Chapter 19:

Kazerou Tsubaki: Wind Sniper Zero

Wind Sniper 0

As Ouga was about to pull the lever, a bullet surrounded by wind crashed through the wall and destroyed the lever.

Everyone in the viewing gallery gasped in shock, as Ouga angrily glared in the direction it came from.

“ZEROU!” he roared with furry as I tore through the police station on a tornado.

Naname’s eyes widended with hope as tears of joy began pouring out of them.

“Kazerou-kun. You came to save Naname,” she thought.

When I reached her, I glared at Ouga as he attempted to kill Naname on his own .

“TORNADO SHOT!” I roared as I fired at Ouga.

He had no choice but to counter with his own shot. As that happened I zipped around and blew him into the wall as I fired some richochet shots to keep him busy while I freed Naname. Once she was free, I held her like a princess and flew off as fast as I could.

“[TSUBAKI ZEROU!] I’LL KILL YOU FOR KILLING MY FATHER! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” Shiemura roared out as she crashed through the viewing glass.

That ironically ended up helping me, as Ouga was now forced to deal with the shards of glass rather than me.

“*tch* He got away. Well, that shot was weak, but he is fast. Wonder if I could travel as lightning? Heh, Guess I’ll be training up. Might as well deal with something on my end,” Ouga snickered as he attempted to turn into lightning and fly off.

“WHAT!? Yuzuki! What just happened!? Did you see that!? Kazerou Tsubaki, that guard-“

“Yeah, I felt a surge of power well up within. I’m gonna kill that shit Zerou, that bitch Naname, and every damn member of that Panini mafia. Come Maya, we have work to do,” Shimemura declared as she dragged Kuriyama off despite the latter’s state of shock.


“*Tch* Guess I need to work on this,” Ouga growled as he got up off the ground.

He had struck a really tall tree and split it right down the middle. As he turned around, he came face to face with his older twin sister Otome.

“Ouga, you’re alive! I’ve been incomplete without you!” Otome happily cried as she hugged Ouga.

“You know, I’ve always hated that we were twins. Having to do every damn thing with you, complete every one of you damn sentences, have half my potential sucked away by a leech like you!” Ouga yelled.

“Ouga, no need to be angry. We will be together. I can give you my hand and eye. They would suit you better than the cybernetic one. I love you my dear younger brother,” Otome tearfully smiled.

“Heh, Guess I was just getting everything off my chest. After all, you’ll never be the same after this,” Ouga dementedly smiled as he delivered a powerful electric shock to Otome.

Otome screamed in pain and shock as she fell unconscious.

“Welp, better ask Jackal to teach me how to use a knife. As for you Otome, you’ll be with me forever as my living rifle,” Ouga snickered as his green eye of envy glowed.


I landed with Naname back at the hideout as Sakura ran towards us. She immediately slapped Naname.

“YOU IDIOT! Why couldn’t you just be honest with your feelings! You’re damn lucky Kazerou loves you!” Sakura cried as she embraced Naname in a hug.

“Sorry for the trouble. I thought it would be for the best,” Naname smiled while channeling her Ramona personality.

“Huh? I thought you needed to look like Ramona in order to-ACK”

Naname smirked as she stuck her fingers in my mouth like a gun.

“Naname’s a bad girl. Naname can act cute, but Naname’s gonna be bad most of the time. Can Kazerou-kun, handle that?” Naname asked as she removed her fingers from my mouth.

“Guess I’m into bad girls now. I love you Naname Hosen,” I said as I kissed her on the lips causing her to blush.

“BAKA KAZEROU-KUN BAKA! Naname didn’t expect you to kiss, but Naname likes it…”

Naname’s face went completely red as she attempted to regain her composure.

“Alright Kazerou, I’ll be your girlfriend again. But we’re going over some ground rules first. Only refer to me as Ramona in public. I’ve got a façade to uphold. Next and most importantly, I’m the alpha. That means I’m always on top in bed,” she bashfully smirked.

“I like this cute side of you. Heh, if you had just told me you needed my help from the start I’d have done it.”

“Naname wasn’t sure. Those detectives were only on the hitlist because they were close to finding out Naname’s Panini ties.”

“You said I’d be your hero though. Come on.”

“Who said you could be so demanding?”

“I believe you’re the one that said I should be brave. Heck, I think you need to apologize to me. I’ll agoligize if you do.”

Naname happily sighed.

“Naname’s sorry for deceiving you.”

“I’m sorry for not being honest with you.”

“I am truly sorry for your loss though. I had no idea that monster would target your family so quickly.”

“I am a little mad about that. That you should have tried to prevent.”

“Naname’s sorry. Naname’s not the most efficient boss yet.”

“Well, guess I’ll have to help so you never mess up like that again,” I happily sighed.

Naname smiled as I ran my hand through her messy brunette hair, before it made its way down to her cheek. I then kissed her on the lips again.

“That time I was ready Ka-ze-rou-kun,” she smirked as she slapped my head.

“Why’d you have to shave me,” I whimpered.

“Naname just wanted to be bad,” she smiled as she stuck her tongue out.

“Well I hate it. I look even more like a loser-“

“Naname will make it permanent if you don’t shut up.”

“Girlfriend? Your acting more like my wife.”

“Naname WILL be your wife once Naname becomes boss. Guess Naname will need to explain EVERYTHING. Naname will explain as we pack up and move to a safer location.

Kasegawa let out a muffled sigh as Alonzo finished chipping her.

“Welcome to hell Sensei. I hope you suffer just as much as me,” Ayaka Himesaki tearfully smirked as she shaved her head.

“Glad you’ve started excepting your baldness Miss EX-student council president,” Sakura smirked.

“Shut up! My hands are moving on their own!” Ayaka glared as she stomped her sneaker.

“You know, I think we have some stuff that’ll make you so smooth, everything will just bounce right off you.”

“NO! NO! MMPH NGH MMPH!” Ayaka cried as Sakura forced her to gag herself with her hand.

“Guess you really are a servant like you always wanted to be. Now tell me everything you know about Kana Akagami.”

“What will you do with me?” Kasegawa groaned as Naname smiled at her.

“You’re gonna be another one of my subordinates,” Naname answered.

“*Sigh* Not like I have free will anymore. Though why the mohawk and the tattoos?”

“Because Naname wanted to.”

Kasegawa now had a purple mohawk and stylish tattoos running across the sides of her head.

“This is some kind of cruel joke. I was a prefect in high school and I also hate punk music. Now this ex-government agent looks more like the thugs she used to hunt. *Sigh* Damn that Kazerou Tsubaki.”


My mind struggled to function after Naname finished explaining everything.

“Kazerou-kun’s got a lot of training ahead. Make sure to rest up so you can be in top shape to protect Naname,” Naname smiled.

“You’re lucky I love you Naname,” I smiled as I fell asleep on her lap.

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