Chapter 15:

The Redhead

Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

“Wake up. Vance.” Mother was shaking me.

“What happened?” Is there another beast attack? What is happening?

“Arthur is here, Martha too. They have spotted a ship on the horizon.” Mother grabbed her clock and started getting ready to head out.

I woke up and cleaned myself. 

I can’t leave you behind my loyal sword. This sword has proven its worth. 

It was true. I could see a small ship trying to dock at our small village. The village only had small boats so there were no means for a ship that big to dock.

They stopped the ship a bit far from the shore and started coming in boats.

“Why? I thought we were at the edge of the Nation.” I was still unaware of this world’s geography beyond our nation, so i asked Arthur.

“We are. Beyond that sea lies the Crowned Empire. They are neither friends nor enemies to our nation.” Arthur informed me while we were walking towards the beach. They made Mary stay at home as her leg was still busted, Anne was taking care of her.

"Can you tell me more about our neighbor countries?" Knowing more is never bad.

“The country we are at war with is Arkoniyan Kingdom, It has our Royal Nation surrounded from all three sides.” Arthur knew way more than any of us, he was a renowned soldier for a reason.

“Step aside. Everyone calm down.” Arthur made his way through the crowd.

“What is the meaning of this.” “I thought we were on good terms with Crowned Empire.” “It's probably because of the beast.” Everyone started mumbling.

Mother seemed to take it way better than yesterday. I was glad.

The boat came to the shore. It had around eight people. They were all wearing Military clothes.

“Hear Hear, We are loyal subjects of the Crowned Empire. We came here to aid in the mayhem caused by the legendary beast Scylla.” One of the soldiers with a scroll shouted. He looked a high-ranking officer.

“I don’t want to disappoint you but,” Arthur wasn’t sure how to tell them, “The beast is already dead. That right there.”

He pointed at the giant corpse. It had sand and sea trees all around it. Birds had covered the remaining parts.

“That...That can’t be.” The soldier started to stutter. Other soldiers were in shock too.

Did they actually think it was just a giant rock with trees? I chuckled. I mean they literally are standing in the beast's shade.

“What is this demonic behavior? How can you treat holy beast like this.” He unsheathed his sword at the crowd.

Weren’t you guys here to take care of it though?

Mother and Arthur looked at me. I get it I get it. It was there way of saying handle this.

“You are mocking us?” The soldiers drew their swords on everyone. Everyone was panicking in fear.

“Why don’t you fight with someone of your own size.” I always wanted to say this. Well, I'm an 8 years old kid.

“You brat, you think we will let you make fun of our Empire just because you are a kid?” The guy rushed at me. Such a crude way of handling the sword.

I dodged his attack, It was easy because the sand had made him sloppy.

I made sure not to hit him with the blade, but rather the surface of the sword.

It only took one hit for him to knock out.

The other soldiers finally took me seriously.

They all rushed at me.

“Halt!” A loud order echoed. The soldiers stopped.

I saw multiple boats coming from the ship. One of them had a redhead kid, he was the one who shouted it. What an unusual color of hair. His clothing was very peculiar too.

“What is this conduct? Is this how you handle diplomacy?” The redhead was scolding the soldiers.

“I apologize for my subordinate’s lack of common sense. Drawing weapons on civilians.” The redhead was being weirdly polite.

“I’m Ryn Silverbank, third son of the house Asterious.” He bowed elegantly. That’s why his clothes are fancy.

“Isn’t that second in command house in the Empire?” Arthur was surprised but he kept his composure.

“I’m Arthur Roseblood.” Arthur greeted as a royalty should. Ryn seemed satisfied.

“And who might you be? The person who knocked some sense in my soldiers.” He smiled at me.

Do I have to get along with this royal kid? I'm not good with pretentious kids.

“I’m Vance.” I copied Arthur's bow.

“Just Vance?” His stares were judging me. Oh crap, I forgot only royals have the last name. the other people don’t get to have one. He was probably looking down on me. His soldiers started to smirk too.

“Vance Alison,” Mother came forward. Alison would mean the son of Elie. She probably didn’t like them looking down on me.

“He is my son.” Mother didn’t bow. You go, mom. I bet they would wet their pants if they found out you are a literal Goddess.

“Well, it seems I’m in luck. I assume you are the count of this coast?” That kid was being impolite to Arthur.

“Yes, young lord.” Arthur had a vast amount of patience and discipline.

“We were informed a mythical beast is rampaging around this coastline. We have a saint in our party. She is here to help and tame the beast.” The brat started looking around. The soldiers that came in the first boat started to panic.

“Yes. Here is the beast.” Arthur had to do this again. He pointed at the giant cliff with trees and birds.

“This?” Ryn was trying to confirm. He looked at the cliff.

“Yes,” Arthur said in a bit slower tone this time.

“This?!!!” Ryn shouted with shock. His jaw dropped.

“Yes…”Arthur’s voice got quieter. It was as if he was ashamed of not meeting his expectations. It was an amusing situation.

“How…The Scylla is a legendary beast. How can it die? It’s nothing like the prophecy.” Ryn was disappointed. His demeanor changed.

“Who's it? Who even did that monstrous act?” He was furious. It appeared he really was hoping to tame the beast.

“I’ll have them hanged. Sir Arthur, tell me who did it?” He rushed to Arthur. Arthur is no snitch, he won’t tell you anything.

"If no one comes forward, I'll have the whole village punished under the King's law." This is why there's an age limit. You don't give kids power.

Mother was about to come forward but I stopped her.

“I did it.” I raised my hand. Why not, Mother might let go the disrespect, I won't. No one denied it. I'm glad whole village understood the assignment.

“It was trying to hurt my family, so I had to kill it.”

“A kid like you? You think I’m a fool?” He had a very ugly face for a royal.

“You are, what's there to think? Aren't you a brat too?” Yeah as if I’ll get intimidated by some spoiled kid.

“You insolent brat! Do you know who you are talking with? Show some respect.” The soldier I knocked out before was shouting at me.

“Does he know who he is talking with?” I said that with full confidence. I have been in this situation a lot in my past life.

Never let them know your ranking, act as if you own it.

“You! You! I challenge you to a duel for disrespecting and killing the beast.” Ryn drew his sword at me. Everyone was shocked.

“I’ll beat you before you can touch Vance.” Anne came running. Since when she was here? Arthur grabbed her by her shoulder. Her legs were still moving in the air.

“Let me down, daddy.” Anne was trying hard to get out.

“Now now, young lord Ryn. You sure you want to make a hasty decision?” Arthur knew the royal diplomacy.

“If you get hurt, who to say you won’t use this as an excuse to attack our nation?” Woah! Arthur is really smart.

“I-“ The brat had no comeback.

“I can take care of that.” A person came forward behind the soldiers. I didn't even notice him before he spoke up. Mother's eyes widened. It seems he was a powerful person.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m court magician Marlian.” He was a middle-aged dude with a bit of white hair. He seemed the smartest in that group. He was wearing a red robe and had a large stick. This might turn into something troublesome.