Chapter 1:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 17

***The Dupree Palace, six months ago…***

It had been a week since the end of Chersea’s first-ever cosplay festival, and its successful conclusion prompted celebrations at the Duke of Maverny’s official residence. Also, to bring into light the extensive construction projects within his territory and the improved living standards of the people, the Lord Kuro of Arles invited everyone to this event, from the foreign dignitaries who supported him, to the common folk of his and the neighboring fiefs. At the midst of the party was the Elf Saint, Lady Hinwe Tal-Inwir, showered with praise and compliments for her acclaimed works of literature and art, as well as her cosplay performances. Elvish communities from all the human lands, the beastmen realms, and from the demon republic sent delegations to give respect to her, and ask for her blessings.

“I-It’s been an h-h-honor to meet you, Your Holiness!” the elves, especially the young ones, would often get tongue-tied the moment they held hands with the Lady Hinwe. Others would swoon and squeal their hearts out. There was also various stuff being passed around hoping that Her Holiness would touch it. ‘Fans’ from other races would also join the excited crowd, like the beastmen, since they loved manga-style drawings of the Elf Saint.

Of course, not wishing to disappoint her admirers, the Lady Hinwe allowed herself to be swamped with requests to meet her.

And, just to be safe, Kuro and his guards from the Paladin Corps organized queue lines and scheduled the meet-and-greets, since Her Holiness had to enjoy the celebrations in her honor too.


Like a proud parent watching his child take the spotlight, Kuro stood in the sidelines, taking care not to wrest away the focus from the Lady Hinwe. While Her Holiness dealt with the younger people, he was the one in-charge of entertaining the older admirers and supporters.

The lines waiting to greet the Elf Saint suddenly stirred. Kuro and the paladins with him were surprised at the change of atmosphere, as the kids and teenagers looked back in anger at a group of young ladies passing the queue lines and heading straight to the table where the Lady Hinwe sat.

“Milord,” a paladin told him. “Looks like some unruly children trying to bend the rules. Shall we escort them out?”

Kuro, who never liked nobles asserting their perceived ‘superiority’ over common folk, nodded. “Whoever they are,” he commented, “send them back to the end of the line.”

At once, the paladins followed and headed to force a resolution on the erring ladies. However, the Lady Hinwe stood up and stopped them. Then, the Elf Saint gestured for Kuro to come and talk to her.

“What’s going on, Your Holiness?” the duke asked. “I don’t care if they are members of the nobility; they are in my territory, and they have to follow my rules.”

“Kuro,” the Lady Hinwe whispered, “there’s something you need to know.”


“Those three…” the Elf Saint chuckled. “They are Maddie, Ruro, and Natasha in disguise!”

Kuro’s eyes widened in surprise as he looked back towards the ‘young ladies’ surrounded by the paladins. “What are you talking about?”

The Lady Hinwe was trying her best to keep from laughing loud, “I don’t know why they’re doing it, but it’s funny!”

Then, one of the ladies broke through the paladin cordon and came near Kuro. “Hey mister! I think Her Holiness told you the truth?”

“Maddie…” the duke heaved a sigh. “What’s going on?”

“I’m surprised that you know I’m Maddie,” the lady countered.

“You need not tell me, and your blonde hair won’t fool my eyes,” Kuro replied with a mischievous smirk. “One look at you, and I can already feel the smug attitude. You’re definitely the beautiful Madelaine Ann Rubinforth.”

The disguised Human Saint was taken aback by his words. Her face was red, and she stammered, trying to explain her side, “W-W-W-Well…uhm, uh…I-I-I’m also a…uh…err…

“Oh!” the Lady Hinwe clapped her hands. “I didn’t realize the Lady Rubinforth is one of my big fans too!”

“You do?”

Maddie sheepishly nodded. “I always loved the stories about her when I was young.”

“That’s…your reason? You can always approach her whenever we’re not doing anything, Your Holiness!”

“I know…but well, I’d like to experience being a fangirl even for once. And I also dragged Ruro and Natasha with me, so they’re not at fault.”

Kuro was shaking his head in amusement. By that time, the other disguised saints joined them as well.

Oi, Ruro, why do you have to break the rules and force yourselves past the others just to get to the Lady Hinwe?”

Huh? How did you know I’m Ruro, Master?”

“The happy-go-lucky behavior,” Kuro quipped. “I’ve been watching you guys earlier.”

“Wow…you really haven’t lost your edge, Sir G!” the disguised Natasha commented. “Like in our old world, you can still tell people apart just by their behaviors!”

“I always observe my loved ones,” the duke declared. “My friends, students, and even those I love…err, romantically…I want to know you guys well. And going back to the topic, if you want to meet-and-greet the Lady Hinwe, go back to the end of the line and queue up!”

Now, three ladies were red in embarrassment, and the Elf Saint was having her fun laughing at the scene.


The week-long party always reached the hours before the long sleep, though during those times, the celebrations would turn into a ‘private-event’ reserved only for the close friends and acquaintances of the Duke of Maverny. By then, the Lady Hinwe would shed her ‘cosplay’ dresses, don her elvish clothes, and entertain the guests along with Kuro’s household. This was because, these events were designed by the duke to subtly gather support from humans, beastmen, demons and elves for the most difficult part of his plan to restore the Elf Saint to her holy throne.


A few distances away, far from the adoring crowd of nobles and commoners, was the Duke of Maverny himself, Kuro of Arles. He watched everyone as they give the elf holy lady the reverence that she direly needed before. Up till now, he still couldn’t believe that his plans worked—sometimes, even more than what he intended. It was not a secret anymore that the Chersean elves’ support for their saint was more enthusiastic, and actually bordering ‘fanaticism’.

All of which are according to his ideas…

“Still not over with your scheming?”

“!!!” Kuro’s train of thoughts stopped when he felt a person stood beside him. Turning to his side, the speaker was no other than the Human Saint, Maddie, also watching at her fellow saint from the sidelines. The duke chuckled, “You’re done with your disguise, Your Holiness?”

Maddie glared at him. “Keep reminding me of that stupid episode, and I’ll sneak an entire bottle of love potion in your drink, kidnap you, and make you into a father.”

Haha! Let’s get married first, milady!

Maddie stuck out her tongue at Kuro. The duke, however, pinched her cheeks in return.

She smiled at him, “Her Holiness the Lady Hinwe feels like a completely different person now, I’d said. I mean, compared to how she was when I first saw her at the consulate in Calabria, this Elf Saint is closer to the one that is the subject of the legends.”

Oh…you think so, too?”

“You did a great job as always, Sir G!” she handed him a glass of wine.

Kuro chuckled, “It somehow feels different when you’re the one who calls me that.”

Hmm…I just wanted to have some personal way to call you, like your old student.”

“I still prefer the old ‘Kuro’, though. I mean, I’m Greg Santos, yes, but ‘Kuro’ is the name you gave me. So, it’s yours, guaranteed.”

Maddie remained silent. Her free hand, however, reached out to her fiancée’s, and squeezed it gently.


“Sorry. I’m just…you know, trying to make sure that the person beside me is real. Six years of your disappearance got me quite scared about this reality I’m living now. But, yes…I can feel your gentle, warm hands with mine, so I know you’re the real Kuro.”

The Duke of Maverny just stared at her for a while. Maddie never took her eyes off at the people having fun at the courtyard of the palace, and Kuro admired her silently. Deep within his thoughts, he asked what did he do to deserve this lady’s unconditional love for him.

“I know this won’t be the last you’re going to be involved with the Elf Saint,” she suddenly broke the ice. “Even though I don’t have the god-powers of the Demon Saint, my heart feels you’re still going to see your goals achieved to the end.”

“Yes, you’re right,” Kuro knew it was futile to hide his plans to Her Holiness. “The third and final step to my plan of bringing back the Lady Hinwe to Cherwoods is just about to begin, and this is the most dangerous one. You know how it is back in that place…the Seductress has returned, and I fear that she’s doing what she can to gather strength even as we speak.”

“Mhmm…” Maddie then leaned on his shoulder. “This is the only blot in the otherwise wonderful days ahead of us. I can only wish that this part is all just a dream—a nightmare, and I will wake from this soon.”

It was Kuro’s turn to keep silent this time, though he wrapped his free arm on his fiancée.

“After your disappearance and return, I always lived in fear that you’ll do something scary again, like what you did in Cherflammen.”

“Sorry for that…”

“Nope, don’t blame yourself. I know—no, everyone knows—why you did that. It’s just that, maybe I have to learn to trust you…after all, you kept all your promises.”

“Thank you, and I’m really sorry for making you guys worry about me all the time.”

At that moment, the Human Saint never hid her emotions anymore. She buried her face in Kuro’s chest, as she locked her arms around him, in a loving embrace. “Don’t apologize,” she muttered. “You’re a great guy, Kuro. You may not be as physically powerful as some other people, or magically-inclined like us, but that doesn’t matter. Your heart and the determination to remain true to your goals is what sets you apart. And as someone who loves you, I’ll do everything in my power to see you succeed.”

The duke caressed Her Holiness’ silver hair, and kissed her forehead. “And I’ll never waste that trust,” he whispered to Maddie. “You have my word on that.”

“Well, can I have you make another promise to me?”

“Of course, Your Holiness.”

Maddie shook her head. “No, I’d like you to swear to me, not as a saint, but as you girl…don’t ever leave me again, okay?”

Kuro was taken aback by her demand, though it’s not like he couldn’t understand why she was saying such words. Nevertheless, as Maddie’s silvery-blue eyes gazed at him and never wavered, the duke found himself falling even more deeply in-love with the lady in front of him. Why would he leave her, anyway?

The Human Saint then closed her eyes, as if expecting something from him. The duke was aware of what she wanted…after all, he had the same desires. Her red, supple lips were sure inviting, and as her fiancée, he couldn’t keep himself from wanting to kiss her, so Kuro took hold of Maddie and slowly drew his face near hers—


“!!!” the couple’s trance was broken when an arm suddenly appeared to block their faces. It was Ruro.

“Master,” the Beastman Saint had a nasty smirk on her lips. “While I have no qualms with you and Maddie getting lovey-dovey in this little corner of your own, please don’t take everyone’s attention from the Lady Hinwe.”

“Oh?” The Duke and Her Holiness’ eyes fell on the crowd behind the Beastman Saint; all of their guests were watching them. Both faces ended up flustered at their discovery.

“We can’t help it Sir G!” Natasha told them. “Everyone’s busy partying, and then suddenly, a sickeningly sweet air floated around and prompted us to stop. Turns out, my old teacher is flirting with the Human Saint.”

“Well, if you’re jealous, you should also be more assertive, Natasha!” the wolf saint countered. “Confess to your Sir G and get in line with his harem—”

“Shut up!” the demon saint cut her. “I have my own ways, okay? Please don’t believe what Ruro says, Sir G!”

“Alright, I didn’t hear anything…” the Duke of Maverny chuckled. Then, he turned to the guests and declared, “Our apologies, dear friends and supporters! Please don’t mind us, and enjoy the celebrations!” Then, he took another wine glass and raised it. “A toast to the Lady Hinwe’s success!”

“Cheers!” Everyone returned his gesture for the Elf Saint.


Of course, in every aftermath of any successful occasion came the time of reckoning. Dirty plates and glasses lying around. The green courtyard of the palace filled with litter. And the worst part of all, dead drunks lying on the ground and the palace floors now and then. As someone who never hired an army of maids because of cost-cutting measures in his household, the Duke of Maverny was forced to take part in the laborious ‘after-party’ clean-up of his palace. Fortunately, he was aided in this part with the paladins sent to guard him, and his personal secretary and chamberlain, the Duchess of Braunhauer, Eris.

“Careful with her,” Kuro would remind the young maid occasionally, as they dragged the Elf Saint to her private chamber.

“I told you elves are weak to alcohol,” she quipped. “And you know, it’s still a mystery to me why these guys love it when they’re lightweights.”

“Beats me,” the duke tried his best to maintain his balance, for the Lady Hinwe was so tipsy. “I did tell this elf lady to tone down on the wine, but she and Meanor wouldn’t listen!”

“Wine ish gooooood,” the Elf Saint retorted.

“Next time you get drunk, I’ll leave you where you fell down,” he threatened. “It’s difficult to carry you to your room when you’re this rowdy, you know?”

Eris chuckled as she watched them trade banters, and Kuro desperately tried to keep the Elf Saint from falling.

“Come on! You’re a better man than that!” the Lady Hinwe burst in laughter as she put more of her body weight on the duke. “You shouldn’t let a drunk lady walk! Carry me, human!”

“How about I drag you instead?”

The chaotic, yet amicable exchange between the human lord and the Elf Saint continued for a while, until they finally reached the doors of the holy lady’s chambers. As Her Lazy Holiness won’t stop bothering Kuro, he handed the keys to Eris, who opened it for them. Without delay, the duke dumped the Elf Saint on her bed, and he fell to his knees, trying to catch his breaths.

“Here, milord,” the Braunhauer duchess brought out a towel from her apron. “Let me wipe your face with this.”

“Thanks Eris!” Kuro stretched his arms and back after the ordeal.

“Want some cold water?” she offered. “And would you want me to tell the Lady Meanor to stop drinking wine as well? I think I saw her with some nobles holding a drinking contest earlier.”

“H-Hah?” the duke’s eyes widened in surprise. “That elf’s a lightweight and she’s competing with certified drunks? Cut her loose! And yes, can I have some water?”

“No problem,” Eris winked at him. “Just stay put; I’ll get you some cold drink.”

Kuro, as he waited for the Braunhauer maid to return, took his time to rest at the Elf Saint’s bedside. Dragging the Lady Hinwe—a young adult elf lady with a well-endowed figure—was no easy task, especially when she’s intoxicated and thrashed around.


“!!!” The duke felt the Lady Hinwe’s arms go around his neck, effectively trapping him on his spot.

“What do you want?” he tried to escape her grasp but she held firm. Kuro never liked the smell of drunkards, but the Elf Saint kept him beside her, no matter how much he struggled to let him go.

“Now that we’re alone,” she whispered to him, “we should talk.”

“How can you understand our conversation? You’re intoxicated.”

“I’m not one anymore.”

“What makes you say so?”

Mmm…I’m the Elf Saint. And you just restored my god-powers. Coincidentally, my god-powers are the authority in everything that concerns water, and similar substances. Get what I mean? It’s pretty easy for me to remove the alcohol in my body, see?”

“If so, then why don’t you get yourself sober earlier? You really have to give me the hardship of carrying you here!”

“Good thing I can read your mind, or else, your words will piss me off. That’s not how you treat a delicate lady like me!” the Lady Hinwe protested.

“Delicate, yes…until she gets drunk and thrashes around,” he countered. “You gave me and Eris a hard time, delicate lady!”

The Elf Saint then squeezed her armlock on his neck for a bit; Kuro was quick to apologize for his words. Nevertheless, she dissipated his nervousness by laughing and saying, “Any case, a lady has her reasons, you know? First, I’m lazy to walk. Second, I’d like to be carried, even for once. And third…”

“What’s the third reason?”

“I love smelling you.”

What the fuck? Did you just awaken a kink inside you?”

“I read in those mangas that boys love that.”

“You read too much of those.”

Eeh…did that make you happy?” the Lady Hinwe whispered in her most seductive voice. “A beautiful elf girl going head-over-heels on you, getting off by just your smell?”

“You’re still drunk, Your Holiness,” Kuro tried escaping her again, but her guard was still up.

“See? I’m not drunk; I can hold you down just fine,” she pointed out. “Tell me, K-U-R-O, did that make you happy?”

The duke never answered.

“Even if you stay quiet, I can see your heart. And hmm…I really got you flustered, eh?

“S-Shut up!”

The Lady Hinwe chuckled. “Think of it as my way of expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you. You got back my god-powers and the people’s respect to me, at least a part of them.”

“I think you misunderstood my motives, Your Holiness!” Kuro replied. “I did not do these things to get something from you. Rather, I think you forgot the fact that you helped me first by opening that portal, so I can be saved. I’m just returning the favor.”

“Yes, I know,” the saint ruffled his hair. “And it’s pissing me off a little.”

Eh? Why?”

The Lady Hinwe’s hand then went to Kuro’s right eye. “You’re giving me more than I deserve. You gave me back my dignity, the respect of my people, and even the life of my dearest friend. Sometimes, I really wished that you’re like those nobles and commoners who love to ogle at naked bodies of women, that way, I can repay you even for just a bit. Heh, but you’re no simp, Kuro. Are you really like that to your ladies?”

“Again, you’re mistaking the meaning of ‘simping’ for something else,” he corrected her. “Yes, I’m no simp. So, I treat all my friends and loved ones alike; not just the ladies.”

The Elf Saint remained silent, though her arms around his neck never loosened, that a worried Kuro thought she might’ve fallen asleep while in armlock. But then, she broke the ice, “You know what, Kuro?”

“Your Holiness?”

“Next time you’d carry me, I prefer either a princess carry, or I’m leaning on your back. Don’t mind my chest; these are yours, anyway.”

“Wait, what—” Just as Kuro was about to turn to her, he felt something hit the back of his head, and his consciousness darkened.


***The throne room of the Saint’s Tree Palace…***

A maid walked down the long, dark and empty hallway that led to throne room of the Elf Saint. While her face had the deadpan expression, one glance on her steps told anyone that she was being led to that place against her will.


The moment she reached the heavy oak doors of the throne room, it opened on its own, as if those doors were just waiting for her to appear. On the other side of the room, wrapped in the swirling dark mass that corrupted everything and everyone on its path, was the source of her fears, the creature from the Void, the Seductress—wearing the disguise of the Lord Gerard—sitting on the throne. Unlike the elf guard, the monster never hid her desire to take control of the tree palace—the center of every elf’s life and society in Cherwoods, and backed up her claims with deadly force.

As proof of her complete dominance, the Seductress had the soldiers of the Elf Saint, the Life Guards, lined up alongside that long hallway. Their eyes devoid of life and a will separate from hers. Behind the Seductress, and also at the foot of the dais of the throne, were corpses—dull, torrid bodies of her victims—left at where they died as a warning to anyone who thought of defying her authority.

“Y-You…You c-called for m-me, milady?” the maid couldn’t hide her shivering voice. Her eyes were filled with tears, some of which fell uncontrollably to her cheeks.

To which, the Seductress replied with smile, as a tentacle made of the dark miasma caressed the poor servant’s face. “Ah, didn’t I tell you to relax whenever talking to me? Look at these precious tears of yours, falling from your eyes. Are you sad?”

“M-M-M-My a-apologies, milady!” the servant answered. However, at that moment, she couldn’t stop herself; the maid broke down bawling. “I-I don’t want to die!” she screamed repeatedly. “P-Please! I-I don’t want to die!”

“Hush now!” Annoyed her crying, the creature from the Void raised her voice as well, though she smirked in the end. “But then again, I like it when my prey struggles! Try to run if you can! If you can reach that door before I caught you, I’ll let you go.”

“!!!” When the elf noticed that she could now control her body, she did not waste any moment. She dashed towards the heavy oak doors that led to her salvation. From the corners of her eyes, the maid saw miasma tentacles shooting from her sides, trying to catch her limbs, or her body. But the elf poured everything in that run of hers; in her mind only one thing remained: she must escape.

“Aargh!” she screamed as she put all her strength on her legs and leapt towards the open oak doors. It was only a few distances away from her safety…



“Did you really think I’d let you go?” the Seductress laughed from where she sat. Her miasma tentacles caught the elf by her legs and dragged the poor girl back in the middle of the throne room. The servant was catatonic; it’s as if her soul left her body. Nevertheless, the creature from the Void told her, “You know what? I’m really having fun watching you mortals suffer before I eat you. Ah! The feeling of hope whenever you try to escape…then crushing it in one blow once you realized you won’t escape me. It’s the best feeling ever!”

The Seductress never wasted a second playing with her victim as she stabbed the maid with her miasma tentacles from multiple sides. There was no blood spilled, as she sucked the life out of the servant. The unfortunate elf could only gasp for air and struggle in vain, which was reduced to mere uncontrollable shivers, before her body became another torrid reminder for the Seductress’ enemies of her terrible power.

“You monster!” was all that Gerard could shout as he witnessed the deed. Imprisoned in his own body, the consciousness of the elf guard was forced to watch similar scenes as his fellow elves were ‘eaten’ by the Seductress in such manner.

“As always, thank you for feeding me with your despair,” she told him. “And, I really love this body you gave me! You trained it well!”

“I swear I’ll kill you the moment I regained myself!”

Ah! You can swear, you can hate me, and you can always curse me,” the Seductress chuckled. “Thanks to those, you’re making me even more powerful! Why don’t we add more to your suffering?” Then, she showed him the face of the lady he loved, the Lady Meanor, walking together with the Lord Kuro, their hands locked together against the background of the beautiful Chersean countryside. “Give me more of your jealousy! Feed me more of your anger, your hatred!”

“Argh!” The elf guard screamed and thrashed in spite, though it was all in vain. Even his consciousness was restrained by the monster, wrapped with her miasma tentacles in his mind, so he had no way to make good of his threats to her. And the Seductress savored every minute he’s mad at her…

Oh, that brings me to mind,” she continued as she licked her lips after her grisly meal, “I learned something interesting from the spy your enemies sent to the city of Dorian. According to this elf from Chersea, someone’s preparing to invade this place soon.”

“The Lord Kuro!” Gerard blurted out. Upon hearing that news, a small ray of hope suddenly appeared in his chest; though he had fought against the man before, he would gladly choose to be captured or surrender at the hands of that otherworlder instead of suffering under this villain.

“The Lord Kuro? Who’s that? Some small fry that tried to defeat me?” the Seductress asked. “Well, no matter. Even if their forces have already amassed a huge army to attack Cherwoods, I’ll always welcome them with open arms. I hope I’ll have your cooperation, then.”

“What do you want from me? Resist their assault with a dead army? Fight them alone with my body? I don’t care anymore! You’ve already imprisoned me here—in my mind; death is preferable than to serve you!”

“Well, it’s a given that I’ll use your body. But, of course, you know I thrive in bloodshed and suffering. I can always quickly crush mortals like you; no matter how huge the armies you and the ‘friends’ you betrayed send me, I’ll just feed on all of you. However, there’s no fun in that, simply killing you off and eat your life essences. I’m always hungry and bored these times, so I want to play around a little with them.”

The elf’s eyes widened in horror, “What are you…”

“Got any battle tactics to share to me?” the Seductress laughed as her dark hand reached out to him. “Oh, who am I kidding? Why should I ask for your permission? I take what I want!”

“!!!” The Lord Gerard’s vision darkened before he could even scream.

Author's Note:  I would like to apologize for the long, as in very long, delay in releasing Volume 17.  This is because I'm actually back into public service in my country (I just got hired as a teacher again!), and I had to fix some papers so my work will be smooth.

Thank you for waiting, and for your understanding, dear reader!