Chapter 8:

Tornado Soccer

AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

A one-eyed man with a coffin on his back gazed over Venice.

“So Jackal got rekt here. Invidia-sama also mentioned there was something that went down shortly afterwards between Ira and Gula. Well, guess I’ll do some target practice while I scout.”


“So nice to meet all you lovely ladies,” Zeno nervously stated as he sat in the hotel restaurant.

Honoka and Tetsuka ended up sparring till the sun came up. Thus, Zeno's introductions were delayed to breakfast. Luckily for my party, I could effortlessly rest them up and restore them without time passing for them. Thus, they could get a 10 hour sleep in an instant.

Nika, who had elected to sleep in her own room, the night prior, yawned as she ate her breakfast.

"Should have watched the match! I got a 10 hour sleep thanks to Jouzu," Kumi gloated.

"I wanted to sleep naturally," Nika growled.

“I bet I’d wreck you in a fight Zeno! I doubt your breeze could blow me over,” Tetsuka laughed as she ate a fork.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Nika screamed.

“Relax, I eat metal. It tastes really good with some milk.”

“Hmm, so that would be “cereal” yes?” Honoka asked.

“Guess so. Though you don’t look like the type that enjoys metal.”

“Ohahahaha! I prefer far more spicy and fiery tastes. Now tell me, where are these volcanos you bathe in?”

As the two discussed their hobbies, Zeno turned to face Nika.

“I guess you’re the only level-headed one then,” he sighed.

“Sadly yes. Please tell me you aren’t secretly a maniac like everyone else,” Nika pleaded.

“No need to worry about that. Though I guess I am a little crazy considering my girlfriend’s a sadistic slave driver. Though she can be cute and loving when she’s not putting on an act.”

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Yeah. GEH! I haven’t spoken with her ever since she got carried off. Shit, I’d better call her.”

“Nah, let’s talk face to face,” I snickered as I warped him in front of his girlfriend.

Before Zeno could utter a word, his girlfriend angrily shoved her gun in his mouth.

“And why did you just appear now with some cute girls behind you?” she growled.

Zeno turned to see Kumi and Nika standing next to him.

“That Omnipotent asshole,” he thought.

{Well, I don’t mind the insult.}

“We were just warped here. Zeno-kun has done nothing wrong,” Nika nervously stated.

“Yeah, I did rekt his ass last night!” Kumi laughed.

Zeno’s girlfriend then kneed Zeno in the gut, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

“If you weren’t wearing a cup, I’d have kicked you in the nuts,” she growled.

On a building a little distance away, the one-eyed man pulled out a custom handgun.

“Panini huh? And YOU’RE there too. Perfect. I’ll kill your girl, your friends, then you,” he sneered as he fired a shot.

Kumi sensed the incoming attack and attempted to eat the electrified bullet heading straight for Zeno’s girlfriend. She successfully trapped it in her mouth, however, it flew right out through her cheek.

Kumi screamed in pain as the bullet continued on its trajectory uninterrupted.

“You think YOU can outmatch me in a battle of lightning? You look pretty dumb and inexperienced. Well, what can I expect from a loser- _!”

The one-eyed man stopped his gloating as he realized his bullet had missed the target.

Zeno had used his wind to push his girlfriend out of the way.

“You two OK?” he asked.

“Yes, um. Fine,” his girlfriend said in a flustered voice.

“I have a cheek piercing dammit!” Kumi growled.

Zeno then turned to face the direction of the shooter.

“Dammit! It’s that bastard Ouga,” he growled as he pulled out his rifle.

Ouga chuckled as he saw Zeno looking towards him.

“All you could do was push a girl down? What a joke. Your wind can’t stop my shots.”

Like Jackal, Ouga was another one of Invidia’s high-level power holder on the mortal plane of existence. Of the mortals in my party, Honoka was probably the only one that would stand a chance against him. However, I didn’t want to show my hand. He was here as a scout, meaning Invidia had no idea what happened after Jackal was ejected.

Well, I guess I’d have to give Zeno a little hand. He wouldn’t level up much from this, but it would sure as hell piss off his arch nemesis.

I then healed Kumi’s cheek and sent my instructions to Zeno.

“The hell!? What was all that!?” Zeno stuttered.

“Just shoot a tornado shot. I’ll handle the rest.”

I guess I’d be doing a little soccer, or football as it’s known in Italy.

A tornado appeared at the end of his rifle as Zeno readied his shot.

“Tornado shot!”

The bullet and tornado flew towards Ouga.

“A puny thing like that?” Well I guess he’s so dumb, he forgot I can blast through this move with ease,” Ouga sneered.

Suddenly, the tornado bullet quickly swerved around as Zeno grimaced in pain.

“What are you – “

“Just giving you a new move, remember this feeling,” I said as I made Zeno control the tornado while I created a soccer ball made of wind.

My wind soccer ball then rode on the tornado as it came at Ouga from the left side.

“Tryin a new trick? That shit won’t get close,” Ouga sneered as he fired at the tornado.

I then had Zeno make his tornado do a kicking motion and made it appear as though he was kicking the wind soccer ball.

In reality, I was fully controlling the ball’s movement. Ouga’s shot destroyed Zeno’s bullet in the tornado as I sent the ball at Ouga.

The look of shock and scorn on his face was delicious as the ball slammed into his hip and sent him flying upwards into space.

“The hell’s with this ball!? When did that shit learn to do that!? I’LL KILL HIM FOR THIS!”

As Ouga arrived in space, he began using his lightning to keep his heart beating.

Even if he died, Invidia would probably snatch him up and resurrect him. So I decided to see how cautious that Snake cat bastard really was.

I encased Ouga in my black flames causing his vocal cords to go into overtime as he screamed in pain. He was instantly warped away by his master.

Well, I did pay him back for hurting Kumi at least, and Zeno learned a new move.

“So get that feeling down?” I asked Zeno.

“My body aches, my head hurts. Oh? Now I feel fine,” Zeno said as I healed him up.

I then appeared before all of them causing Zeno’s girlfriend to shriek.

“You and your crew should hang out with me. Luckily, we’re heading to Sicily and Rome as well. My airline gets you there instantly too,” I snickered.

Zeno’s girlfriend hung her head in defeat and adhered to my demand. I then warped her and her small crew along with Zeno, Kumi, and Nika back to the hotel. I then created a large room for all of them.

I warped the belongings of my party members and hers into the room as Tetsuka and Honoka arrived.

“Damn! We got a party going. You sure I can’t invite my sis and her friends?” Tetsuka asked.

“They’ll be leaving on their own adventure soon. Besides you’ll cross paths again eventually.”

And it will be a great moment when Nika in particular reunites with someone from Tetsuka’s sister’s party.

“No need to worry about your mother. We’ll be meeting up with her in Sicily,” I stated.

“Dang, you really know everything. Well, that’s Jouzu foy ya,” Tetsuka smiled.

In an instant, I warped the room and all its inhabitants to Sicily.

“Familia Panini, we have arrived in Sicily. I bet your mortal rivals won’t even know you’re here. Everything’s booked and taken care of, so feel free to roam around Sicily. That goes for my crew too” I said.

Everyone exited and looked around.

“This is a different hotel, and the scenery looks different outside. I really shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore” Nika sighed.