Chapter 29:

100% [End]

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

7 years later…

“YO! It’s your girl Leona!” Leona shouted as she did her intro.

Her hair was now long again, though a little shorter than it was back then. She was now closing in on ten million subscribers on Mewtube and had recently surpassed ten million followers on Wich.

I sat next to her as I sat our daughter Rina on my lap. She was three years old and had her mother’s face.

“Milf Milf!” she shouted.

“That’s right! Momma’s a Milf,” Leona laughed.

Rina might not have the greatest vocabulary growing up, but at least she is smiling and very happy.

As for me, I recently surpassed both 1 million followers and 1 million subscribers. I also do some freelance video editing for content creators and even some corporations like Kagemart and my father’s old company.

Speaking of my father, his channel now has over 21 million subscribers. I’m still pissed that he managed to pull that off so quickly. While he is semi-retired, he does stream gaming challenges frequently. My mother has also been in high spirits and even attempted to try gaming now that she doesn’t have to worry about money. Both my parents also visit and play with Rina.

Leona’s parents are a little different. Her father was ousted in an election and ended up having to find a new career. Both him and Leona’s mother heavily disapprove of Rina’s vocabulary, but begrudgingly accept how we’re raising her.

Sven frequently helps out in the food court of the S-Street Kagemart. His dishes became so popular he was even invited to participate on a cooking game show hosted by celebrity chef, Takumi Ramshackle that will take place later this year. His channel now has 3 million subscribers.

Astrid and Kageyama are married and have two children. Their wedding was a grand spectacle and featured plenty of insanity. Jaime and Valentino were there and Astrid herself opted to be taken to the alter and exchange her vows inside the wedding cake. Kageyama then had to eat the cake to free her. Their oldest child is a boy that takes after his mother more, while their youngest is a girl the same age as Rina.

Kageyama now wears a wig and draws on his eyebrows after Astrid had his head lasered after the Insanity's Ballad stream 7 years ago. He's also the CEO of Kagemart meaning every Kagemart in the country now stocks the products his original S-street store sold. He has also mastered Grandfather’s technique and has begun teaching others alongside grandfather. The two have even created many new toys together.

Speaking of my grandfather, he's still kicking. He may be in his 90s, but he’s still making toys from his retirement home. He laughed like crazy when he heard the words Rina spoke.

“I’m staying around for at least 20 more years to see her become Leona 2.0,” he laughed.

As for Astrid, she’s now one of the biggest streamers on Wich and is closing in on 50 million subscribers on Mewtube. She’s still just as bald as she was years ago and looks like she never aged. She claims it’s one of the perks of being bald, but Leona refuses to accept that reasoning.

“Alright, we’re gonna play some Zolo: Sweat of the Dukedom before playing sushi battle with Astrid,” Leona stated.


After beating Canyondorf, Leona got on a video call with Astrid as she streamed Sushi battle.

“So wanna race through the main story as well?” Astrid asked.

“Loser has to wear clown makeup and eat wasabi ice cream,” Leona stated.

“Please, that’s hardly a punishment for a Wasabi mayora like you.”

“Wasabi! Wasabi!” Rina yelled.

Our daughter had the same appetite as her mother. Luckily, Rina inherited her mother’s immunity to wasabi and was able to digest it just fine. Though I do tell Leona not to give her too much due to her age. Funnily enough, even my taste buds are starting to enjoy the taste of wasabi. Well, we are the Wasabi family after all.

As for Sushi battle, it was an obscure Joysmitch game that came out years ago. When Leona discovered there was a Wasabi mechanic in the game, she instantly began playing it.


“Hey look, that old guy’s just like you, smearing globs of wasabi on everything,” Astrid teased.

“Wait the old guy likes wasabi? Dammit! I chose the other route! Ugh, I hope I can backtrack to it,” Leona grumbled.


“What’s wrong with my character!? Wasabi tastes great! Why is she looking green!?” Leona complained.

“That’s cause most people aren’t wasabi mayoras like you.” Astrid jibbed.

“Nor do most people wax their head daily like you.”

“Hey, it’s becoming a trend thank you very much. One of my friends just waxed her head in our collab stream last night.”

“That was brutal! You went full Crowboy on her on Mask man’s subway in Jamboree!”

“Did I? I’m pretty sure it was a mistake that I triggered the Oni revolution.”

The two continued to banter as they battled each other.


“Hah! Paint that head like a clown Hageyama!” Leona declared.

“We’re not changing our surname to that even if you hit 10 miliion before I hit 50 million,” Astrid grumbled as she began applying clown makeup on her head and face.

When she was finished, she put some wasabi in an ice cream cone and ate it.

“BLECH!” I’ve been forced to eat this stuff frequently whenever I lose a challenge, yet it always upsets my taste buds. Come on Crow, spill the secret. How were you able to adapt to this stuff?” Astrid groaned.

“I just did,” I replied.

“Anyway, Leona. We should probably decide what the punishment will be for our subscriber battle.”

“Loser gets a head tattoo,” Leona declared.

“You want another one? You were crying like a bitch when you got my logo inked on the back of your head when you lost our last subscriber battle a few years ago," Astrid smirked.

“My skin was screaming after you had my head and body waxed, besides I didn’t expect you to have them give me such a large tattoo.”

“You were the one who suggested that punishment. Plus, I think we should do something a little kinder to your body considering I'll probably win within 24 hours.”

“Bikini slime pre-recorded stream and a tongue piercing.”

“Now you’re talking. Hope you’re ready for- “

“Oh hey, Leona just hit 10 million,” I said as I pulled up the screen.

“Are you kidding me!? I’m still a million away! Ugh. Well come on over, I’ll get everything ready,” Astrid chuckled.


I carried Rina as the three of us set off for Astrid’s place. As we passed the park where Leona and I met, we saw children playing and smiling. They waved to us, and we waved back as we walked along.

“I’m glad we met all those years ago,” Leona smiled as she kissed me.

“Wah! Momma’s squishing Rina!” Rina complained.

“Sorry, Momma just wanted to kiss Daddy. You happy Rina?”

“Rina’s happy with Momma and Daddy,” Rina smiled.

“Good, then everyone’s happy,” I stated as the three of us laughed and smiled.


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