Chapter 1:

Missing boxes

Saga of Saturn: Benevolent Processor

In the grand halls of the Congress building, a sea of five million politicians gathered, representing the nation of Plansanturia. Amidst this ocean of political activity stood Saturn, a young and vibrant presence. Her form radiated authority as she adorned her majestic Divine Entity Drive, an awe-inspiring sight that captured the attention of all present. Perched upon an elevated balcony, she exuded a commanding yet compassionate aura, her gaze penetrating through the crowd.

Her ebony hair flowed elegantly, cascading down to brush her collarbone. Vibrant purple eyes, brimming with determination, seemed to pierce through the political facade. The transformative power of her Divine Entity Drive altered not just her demeanor, but her very measurements—85B, 58W, and 84H. Standing at a height of 164 cm (5 feet 4.5 inches), her presence exuded unwavering confidence and formidable strength. Her transformation highlighted not just her physical attributes, but the evolution of her stature.

As the day's heated debate reached its crescendo, Saturn's authoritative voice resonated, bringing the chamber to a temporary standstill. With a satisfied sense of duty, she turned away from the rapt gazes of the politicians, embarking on her departure from the opulent room. Stepping outside, the weight of her responsibilities became evident. Her original form emerged as the long white dress from the debate hung loosely, now oversized on her petite frame. A shift occurred in her appearance as her long, ebony hair transformed into a bubblegum pink hue. In this moment, her confident façade peeled away, revealing the exhaustion etched across her features. The transformation wasn't just physical; it was emotional, revealing the human beneath the leader.

Drawing a deep breath, Saturn exhaled, releasing the weariness that had settled within her. A resolute determination took over as she embarked on her journey down the extensive corridor, each footstep echoing with a sense of purpose. Her petite stature, a stark contrast to her leadership role, seemed to magnify the burdens she bore.

Upon entering the private congress dressing room, Saturn was met with a heartwarming sight. A smiling face sat atop her desk, eyes sparkling with warmth and concern. It was a person who knew her beyond the political persona, someone who recognized the toll the day's discussions had taken on her.

This person didn't need words to understand the fatigue Saturn carried; it was evident in her diminished stature and fatigued expression. With unspoken empathy, they communicated their support, creating a connection that went beyond the political realm.

"Saturn," her friend's voice murmured softly, laden with understanding, "guessing that's it for today?"

In response, Saturn's energy surged back, and her posture straightened with a burst of positivity. A radiant smile adorned her face as she exuded an air of joy. "Absolutely, Nini. But goodness, today's discussions were worse than watching grass grow."

She sauntered over to a well-placed couch adjacent to her desk, her movements guided by familiarity with the room's layout. With a theatrical flair, she launched herself face-first into the plush cushions, her body coming to rest as if she were dramatically shot down. A dramatic sigh escaped her lips, resonating with an exaggerated sense of exasperation. Nini couldn't help but chuckle to herself, amused by Saturn's antics.

Then, like a muffled yet insistent murmur from beneath the cushion, the word "chocolate" emerged from Saturn's lips. Nini's attention was piqued, but the first repetition of the word didn't quite register. Responding with a noncommittal "Hmm?" she realized that Saturn's second, louder repetition held a tone of playful insistence, despite being muffled by the cushion.

"Chocolate!" Saturn repeated, her voice louder but still somewhat obscured by the cushion. The word, though inaudible in its entirety, carried a sense of longing and whimsy that couldn't be ignored.

Just as the two friends settled into the comforting atmosphere of the Congress preparation room, a gentle knock echoed through the air, cutting through the cocoon of relaxation. The door slowly creaked open, revealing the presence of a maid, her attire immaculate and elegant. Surprise flickered across the maid's eyes as she took in the sight of Saturn in her untransformed state, momentarily overtaken by a hint of panic.

"Forgive me, Lady Saturn! I didn't mean to intrude," the maid's words stumbled over one another as she bowed deeply in apology, her demeanor reflecting her genuine distress. "I should have announced myself before entering."

Saturn's compassionate nature shone through as she sat up, her warm smile a reassurance in itself. "Oh, don't stress over it," she chimed with a light-hearted chuckle, a playful glint in her eyes. "It's not like this is the first time you've seen me like this, Tee-hee."

The maid's relief was palpable as she stepped back into the room, her posture regaining its professional composure. Her dedication to her role was evident in the air of efficiency and diligence that surrounded her.

Taking a deep breath, the maid steadied her voice, now composed and sure. "Lady Saturn, please forgive the interruption, but I bring an urgent message. There is an incoming call from a representative of another nation waiting for you at the Communication Centre. They insist it is a matter of utmost importance that requires your immediate attention."

Saturn's eyes briefly closed as she leaned back against the couch, a sigh laden with weariness escaping her lips. "Just when I was hoping for some leisure time to immerse myself in hours of gaming," she lamented, a hint of playful frustration in her tone. "Thank you, Nori. Let them know I'll be on my way."

Nori's nod was resolute, her commitment to her duties evident in the unwavering expression on her face. "Of course, Lady Saturn. I will convey the message promptly."

As Saturn readied herself to depart the Congress preparation room and accompany Nori, a spark of thought glinted in her eyes. Swift and graceful, her hand delved into a small bag at her side, retrieving a neatly folded garment. With a careful flourish, she unfurled the fabric to reveal her chosen attire.

The transformation began as Saturn shed her formal attire, exchanging it for a playful ensemble reminiscent of a school uniform. The white jacket dress she donned bore elegant gray lining with intricate double white stripes, draping gracefully over her petite frame. A delicate pale blue ribbon, akin to an ascot, graced her neckline.

The pockets and buttons of her jacket dress sported a playful contrast, painted in gentle shades of pink, infusing a dash of vibrancy to the ensemble. Beneath the hem of her dress, pink and white striped socks peeked out, a harmonious detail matching her white and gray shoes.

Her transformation complete, Saturn embraced a newfound sense of lightness and freedom. With a joyful countenance, she turned towards Nori, her expression communicating readiness.

“Lady Saturn, it's truly a mystery how you can summon such boundless energy seemingly out of thin air,” Nori remarked, a mix of admiration and amusement in her voice.

Saturn responded with a chuckle, her tone light and infectious. “One could say it's the collective love and support of my believers, always overflowing and uplifting me when I need it most. Hi-hi!”

As a united force, Saturn and her steadfast companion embarked on a journey beyond the confines of the Congress preparation room. Their purposeful strides resonated through the bustling corridors of the Congress building, their footfalls harmonizing with the grandeur that enveloped them. The path they tread led them to the awaiting elevator, a sleek testament to modern design that beckoned with understated elegance. Stepping into the elevator's embrace, they steeled themselves as it initiated its descent, navigating an intricate labyrinth of tunnels that extended for miles beneath the heart of the Capital of Plansanturia. The velocity of their descent was both exhilarating and humbling, akin to a soaring flight through the boundless sky. Abruptly, the elevator transitioned into a vast, transparent tube, unveiling the sprawling panorama of the cityscape in all its breathtaking splendor.

With eyes widened in childlike wonder, Saturn and her devoted companion gazed upon the spectacle before them. The Capital of Plansanturia stood tall as a living testament to the nation's relentless progress and boundless innovation. Towering skyscrapers, like sentinels of the future, pierced the heavens with sleek, avant-garde designs that reached ever upward. From this elevated vantage point, the millions of lives that moved below resembled minuscule, purposeful dots, like industrious ants navigating the tapestry of existence.

Though Plansanturia might not have held the title of the universe's largest nation, it indisputably claimed supremacy in technological advancement, outpacing its counterparts by generations. Its renown as a beacon of progress and ingenuity resonated far beyond its borders, echoing through the cosmos itself. This remarkable achievement bore witness to the unwavering dedication of the 1st and 4th Processors, whose visionary leadership propelled the nation into uncharted territories. Saturn, adorned with the mantle of the 6th generation Processor, bore the mantle of innovation and progress, while her sister, Plutonia, poised as the incumbent Processing Candidate, embodied the potential to carry forth this legacy as the 7th generation.

The awe-inspiring vista from within the elevator served as a poignant reminder of the profound weight that Saturn bore upon her shoulders. The collective aspirations and aspirations of the nation's inhabitants rested squarely upon her, serving as the driving force that propelled her to surmount every challenge that dared to cast a shadow over their harmonious existence.

With the elevator gliding to a graceful stop, its doors opened to unveil the vibrant hub of the Communication Centre. Stepping onto the bustling floor, Saturn and her dedicated companion were greeted by the harmonious symphony of technology and the ceaseless rhythm of communication. Within the heart of this hub, an otherworldly luminescence pulsed, casting an intricate play of light and shadow across the expansive space. Holographic displays adorned the walls, their vibrant hues flickering like a cosmic dance, presenting real-time data from every corner of the universe. A seamless stream of information flowed like a river of knowledge, weaving a tapestry of interconnected wisdom. Above them, immense screens hung suspended, projecting holographic renditions of celestial bodies engaged in their eternal ballet—a mesmerizing spectacle that enraptured all who beheld it.

Within this orchestration of machinery, the symphony of sounds echoed: the rhythmic whir of computers, the soft thrum of energy sources, all merged to compose an ambient melody that enveloped the environment. Tidy rows of futuristic consoles stretched across the floor, tended by diligent technicians dressed in harmonious uniforms. Their fingers danced nimbly across holographic interfaces, sculpting the raw data into comprehensible forms.

Luminous pathways, like constellations of energy, illuminated the floor, guiding Saturn and her companion through the labyrinthine nexus of communication channels. Their journey led them to the designated room for the impending call. The room seemed to awaken as they approached, its holographic screen shimmering with eagerness. Symbols and glyphs danced along its edges, relaying details of the incoming communication. The very air seemed to crackle with static potential. Before the screen, Saturn stood poised, her gaze transfixed by its enthralling surface. Her heart quickened. As the transmission established its connection, a cascade of celestial patterns flowed across the screen, coalescing and transforming into a radiant manifestation of Lumi's countenance, Processor of the nation of Lklandkeeling.

With captivating clarity, Lumi's image materialized, her presence exuding a tranquil radiance. Her serene smile and piercing blue eyes conveyed a sense of inner peace and profound wisdom. Draped in a flowing white gown that mirrored the purity of the snow on her homeworld, she emanated an ethereal grace, embodying the essence of her icy domain.

Saturn's heart swelled with delight at the sight of her cherished friend.

"Yahallo, Wumi! What brings you to my digital doorstep today?" Saturn's exuberant personality bubbled forth, a wide grin lighting up her face and her eyes sparkling like stars.

Lumi let out a patient sigh before responding in her characteristically calm and serene tone, her voice reminiscent of celestial harmony.

"It's Lumi, not Wumi or Yummi as you've called me before."

"Hehe, my bad, Lumi."

"In any case, Saturn, I'm reaching out about the supply transport. It was scheduled to arrive two days ago, yet there's no sign of it."

"Hmm? But I distinctly remember giving the go-ahead for that."

"Excuse me, Lady Saturn," Nori interjected, presenting a tablet to Saturn. On it, an extensive and comprehensive record of all exchanges between Plansanturia and Lklandkeeling lay before them.

"As indicated on this tablet, all shipments have been completed and validated by the Lklandkeeling guards. See right here... it's all signed and confirmed."

Despite the cascade of numbers and data on the tablet, Saturn's focus remained resolute, her gaze unwavering as she absorbed the information. Nodding with a sense of conviction, Saturn's calm demeanor conveyed her steadfast support. What remained hidden from view was Saturn's limited grasp of the intricate data displayed on the tablet. The labyrinthine world of figures and calculations eluded her, hovering just beyond her grasp like enigmatic constellations. Nevertheless, her unwavering commitment and her desire to be a reliable ally prompted her to nod in agreement, even if she didn't fully comprehend the details.

"Absolutely! Just like Nori explained, and you can see right here." She rotated the tablet and raised it to show the data to everyone present.

"I don't doubt the numbers or your words, but I'm at a loss as to how over 50 crates of equipment could simply vanish."

"Ooo! What if someone stole it?"

"I've conducted a thorough investigation, and there's no evidence of any unauthorized entry. Even my guards confirm that no unauthorized personnel accessed the storage room."

"Then what if someone who was authorized took advantage of their access?"

"Saturn, we're talking about crates that are about 10 feet tall each. You can't just slip them into your pocket." Lumi's sigh carried a hint of mild frustration, a response to Saturn's struggle to comprehend the intricacies of the stolen crates. Saturn, recognizing her own gap in understanding, let out a self-conscious giggle, her hand scratching her head in embarrassment. At that moment, however, inspiration struck like a bolt of lightning.

With resolute determination, Saturn proposed the idea of traveling to Lklandkeeling to aid in the search for the missing crates. Lumi's eyes sparkled with appreciation, gratitude evident in her enthusiastic acceptance of Saturn's offer. Her voice carried a sincere note of thankfulness for Saturn's willingness to assist.

As their conversation concluded, Saturn and Lumi exchanged farewells, a shared understanding reflected in their smiles. Saturn's wave exuded contagious positivity, while Nori, positioned respectfully behind her, executed a deep bow, maintaining her formality and proper demeanor.

With the holographic interface fading away, Saturn and Nori gracefully turned.

“May I ask what now Lady Saturn?”

Saturn quickly responded, “We pack gloves, hats, coats, a sister and we set sail across the galaxy.”

Now commencing their return journey toward the elevator. Swiftly enveloped by its sleek confines, they embarked on a route that wound through the extensive network of tunnels spanning the entire planet. This time, they accessed a discreet pathway, guiding them toward the Deae Turris, the grand deity tower and Saturn's distinguished residence.

As the elevator doors opened, they stepped out, greeted by the opulent expanse of the tower's interior. Elongated corridors stretched before them, adorned with lavish embellishments and exquisite artifacts. The very air seemed to emanate an aura of elegance, fitting for the domain of a goddess. With each step, the vibrant energy of Plansanturia pulsed, infusing the surroundings with an undeniable essence of power and majesty.

Their journey brought them to the chambers of Plutonia, Saturn's cherished sister and the Processing Candidate for their nation. Plutonia, engrossed in a book while lying face-down on her bed, flew out of her bed falling backward onto the floor with a quiet thump. Her graceful, slender form mirrored her sister's beauty, and her captivating mauve-purple eyes held an enchanting allure.

Saturn's confident entrance momentarily rendered Plutonia speechless. Nori, feeling a touch of unease over the unexpected intrusion, lingered behind Saturn and executed a deep bow, conveying her genuine apologies.

"Saturn!?" Plutonia exclaimed, her surprise evident in her tone.

"Yahallo, dear sister," Saturn chimed with a grin.

As the initial shock subsided, Plutonia regained her composure, setting her book aside and offering a warm smile. She sat up, curious about the purpose of her sister's visit.

"Pluti, I'd like you to accompany me on a visit to Lumi," Saturn announced with enthusiasm.

Plutonia nodded, intrigued. "Of course, but may I ask why?"