majestic figure of a very beautiful woman in white and red sitting on a golden throne.

Her clothing was distinctive. The whole place seemed as if it would go infinitely. Everywhere I saw was just white space with pillars at certain distances.

“Who are you? Where’s my wife? Her name is Sakura. Have you seen her?” I started asking everything that came to my mind.

“Calm down child. No need to hurry… or worry. You are Satoshi Tanaka and you have died.”

She got up from her throne and walked towards me. She extended her arm with a gentle smile.

“I’m the great Goddess Euphrosyne and I watch over the threads of fate and life.” Her majestic aura changed to a more golden color.

“Rejoice child. For I have already written your destiny. You will reincarnate in a magical world. Rivers flowing with magic and mana. Jungles filled with spiritual beasts. You will have the power of goddess by your side. Your journey will be legendary.”

I started seeing flashes in my head. A person with black hair and a mystical sword, along with his companions slayed many monsters and demons. They found joy and wealth along the way and the person was named The Hero. In the end, he was surrounded by many powerful men and even more beautiful women.

“Very beautiful am I right? I personally think you should go with the harem ending.” Goddess smiled at me. What is she even talking about? is this what my future looks like?

Is this what my life will be? What a grand and preposterous journey!

I immediately got on my knees. I don’t want this. There’s only one thing that matters to me.

“Help me, Goddess. I just want to see my wife.” All the emotions started flooding in. I was barely holding back my tears.

“Come here.” She put her hand on my head.

“You don’t need to worry about your wife anymore.” Her smile was still unchanged.

“Your wife had arrived before you. She was worried too but at that time you were still alive and after hearing that she calmed down a bit. She had already been reborn in her world.” Goddess crossed her hands on her chest and looked up while praying.

I'm glad, at least she won't be worried about me.

“I have written her destiny myself. She will lead a great life too.”

She waved her hands in the air and a strange water droplet started to spiral in mid-air. Right in front of my eyes that droplet created a huge wall of water. It was as big as me.

The water started to clear up. It was like a big TV. I started to see a city from above. Everything was very strange.

“What is this?” I was still confused about what I was watching.

“You wanted to see your wife right? Here she is.” She pointed at a mansion-like building. It was night time but I could see a window and a lantern.

The picture went a bit close to the window. It seemed a person was holding a baby.

“What is this?” I was trying to process all the information.

“Are you saying my wife has been reborn already?” I stared at the picture. It was up close already. As if the baby was right in front of me. I saw her little hand stretching towards me. My hand stretched towards her hand without my knowledge and my finger touched the water.

I got a sudden shock from the water. I backed away in pain.

“Oh dear careful! A mortal can’t interact with the other world directly. That’s why you need help from us, The Goddesses.”

I was still in a bit of pain but I came close again. The person in the vision put the baby in the cradle and went away.

“Here give me your hand.” Goddess grabbed my hand gently and we extended it towards the watery picture.

I was still hesitant but the goddess grabbed my hand tightly.

Suddenly my hand passed through the portal and was right in front of the baby. I was feeling no pain unlike before.

The baby extended her hand too. She grabbed my finger in her sleep. I felt so strange. Tears started running down my face.

“Can you take me to this world? I want nothing more but to be with my wife. Please reincarnate me in this world” I was feeling happy. Finally, I could see my wife again.

“Even if I tell you that she has everything planned out already?” Goddess’s voice turned grim.

“You know how much effort it takes to weave the destiny of someone?” She tightened her grip on my hand. It started hurting.

“You already have a destiny planned out for you. I’m giving you everything anyone can ever dream of. Power, wealth, companions, and women begging for your love.” Her face turned vicious.

“I already told you I don’t want any of that. I-” She suddenly let go of my hand and the portal started to take effect.

Half of my hand was still inside that world. And the baby was holding my finger. I started feeling extreme pain all around my hand. As if it will get cut from the heat and drop on the ground.

“Goddess..” I wailed in pain. I was trying my best to stay standing.

“THIS. This is what happens without me. Why don’t you keep your hand in there? See how far you can hold.” Her voice was loud and filled with rage.

I started feeling light-headed. The pain kept increasing. I looked at the baby holding my hand. I’m sorry I whispered and pulled back my hand. There were burn marks were the portal border was touching it.

"To reincarnate you would need a set of parents already destined. Even if I send you there, you won't have parents. You will be a newborn in the middle of nowhere." She seemed to have a hint of pity in her tone.

“I have seen your thoughts while you were unconscious. You blame yourself for her death. Deep down you know it too. Let her go and embrace your own story.” Her sharp finger pointed at me. She truly looked evil in that atmosphere.

What if she is right? It made me rethink my decision. Maybe my wife finally got rid of her bad times. Now she can be truly happy.

But suddenly something revolted inside of me. Stop! Only you know how much you love your wife. Don’t let anyone else define it for you! I came back to my senses. It seems the goddess really tried to trick me.

I was still in shock as to why the goddess would act this way. But one thing was clear. Only I can help myself. I have to do something.

I acted as if I was still in pain and continued my painful breathing while sitting on the floor.

“Look you don’t have a choice either. No one has ever said no to their destiny.” The Goddess started walking towards her throne.

The Goddess sat on her throne, "Oh and your wife thinks you are alive and only she has died. So she will move on with her own harem in no time." The Goddess gave a sickening smile.

“You can either-” Her talk was interrupted by someone who appeared in front of me.

“What you still haven’t finished your reincarnation ?”

A small figure appeared out of thin air between me and the goddess. She looked at me and snickered at me. She was wearing similar clothing as the Goddess Euphrosyne. She seemed like a child no older than 10 years.

“Mortal like you can refer to me as Elaine, the goddess of nature.” She posed with her hand in the air.

So she is a goddess too? I was confused by her child-like figure but it seemed she was also a goddess.

“What happened to him? Why everyone you handle is so stupid?” Goddess Elaine turned towards the throne.

“Whatever it is, finish it soon. This is my first day of reincarnating mortals. Hurry up or you will be late for the ceremony.” She started walking back. She passed by me.

I had to think fast. Once everything is over I'll be forced to reincarnate without my choice. I started thinking about my options.

I don’t have time for negotiations nor Goddess Euphrosyne seems the type I can reason anymore.

“Oh, great Goddess Elaine! May I pray to you?” I turned to my right and went near her crawling. I was already in good condition but I wanted to keep her guard down.

Goddess Elaine giggled, “It seems you have finally recognized my greatness.” 

It seems Goddess Elaine is very weak to compliments and easy to manipulate. I glanced at the water portal behind her. She was standing in the middle. Goddess Euphrosyne was a bit far away sitting on the throne holding her forehead.

This is the perfect opportunity.

I stood up and held Goddess Elaine in my hand while rushing towards the portal.

“HEY-” I heard a surprised scream from the throne. I didn’t have time to look back. Goddess Elaine was confused too. She had a muddled expression on her face. But it was too late. I couldn’t afford to waste even a second.

I pushed Goddess Elaine’s face into the portal while still holding her. She went through.

I went through without any trouble!