Chapter 16:

Situation on hand

Re Mari : I'll find you even if death did us apart!

“I’ll contact the Royal Capital and the Crowned Empire right away.” Said the purple coat wizard.

Wait does this world have phones too?

Mother saw my confused face.

“Kingdoms often have long-distance devices. They are hard to maintain and require precise magic energy for the message to be conveyed on both sides. This Magician is one of rare few to have permission directly from many Kingdoms.”

“I’ll tell you about him later. For now, stay calm and assess the situation.” Mother used telepathy as I was still holding the sword. Got it.

We headed inside the Town Hall.

He put down a device on the table. A magic circle started to form. Everything was dark. And only the table was illuminating.

We all moved away a bit. I saw a huge picture in the air. It was made out of a cloudy screen. He did similar with the second device.

The first one to show up was Royal Capital’s King.

“Greetings, King Herald Lionsblood The Fifth of Royal Capital.” The Magician bowed to the screen. It was my first time seeing King Herald, he had a white beard and sharp eyes. Even in this setup, he was looking as elegant as if he was right in front of us. His presence had a certain charm. His fingers were playing with the sword. He nodded in response to the greeting. 

The Magician turned to the other person.

“Good evening my liege, King Magnus The Great of Crowned Empire.” He bowed at his king. King Magnus was a textbook example of a young king. Black beard with a huge crown on his head. A glass of some sort of gold liquid in one hand. He was sitting on the throne, as if he was sitting on a sofa. He seemed carefree and young.

The Magician Marlian must be someone very famous and renowned for him to gather two kings in this short amount of time.

“He is one of the great mages for a reason, he often converses with the upper realm. He is the link between people and the Goddesses.” Mother spoke in my mind. I’m glad I still have the sword in my hand.

“Is this about the Academia?” King Herald was being impatient.

“No no, that issue has been dealt with.” The Magician showed his respect.

“Then what is it? Stop bothering my dear friend.” King Magnus made sure to show the diplomacy. I guess they are on friendly terms, unlike the mass’s belief.

“It is deeper than that, keep watching.” Mother’s advice echoed in my mind.

“We are having a difficult situation,” Marlian explained the issue.

“Good lord, to think someone would be able to kill the Scylla.” King Herald gasped in amazement. He was wise for his age, the white hair wasn’t for the show.

“That is a heinous act.” King Magnus was angry. He broke the glass.

I get it. Scylla is supposed to be prayed upon in the Crowned Empire. That’s why they are furious about its death.

While the Royal Capital was the one that had territorial losses because of the beast, they were rather scared than worshiping it.

This situation was turning way bigger than I had anticipated.

“Sir Ryn has challenged the perpetrator to a duel. And hence it has become an issue of international diplomacy.”

“Well, you can’t call it a murder. The Scylla did attack my citizens.” King Herald who had never sent any kind of help in past decades tried to take the credit. Truly a wise yet cunning king.

“It is as you say, but Scylla is a mythical Beast of our nation’s Goddess. We can’t just let it go. We will be subject to her wrath.” King Magnus wanted to have something out of this.

In other words, we let our beast feed in your nation and wait for the right time. And when the right time arrives, we jump in and tame the beast for ourselves.

Everyone looked rather mesmerized. I mean we are in the presence of the world’s two most powerful men. Even the brat was biting his nails. Anne was holding my sleeve.

“Then it’s decided. A fair duel. And if Sir Ryn wins, I’ll have that kid beheaded for killing our beast.” King Magnus was anxious. This was a great way to show their strength without actually doing anything.

“And what if my subject wins?” King Herald looked at me. “What’s your name boy?”

“I’m Vance Alison, my lord.” I bowed. I have to maintain a good image.

“Hmmm, Alison…” He tried to remember that house. “Isn’t it that fallen house without an heir? I thought it was dead long ago.” It appeared this old man was getting confused with some other house.

That’s good for me.

“Yes My king, that’s my house.” I will just bluff for now.

“Good then, if you manage to beat the prodigy of Crowned Empire. I’ll reward you generously.” He smirked. in other words, reviving that so-called house. But that doesn't exist. It could create issues in the future.

“May I ask something else my king?” They thought I was a kid, time to show how wrong they are.

“I would like to get a Royal Favor from the King as a reward. As a person who saved the coast, I should get that much.” I don’t need money. There’s something more valuable and long-term. A favor from the King.

Everyone was silently waiting for the King’s response. Mother was silently thinking.

What if the plan fails?

“Then I’ll just obliterate both nations to the ground.” I saw Mother making a thumbs up in the dark. Mother is really abusing this telepathy power. 

Please don’t obliterate anyone.

King Herald laughed hysterically, “You have some guts to speak like this to a king, boy.” He wiped his tears.

“As you say, win the duel and you will be bestowed with a Royal Favor.”

Everyone started cheering. Um, guys I still need to win the duel.

Marlian thought for a second and looked at the redhead and his King.

“It is decided then, the duel between Sir Ryn and Noble Vance will take place today at dawn. Both the Kings and the Kingdoms will be their witnesses.”

The screens went dark. The curtains were open again.

“That sure was something.” Arthur was still in awe. Everyone else was shaken up too.

The Crowned Empire people left as they would come straight at dawn.

Marlian greeted me briefly. He seemed like a man with many secrets.

“I’m sorry Vance for doubting you. Sorry, Elie.” An elder from the village came forward.

“Me too! I knew Vance and Elie would protect us.”

“Yes yes.” Everyone joined the parade. They started cheering and shouting.

You guys sure know how to talk. They were treating me as some sort of Hero. A few people came and put me on their shoulders. Mother was just amused by all these.

“Who’s he by the way? That redhead?” I asked Arthur. Arthur was surprised.

Everyone went silent. They had a shocked expression.

“You… You don’t even know who you challenged?”

“We are doomed.”

“I knew Vance would be the end of us.” They dropped from me on the ground. 

What in heaven? 

The disrespect! You guys sure change faster than a chameleon.