Chapter 41:

[On the subject of the rewrite]

Light of my darkest eve

For reasons pertaining to motivation, time and laziness, I've decided to pause the rewrite at chapter 20. This means only about the first half will be rewritten before the competition deadline next week.

The first act was the part I felt most desperately needed amending, so as it stands the story is at least in a place I can be somewhat happy with now that all of it has been rewritten. The back half still has problems, but not as glaring as those in the original draft of the opening 15-20 chapters.

I may pick Do-Over back up once I know for certain I'm not a finalist in the competition, but for now I'll be leaving it here. I may drop one or two extra chapters in to expand certain things that aren't yet fleshed out enough, but for the most part, the story now is as it will be while after the deadline.

To anyone who makes it this far, thank you so much for reading, hopefully in future I can deliver the story to the full potential I had wanted it to reach in the first place, but for now I hope it's good enough as it is.

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