Chapter 22:

A Vampire Ventures In (Part 1)

It’s My First Time Working Late Nights at a Convenience Store, and If I Keep Getting Demon Lords, Kappa and Other Oddballs as Customers, I’m Giving My Two-Weeks’ Notice

This is my sixteenth late-night shift.Bookmark here

When I head outside to check on the garbage bins as usual, some strange feeling compels me to look up at the sky. Huh. Isn’t tonight’s moon kind here

A warm wind whistles by, brushing against my cheek in an odd sort of caress.Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

“Yeesh, that breeze is strong. I’d better pick up the trash before it blows away...”Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

While I’m sorting out the mess, my back to the parking lot, I suddenly get the feeling that someone’s standing not too far behind me.Bookmark here

“You there. Human.”Bookmark here

Judging by the voice, I’m guessing it’s an older woman.Bookmark here

“Um, yeah?”Bookmark here

Right from those first words, I knew I wasn’t going to be dealing with anyone even remotely normal. I slowly turn around to see a gorgeous woman emerging from the shadows. My eyes widen, as I stare at this figure bathed in moonlight.Bookmark here

Her straight, silver hair shimmers in the dim light. She’s wearing an elegant red dress with a seductively low neckline, trimmed with black lace. She holds a matching red and black lace fan in her hand, which she flutters delicately near her face. Her eyes are like two pools of blood – and I can’t seem to tear my gaze away from them.Bookmark here

“We are known as Selphiana Vayne. We sensed a particularly pleasing scent in this area, so we came to investigate. And we are ever so hungry. You would do quite well, young master. Now, if you would be so kind...”Bookmark here

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She extends her pale, delicate hand out to stroke my cheek.Bookmark here

As soon as she does, my mind goes blank. Well, that’s okay. Her presence alone puts me at peace.Bookmark here

No, that’s not right. I’m one of Mistress Selphi’s servants. Always have been.Bookmark here

Yes, that’s why... I would do anything for the beautiful Mistress Selphi... My life for the mistress! Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

“...I am at your service, Mistress Selphi.”Bookmark here

“...My, but you humans are simple. Oh, this scent is sublime... I knew this was where I would find the source...”Bookmark here

She folds up her fan, tucking it in the valley of her ample bosom. Her other hand drifts from my face down to my neck. She leans in, whispering into my ear with those dewy red lips that look just like rose petals.Bookmark here

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“Such a young boy. Pure, pristine and innocent. And soon to be mine... To drain dry...”Bookmark here

“...Whatever you desire, mistress.”Bookmark here

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“This evening’s moon couldn’t be any more perfect...which shall make for a most exquisite meal.”Bookmark here

Mistress Selphi lovingly runs her fingers along my neck, her lips drawing closer and closer as her mouth opens wide... Revealing a pair of fangs that glint in the moonlight.Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

“Well, then. Bon apeti-... What?!”Bookmark here

All of a sudden, something else comes rushing at us with incredible speed. Mistress Selphi leaps back, landing some distance away from me.Bookmark here

“Who are you?! Return my servant to me, at once!”Bookmark here

I blink, and the first thing I register as I snap out of my daze is a ripple of long, black hair waving in the wind.Bookmark here

“Huh? I... What was I doing?”Bookmark here

Standing protectively in front of me is yet another woman in a red dress, though it’s a more casual — and much shorter — shirt dress. She’s holding a wickedly curved blade, which she points at the silver-haired woman. It’s been a while, but I’d know that sickle anywhere. It’s the kuchisake-onna.Bookmark here

“...How dare you so brazenly touch MY Haru...! That’s my boyfriend you’re fondling, you shameless hussy ! And I don’t take kindly to strange women carelessly caressing what’s rightfully MINE. Harlots like you must be dispatched! Oh, but please... Allow me to do the honors!! Die. Die. Die. DIE. DIE. DIE.”Bookmark here

Wait, hold up.Bookmark here

Did she say what I think she just said? Since when were the kuchisake-onna and I an item?Bookmark here

The kuchisake-onna advances on the other woman, her weapon at the ready, and I rush in between them to try and put a stop to this.Bookmark here

“Whoa, wait! Hold on there, miss!”Bookmark here

“I do have a name, you know. It’s Ayame.”Bookmark here

The kuchisake-onna rattles off her retort without missing a single step, as she closes in on her target. So, I have no choice but to grab her by the hand, halting her progress.Bookmark here

“Yeah, but...! Ayame, stop!”Bookmark here

“Yeeeek!!”Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

I grab her other hand, too, to try and keep her in place.Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

“H-Haru...! Let me go! That woman...needs to be taught a lesson! She was...!”Bookmark here

“What’s going on out here...? I heard a commotion, so I came out to...”Bookmark here

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, my Manager enters the fray. How am I going to explain this?Bookmark here

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