Chapter 7:

The Truth: Part One

The Letters That Heaven Sent

It was August and our final exams were approaching. My brain was filled with nothingness and now at max, there are 2 weeks left for me to get ready. That was more than enough or maybe not. The best that I could have done was study 3 out of 6 subjects. One thing that was clear is that my method was very wrong. All this time—by cramming—that was my go to solution for passing my exams until now. Where the idea of not cramming but understanding the lecture to pass. It was a long known method which just came to me recently.

Kuro and Kobayashi-san asked me to study with them and that's probably a good idea.

"So how much have you studied till now? Not to brag but I have completed four subjects till now."

Kuro always had a big mouth so this was coming.

"Good for you kimura-kun. I have left to just revise for now. What about you, Arata-kun?"

"I have completed 3 subjects and by the time of exams, I think I will be perfected."

"How about we keep a small bet?"

"Why is that, Kimura-kun? Just study and pass. That's what matters."

"Tch tch tch. Where's the fun in that? All the bet is that whoever will have the lowest average will treat both the winners for the whole day. Any request shall be asked."

"Okay, I'm out. I don't do bets."


"Come on, it's not anything scary."

"It's not for me. I hate betting."

"Anyway, all the best for the exams Arata-kun. "

"Same to you both."

Then I made my way to the library and sat down. After an hour, someone else came beside me. It was senpai. She was also studying for her exams.

We just kept on studying and then she invited me to a restaurant she knew since she was a child.

"Senpai, what are you ordering?"

"I think I will go with the ramen. It's been a long time since I had a bowl of it. What about you, Arata-kun?"

"I just always eat the chicken katsudon. I rarely get anything new, so I don't know."

"Should I order something for you? I have good choices when it comes to food."

She then went ahead and gave an order of Ramen and udon. Never really had udon noodles before but I guess it will be fine.

"So, Arata-kun, mom said you are like me. An emotionless shell. There are different reasons for someone to become a lifeless shell. Some maybe have trauma, some maybe abused, some maybe lost a dear one. I lost my emotions when I found out my dad was murdered. I still held hope but when the case was closed, I became lifeless."

"My reasoning is the weirdest one. I lost them one day without any feeling of such or anything. I lost most of my memories too along with it. How it happened, I have no memory of it. Since then, I have been reading and researching countless things on it. There is no definition of this. So I am just wandering and just living for the sake of it. I have no dreams or goals to achieve, I just want my family to be okay and healthy."

"The food is here. Ma'am, Ramen for you and sir, udon for you. Please enjoy the food."

"Well, let's eat for now and then we will talk some more."

She really seemed to enjoy the Ramen and while at it, the udon was exceptionally good. It was the same level as chicken katsudon for me. So now, the matter is clear that she is like me. But how can we cure it? I don't care about my memories for now. Emotions are what we need the most. My mind is hurting so much from trying to figure it out, and now after 3 years of no clue, there is something that can bring it back.

We finished it and were about to head home.

A thought came to me, how about we both help each other in getting our emotions back. It's definitely not easy but after 3 years, a light ray has shined on me. This is my diamond in a coal mine.

"Arata-kun, did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, senpai. It was exceptionally delicious."

"Senpai, I had a thought regarding — ."

"Arata-kun, sorry you were saying something."

"It's fine, please tell me first."

"No, I'm sorry. Please continue."

We went on like this for two minutes.

"Arata-kun, let's stay together on the count of 3."

"One, two and three."

"Arata-kun, will you help me in finding my emotions?"

"Senpai, will you help me in finding my emotions?"

We both looked each other in the eyes and if I am not wrong, we might have blushed a little. It's coming from a clueless man, so it might be wrong too. We slowly burst into laughter. The biggest and probably the best we both had in a while. This time, I was sure to get my emotions straight along with her.

We just started walking on our way home and suddenly it started raining. We ran in front of a small shop and were standing in the shade. Unlike me who loves rain, she was shivering really bad. We weren't even drenched but she was shivering, and was having a panic attack. My phone died in between and there was no one to ask for help. Laid her down on her backpack and put my jacket on her. She woke up after half an hour. The rain stopped and she was still not stable. We went to the convenience store and got her something to eat.

"Senpai, are you fine now? You really were having a bad panic attack."

"I am fine now. Thanks Arata-kun."

"Not a place for me to stumble but do you not like rain or is this just a thing that happens frequently."

She looked so stressed and beaten.

"I was there, Arata-kun."

"Did you say something, senpai."

She looked serious this time.

"I was there when my father was murdered."