Chapter 40:

Chapter 40

Prince of the Sun

Bruises on Nikita’s body had begun to bloom by the time the Fujimura pack left the palace.

Momoka had been taken and locked away as both Nikita and Jace were questioned as to what happened. Nikita was in a bad state, injured but also quite shocked by the whole situation. Jace wasn’t much better, having just stabbed Momoka. His hands shook with what he had done.

As the leader witches crowded around Nikita he knew he had done the right thing as a Prince. He needed to protect his future queen. Momoka wouldn’t have stopped, the jealousy curse has transformed her into a beast who would stop at nothing. Momoka was seconds away from ripping Nikita’s throat out or being killed by Nikita herself.

The power of the curse was nothing to mess with.

He looked down at Nikita on the ground. She was scared and in pain but as she met his eyes there was a look of understanding between them. This could not happen again.

Next all of the royals were gathered together except Nikita who was getting medical attention and Isabella who was away at her convention.

The adults were discussing in hushed tones.

April looked darkly at the ground in shame while Claude comforted her. Thariel approached Jace. “So… you’re single again?”

Jace crossed his arms in an attempt to stop his hands from shaking. “Obviously. Would you keep dating anyone that attacked Lynn.”

“Of course not, I’m so sorry about all this. It’s crazy that she went this far,” Thariel said quietly.

Lynn stepped toward them. “I don’t think anyone would have foreseen this, so please don’t blame yourself Jace.”

Jace gave a shaky sigh. “I’m trying my best, yet I’m not so worried about myself. I’m worried about Nikita.”

To that Lynn and Thariel could say nothing. Nikita already didn’t have the most positive opinion of Jace and they both knew this would lower it, even if what Momoka did was not his fault at all.

The Fujimura Alpha’s entered the room with their guards both looking completely mortified. A hush fell over the room as they did.

Pearl broke through the crowd of royal Phoenix, coming to stand at the front. She crossed her arms and stared down the Alpha’s.

They both dipped their heads in shame.

It was the Luna Reiko who spoke first, “Your royal highness Queen Pearl Townsend I am beyond sorry for the actions of the member of my pack. She has truly disgraced us during this visit.”

Queen Pearl continued to stare them down, unsatisfied by that apology alone.

Alpha Tadashi spoke next, “We are infinitely grateful that you have spared Momoka her life. Her actions do not reflect our intentions as a pack. We greatly value our relationship with the Phoenix and we are so ashamed that this took place.”

Pearl’s lips were pressed tightly together. She stared them down for a moment before she spoke. “I was told by my own son and heir that Momoka had intended to kill Nikita. If she has succeeded in doing so, do you understand what that would have meant for us?”

Both of the Alpha’s lowered their heads.

“We are mortified and extremely sorry,” Reiko said.

“I understand,” Pearl said, cruelly, “We will return Momoka to you and we expect you to leave our palace and our lands immediately. The future of our alliance will be discussed at a later date, once everything has calmed. We trust you to punish Momoka appropriately.”

The Alphas both nodded and were quick to leave the room with all of the members of their pack.

Jace looked over at his mother, grateful that she had given Momoka and the Fujimura pack a lesser punishment. She looked at him direly disappointed. There wasn’t anything he could think to say.

“I am at the very least pleased that you decided to defend Nikita,” Pearl said quietly.

“One of them would have killed the other and we couldn’t have had that,” Jace said, his voice distant.

Pearl pursed her lips again. “With each experience comes wisdom and I hope you have learnt a valuable lesson about the curse today.”

“Pick your next relationship wisely,” King Cassianus whispered behind Jace.

Jace could do nothing but nod in agreement to that.

A few hours later Jace saw Momoka for the very last time.

Sitting on a higher level of the palace with Lynn and some tea they both watched the carriage being set up, the werewolves being saddled and attached. All of their luggage was loaded into the carriage. This time no member of the court was there to help them, it was just the werewolves on their own, completely disgraced, there would be no red carpet treatment.

Finally Momoka stepped out of the palace, helped by Reiko. She was covered in burns, a lot of the surface ones had likely already healed but there were some very deep ones from Nikita’s eyes and the stab wound Jace had given her. She was bundled up in that pink coat. There was a pang in Jace's heart seeing that coat again. They had so many fun times when she wore that coat.

She got to the carriage but before entering she looked back at the palace, her eyes scanned the facade of it. Yet she didn’t spot Jace and Lynn in the window. No, her eyes didn’t get anywhere near them. Then with an exhale that became a white cloud she got into the carriage.

Jace bit his lip as that was it, the saga of his romance with Momoka Fujimura at an end.

Lynn sighed, finally daring to speak, “You did your best.”

“Oh come on Lynn you know that isn’t true,” Jace retorted quickly.

“So you were distracted, no one wanted this. No one wanted this.”

“I know.”

The carriage rode away. The giant wolves pulled it with both strength and speed. Over the icy tundra and into the darkness it went. Back to their homeland and territory. And Jace watched it go until he could see it no longer.