Chapter 6:

The Smile

The Letters That Heaven Sent

Kobayashi-san and Kuro were doing their monitor duties. According to our class schedule, cleaning duties were assigned to me and the twins of our class, Haru and Rika Watanabe. Both are of same height as me, same brown hair and dark blue eyes. Rare eyes I guess. Both of them really talk together, know whats on the others mind. Never saw that in reality until now. Both really stranded out for their eyes. Both were overall good.

"Hello Arata-kun, we never met until today right, I am Haru Watanabe and this is my twin sister, Rika Watanabe. This is our first time cleaning the class since we joined."

Both of them are so synced in doing work, It's amazing to see. Soon, they start playing with the brooms. Nothing wrong with being a little childish. They ended up making me the villain in their game.

"Drop your weapon and kick the weapon towards me! Turn your back and sit on your knees! Going with the flow, it made them happy and don't know how, we ended up cleaning the room way faster. Both of them were so outgoing and knew a lot about fashion and stuff, they started to give me fashion advice.

"Wear clothes by combining good shades. Check it online. Look for new inspiration to style clothing you already have. Get rid of anything in your closet that doesn't feel good." They gave too many and to be honest, my style was just basic, neither bad nor good. They were also popular within the seniors and other classes as well, just like Kuro.

Kuro and Kobayashi-san came from their duties and were about to go home. Kobayashi-san went on ahead today. Kuro decided to take a little your towards the canteen. We got some melon bread and were heading home. At the entrance gate, we saw Kobayashi-san getting hosted by some womanizers. She was definitely scared.

We went ahead and were standing beside her. Instead of declining them and going ahead, she was crying a little, which made them force her more. They were holding her wrist and she was struggling of letting her hand go.

"Excuse me, what is happening here?"

"Huh, who the hell are you? Her father or something." They started laughing.

"I am her boyfriend, if you are going to trouble her more, there are three routes this situation can play in."

"First, leave her alone and get the hell out of here. Second, I am going to call the police on you. Third, I am going to beat you all up. Also just so you know, I know the whole university and they are still in. You three won't last a chance here."

They were angry and pushed her before leaving. She felled down but kuro didn't lend her a hand. Instead he looked as if he wanted her to say 'get up on your own'.

"Get up, Kobayashi-san and listen here, not everybody is going to come and save you like this. You are going to be on your sometime and you alone will only be able to help yourself."

"Become strong and next time, stop them yourselves. We aren't always with you, you know."

She wiped her tears and was a little red. Never knew why but is this what people call 'love' is like? Anyway, time was running and was going to be late for job.

Went home, got changed and then went to work. Senpai didn't showed up today and apparently, she got ill. It was probably from overworking herself. Today of all days, we had a rush hour in a very long time. I was running all over the restaurants for order and the three of us were happy but also getting tired really quick because we didn't have any rush hour In a long time now.

"An order for a katsudon on table 5 boss!"

"(Customer 1) excuse me, please take my order."

"Coming sir.

"(Customer 2) can we get a refill of water here?"

"Coming ma'am, just a minute."

It was really hectic. We all were tired and today Sato-san just made a normal and simple dish. It was delicious. The café closed and everyone went home. Since senpai was ill, why not make her a rice gruel so she can eat it. The convenience store was near her house. Got the ingredients and was onto her house.

"Ding Dong."

The Door opens and it was senpai.

"Sorry to disturb you senpai, I heard you were not well so I got something for you."

"But why did you came to open the door?"

She really was in a bad shape and was sniffing all the way while talking.

"They are all asleep.(Sniff) so I came to open the door.(sniff) why don't you come in."

"Why don't you lie down senpai? I will cook. It won't take long."

She went inside her room and I started cooking. It wasn't hard at all and it was alright as for taste. Putted it on a tray along with some medicine and water. Went to her room and she seemed hungry.

"Senpai, please start eating. It's hot so be careful."

She really was gulping it all down.

"Is it good?"

"It's very tasty. I never knew you could cook so well."

"Well, I didn't too. I sometimes cook for my dad. That's how I learned to make something once in a while.

"What's happening, ayaka? Are you feeling well dear?"

Her mom came out probably from smell of the food or from our talking. She saw me and asked.

"Arata-kun, what are you doing here?"

"I am sorry for coming with announcing, ikeda-San. I heard at the cafe that senpai was sick, so I just made her some rice gruel and was about to leave."

Her siblings also woke up soon. They are definitely not heavy sleepers. Both of them saw me and were really happy to see me.

"There is enough for all of you. So please eat it while it's still warm."

"Inoue-oni, why don't you stay a bit longer and eat with us."

Both of started to request alot but my stomach was filled too much. Plus it was for them.

"I am sorry, both of you. It's very late and I have to go home. I promise I will come again."

Senpai looked at me and smiled.

"I will be going then, bye everyone."

Thought of asking her if she was trying any particular method or way to get her emotions back. Since she was the same, there will be some way to get it back.