Chapter 18:

Naname Hosen

Wind Sniper 0

My eyes could not believe what I had witnessed. Ramona Panini was Naname the whole time.

“Naname told you that Naname was no angel. See? This is what staying with Naname gets you,” Naname tearfully smiled.

“What the hell. This can’t be. No way. Then why. Why would you-“

“Act innocent? To keep up the act. Ever since Naname found you, Naname knew you could be Naname’s star hitman. Naname guided you towards shooting. Then you became an ace shooter. Then all Naname had to do was train you with real experience and you’d be perfect.”

“Wait!? What are you saying!? Found me!? Guided me towards shooting!?”

“Think Baka Zerou. Naname never loved you. Naname just saw you as a pawn. Naname has a husband. Naname just likes to torment you.”

At that point, I let anger consume me as I slugged Naname as hard as I could in the face. She fell to the ground on her back and began laughing.

“Hahaha! So this is Naname’s hell. The keys are in the car. If you go back to Sakura, she’ll get you to safety. Naname will stay here. The police will be here soon,” she tearfully smiled as blood trickled down her forehead.

I ran for the car and hopped in the driver’s seat. Just like she said, the keys were there.

“I never want to see you ever again. Burn in hell you bitch,” I growled as I sped away.

This was my first time driving a car, but I was too pissed off to care. The streets were empty anyway, even though sirens could be heard in the distance.


Naname cried as the police arrived.

“YOU! You’re Naname Hosen! Why are you dressed like that!?” Shimemura asked as she surveyed the scene with the officers.

“Because Naname’s Panini,” Naname smiled.

Shimemura immediately went into a rage and began beating Naname.


Some officers pulled her off while another handcuffed Naname.

“Calm down Yuzuki-chan. We’ll take care of her at the station,” an officer pleaded.


I arrived back at the hideout as it began to rain. Sakura immediately ran up with a worried expression.

“Madam!? Where’s- “

“The bitch!? I punched her in the face as she laughed and cried. How could she use me all this time,” I cried.

“What did that dumbass say!?” Sakura demanded.


Sakura had never insulted Ramona before, so why…



Naname tearfully smiled as her mugshots were taken. She was now adorned in an orange prison jumpsuit and white slip-on sneakers.

She was placed in a strait jacket before being marched to the interrogation room.

“NANAME HOSEN!? She was the one who did it!? Kuriyama yelled in shock.

“I couldn’t believe it either Maya. Worst of all, even Himesaki seemed to be in on it,” Shimemura stated.

“NO! Impossible! Madam president would- “

“I didn’t believe it either, but apparently Akagame herself stated she was connected.”

“But they’re so close. She’s practically Madam president’s right hand.”

“That’s what I don’t get. Her family’s served the Himesakis for years, yet she completely sold out her master. She even provided evidence needed to convict both Panini, and her little shits.”

Suddenly an officer approached the two.

“Hey girls, just so you know, a decision from HQ came in ordering us to execute Panini once she refuses to talk anymore,” he stated while hiding his face with his hat.

“Oh that’s wonderful news. Would it bother you if we watched? I really want to see her suffer."

“Sure, feel free to head to the viewing gallery."

Ouga snickered as the two girls left.

“Looks like your girl’s gonna get a nasty shock, Zerou” he smirked.


Tears began to flow down Sakura’s face as I finished my story. She then slapped my face.



“Ugh, I forgot you’re an idiot. Let me tell you everything I know about Madam Ramona, no about Naname Hosen.

“I’m sure you know, but Naname’s been living on her own ever since her last year of elementary school. She was financially supported by her aunt whom she’d never met. Midway through Naname’s first year of high school, her aunt decided to visit. The purpose of the visit was to inform Naname of the strife occurring on her mother’s side of the family. You see, Naname’s mother is actually the biological daughter of the Familia Panini’s late boss. That meant Naname possessed Panini blood. Her real name was Ramona Panini. She initially eloped with the disowned heir to the Hosen conglomerate in their teenage years.

They moved to this city, and eventually had Naname. However, they disappeared without a trace, leaving Naname alone. Naname’s aunt found out and decided to financially support her despite the boss’ objections. He only allowed it under the condition that Naname eventually return to the Panini family.

Naname’s aunt arrived in Japan along with me to begin training Naname. However, a few weeks later, the boss was assassinated. We still don’t know who did it, but it set off a battle for succession amongst the family. Naname’s aunt was naturally the next in line, however, she too was killed. This time, we knew who did it, that mummy you fought.

I then divulged all I knew to Naname as she bravely resolved herself to succeed her aunt and grandfather. However, she lacked confidence in herself, so she adopted her mother’s persona. It actually worked out better for us as her mother would have an easier time passing the succession trial than her due to her rapport. The only problem was that she lacked a strong faction.

All she had was Me and Alonzo. There wasn’t anyone else she could trust. Except for you.”


“Yes YOU! The idiot she stubbornly loved for reasons I can’t comprehend. She knew you had shooting skills and had a power lying dormant within.”

“What!? But she said it was all to use me!”

“That dumbass lied because her will broke. She was terrified you’d reject her if you saw her dark side. Since she could only act boss like as her Ramona persona, she had no choice but to play dumb when in her normal state. Yet, you confirmed her fears. I get half the blame’s on her for being dumb, but you should have seen through her lies. If you truly loved her, you would have seen the signs.”

“Seen the signs? _!”

I immediately thought back to all of Naname’s actions after meeting her as Ramona.

“After I was late to our first date. I found her crying. Prior to that she called as Ramona. No, the tears weren’t because she was sad about me being late, it was because she couldn't bear to deceive me. Even as Ramona, bits of her true face would slip out. When Himesaki captured you, she gripped the phone in frustration, maybe a tinge of fear. That conversation she had with me in the car after I defeated Ouga, it was her going off on herself. But what about the husband part!?”

“SHE DOESN’T HAVE ONE! SHE’S A VIRGIN! Though she probably would end up in an arranged marriage, unless she became the boss. I guess despite her academics, she’s just as dumb as you,” Sakura lamented.


Tears rolled down Naname’s face as Ouga placed a mouth restraint on her and wheeled her towards the electric chair. He strapped her to it as Shimemura, Kuriyama, and others watched from the viewing gallery.

“We’ll start slow. You need to feel pain,” Ouga snickered as electricity began to spark from the chair.

Naname winced in pain as a small charge zapped her.

“Ehkehkehkeh! That’s just minor shock level. Let’s crank it up… BY 1000!”

“Naname’s sorry Kazerou-kun. Naname only hurt you. Naname’s sorry! Naname's sorry,” Naname tearfully thought as Ouga reached for the lever.

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