Chapter 28:

The Final Boss and DLC

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

“YO! It’s your girl Leona! I’m bald! Yeah, I had to sacrifice my hair and eyebrows to beat Insanity’s ballad, but I reaped the rewards. Crowboy and I are now married! We also...”

I chuckled as Leona did her intro. Our audience was overwhelmingly supportive of our relationship.

“So, who wins the channel points?” I typed as chat went crazy.

Leona’s audience had grown tremendously due to the event last night. She now had over 500,000 followers on Wich and 370,000 subscribers on Mewtube. She currently had over 5,000 viewers in chat.

I myself was now at 70,000 followers and 50,000 subscribers thanks to the event. Astrid naturally reaped the greatest benefits from the event and now had over 2 million followers and 1,500,000 subscribers.

“Chat’s asking about the viral video of us getting attacked by some crazy old man,” Leona said as she turned to me.

We had previously discussed what to say should the issue be brought up. I then got up and walked to the camera.

“Yeah, it was just some cranky old geezer yelling at us. Good thing we can dodge scrubs like him with ease. F in the chat for the picture frame though.”

Even though the clip had gone viral, an overwhelming majority sided with us. The man in question was busy doing his apology tour on all the news stations. It would be nice if this incident would help improve Leona’s ties to her family, but even if they didn’t, at least she had me.


“Alright chat, we'll be doing a Jamboree showdown against Shadowmaster5D later on with some guests, but first, we’re gonna resume Ice seal. Funny that we’re now playing the timeskip portion of the game. Heh, I wonder how my guild will react when they see I shaved my head and eyebrows,” Leona joked.

I then decided to have some fun.

“Want some hair?” I asked as I held up some markers.

“OO yay! Give me some hair again.”

I then drew hair and eyebrows on Leona’s head.

“Whoops, guess I wasn’t bald after all. My hair’s just slicked down and smooth. Guess Julius’ insanity was still in effect.”

Chat happily got in on the banter.

“Lol bald hair.”

“Who needs hair when you have markers.”

“Your hair looks really smooth. It’s like you’re bald but just scribbled on some hair. Hmm.”

“Traitor! I thought you were bald. Coming over to wax,” typed Astrid.

I figured Astrid’s message was made in jest, meaning there was no danger to Leona’s hair follicles.


“Hmm, your “hair” feels very fleshy. I think it needs to be washed,” teased Astrid as she rubbed Leona’s head.

“NO! I just drew it on! Don’t wash off my hair!” Leona playfully screamed.

Leona pouted as her "hair" was wiped off by Astrid.

“Hmm, seems like you were bald after all. All's forgiven,” Astrid chuckled as she began pouring a green liquid on her head.

“You’re gonna wax?” asked Leona.

“Thanks to the lasers, my skin’s so smooth the wax doesn’t even faze me anymore. It’s like a peel off mask now.”

“I bet that’s just a peel off mask.”

“OK, hold out your hand.”

Astrid then smeared a small glob on Leona's hand before ripping it off.


“Told ya,” Astrid gloated as she peeled the wax off her head without even flinching.

Sven then arrived with some food.

“I’ve got a real treat, lingonberry mochi and prickly pear mochi. Dig in.”


After a quick BRB, Leona resumed the game. Eventually, she reached the final boss.

“It’s an old man!? I just fought one this morning!” Leona laughed.

"Crowboy definitely needs to edit that video to have the final boss music play in it," Astrid suggested.


“I did it! Say Astrid, wanna play the other route after Jamboree?” Leona asked as the game's credits rolled.

“Sure, I’ve never played that game before, but since we've still got some time, let’s do a little challenge. Some new DLC just dropped for Brawl Brothers. Believe it or not, one of the characters they just added was Julius. I bet he’s gonna be crazy broken, so I was thinking we’d play a match with him. Loser gets their head covered in whip cream."

Leona’s face went red.

“Why whip cream!? Ugh, pick Julius. I think Akari will whoop your ass.”

“Akari? She’s just a schoolgirl. I bet her moveset is going to be mid-tier at best.”


“Mmph,” Astrid groaned in frustration as Leona finished covering her head and face in whip cream.

“Guess Julius sucked, or you sucked. Well, this is what you get for teasing me,” Leona jibbed as she placed a piece of wasabi salmiak on top of Astrid’s creamy head.

Astrid happily began eating the cream off her head.

It then came time to challenge my father on Wyvern rainforest. Sven, Leona, and I were the challengers.

“I’m surprised he has his own streaming set up,” Leona said.

“Yeah, I guess he’s the company’s rising star,” I grumbled.

The match was brutal. It took everything I had just to stay even with my father. I miraculously ended up taking 1st on gems. Had it not been for Sven winning all his gems in a luck-based minigame, he would have won.

“You’re a pain in the ass to beat Shadowmaster5D,” I growled.

I'm positive my father was laughing at me from wherever he was streaming from. I still couldn’t believe he had surpassed 100,000 subscribers so quickly. Then again, his whole stint was challenging top gamers and beating them. Plus, he also had his company backing him up.

“So, what’s the punishment for last place?” asked Leona.

I went to the kitchen and returned with some curry.

“Ghost-wasabi-salmiak curry,” I stated.”


Leona gobbled it down while frequently drinking prickly pear juice.

“So, when we doing the curry gunge challenge?” Leona asked as she finished.

“We can do it in a few days. I wanna stream some games first since I couldn't due to the event," Astrid smiled.


After our BRB was over, Astrid then began streaming a different route of Ice Seal with Leona, while Sven and I did Pinosword.

“If you explore around here, there’s actually another giant monkey,” Sven explained.

“Untouchable Goro? Great, and he’s blocking the path to the treasure chest,” I groaned.

“Wow, they’re making the twist so obvious on this route,” Leona jibbed.

“Wait really? No way, you don’t mean its HER, do you?” Astrid replied.


After a fun night of streaming, Astrid and Sven headed back. Leona then checked her phone for messages.

“Nothing,” she sighed.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t amend your ties to your father.”

“It’s alright, you did enough for me and even your own family. No need to worry about a cranky old man that disowned me.”


Leona received a message from her father that read, “Sorry, I guess I’ve been so consumed by my job, that I lost my humanity."

“Well if you’re sorry then you won’t mind your viral moment going in the thumbnail of my latest video, right?” Leona replied back.

“Very well. It’s my gaffe so there’s nothing I can do stop it,” he typed back.

“Thanks! Oh, and thanks for trying to be nice to me again like you used to be. Though I'm not going to stop streaming and doing crazy challenges just to save your poll numbers.”

“Very well. I will let you live your life. It seems degeneracy to me means something else to your generation. I must reflect on this if I wish to lead our country.”

“Well, it’s a small step, but at least he’s not acting hostile anymore,” I stated.

“Guess you really ended up achieving 100%,” Leona giggled.

“Yeah,” I said as I took off my mask and kissed her on the lips.

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