Chapter 50:

Death Game of Venice Part 3: The Dark Dragon and the Escape Witch

Escape Witch

“Wah! You’re that creepy guy from the party,” Madoka stammered as the Dark Dragon guy approached her.

“Muwahaha! Yeah, and you’re that silver witch from those Ewetube videos.”

“Wait you watch my stuff? Sorry for calling you creepy. It’s just your face really gives off creepy vibes.”

“That’s the intention. If you’re looking for your friend, she’s not in an alley.”

“But the pizza guy said she’ll get banged if I don’t save her in time.”

“Well, you’re in the right place, she’s in Piazza San Marco.”

“Really? Hmm. There’s nothing here that stands out though.”

“I’ll give you a hint, she’s not in the Campanile, though my friend is. Though your friend’s location does bear a great similarity to the Campanile. Oh, and I'll handle that pizza shit.”

Madoka began thinking as the Dark Dragon vanished.

“Where could she be? Piazza San Marco Let me look it up.”

Madoka quickly pulled out her phone and began searching.

“AH! The Clock tower! It’s got two large statues with hammers!”

Madoka ran up as fast as she could. When she reached the top, she saw Yuni restrained and gagged to the bell between the statues of two giant men with hammers.

Yuni slowly opened her eyes as Madoka freed her.

“I’m here Yuni,” Madoka smiled.

“Madoka? What’s going on? Why do you look so distraught? I thought this was planned.” Yuni said.

Before Madoka could answer, a loud voice thundered throughout Venice.


Madoka and Yuni screamed as the earth violently shook and they fell to the ground.


“What the hell was that!? Serika yelled as she laid on the ground with Emeri.

Suddenly, an anime theme song began playing throughout the city.

Madoka, Yuni, Serika, and Emeri gaped in shock, as the song played. It stopped playing a minute and 30 seconds later.

“Thank you everyone for participating in this event. The whole killing shtick was just the actor having fun. No need to worry you are free to leave. If any of you are still restrained, staff will arrive shortly to free you,” a female voice rang out.

“The hell!? The hell’s going on!? Serika roared in confusion.


The four girls eventually reunited and walked back to their hotel.

Madoka immediately dialed her mother and informed her of everything.

“An Illumous hijacker!?”

“Yeah Momma. Serika says the guy said he was with Illumous.”

“I’ve never heard of Illumous members like that, unless it’s a secret execution force. But even then, on a scale THAT large. Hmm. Madoka, was there anything else that happened?” Harumi asked.

“Well, I pulled off an epic escape, but if that wasn’t planned by you, it may not have been recorded. WAH! My escape was so epic! Damn that pizza shit! Oh yeah! A creepy dark dragon guy helped me find Yuni and said he’d take care of pizza shit.”

“*Sigh* So you met HIM. That monster is Muramasa Jouzu, the greatest threat to Illumous.

“MURAMASA JOUZU!?” the girls all screamed in unison.

“Yes, if it was him, you don’t need to worry about that goon. The bastard’s probably long dead. Oh, and Muramasa Jouzu probably has footage of your escape,” Harumi stated.

“Oh, then that’s great. I know this wasn’t what you planned, but my birthday was a blast! Thanks for the amazing gift,” Madoka smiled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ll be heading to Sicily tomorrow and should reach you in 2 days. Enjoy yourselves until then.”

After chugging some warm milk, the girls drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, they ran into Tetsuka at breakfast.

“Yo Doka. Glad to see you’re all doing great. I had a blast last night. Nearly got my watch and stomach busted, but had a blast.”

“Momma said she’ll be here in two days.”

“Oh no need to worry bout that. I’m actually heading off to Sicily to meet with her there,” Tetsuka chuckled.


“Yeah, I’m the one who needs to see her more. Besides, I’ve been chilling here in Venice for like a week. I need to see some fresh sights, and Sicily sounds perfect. It was nice seeing you, your friends, and Meri. We’ll meetup again soon,” Tetsuka smiled as she walked off.

The girls then ate breakfast before exploring the city once more.

“Wow, it feels weird now that no ones wearing costumes,” Madoka stated.

“Are your wounds healed?” Serika asked Emeri.

“Thanks to the milk, yes,” Emeri smiled back.

“AH!” Yuni screamed as she looked at her phone.

“What’s wrong Yuni?” Madoka asked.

“It’s this article I just saw about the carnival. It says it was written by Nika Futagawa. That’s my cousin’s name!”

“Huh? Your cousin’s a journalist? I thought you said she hated that profession,” Serika said.

“That’s what I thought too, but even her photo looks similar to how she looked two years ago. That was her. That was her dammit at that table. Ahh! I could’ve reunited with her!”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get another chance. Heck, why not try reaching out to her now,” Emeri suggested.

“I’d have to do it from a different phone, she still has my number blocked.”


At night, the girls enjoyed a relaxing dinner as Madoka called her mother.

“Ah, Madoka. Tetsuka’s home, so I’m throwing a celebratory banquet. Are you doing alright?” Harumi asked.

“We’re fine momma.”

“Good, I want to spend some bonding time with Tetsuka. She’s crying with joy as she devours my food.”

“No problem, have fun chilling in the hotsprings with Tetsuka-neechan.”

The other girls smiled as Madoka ended the call.

“I’m glad Auntie sounds so happy,” Emeri smiled.

“Can’t wait to party back at the mansion,” Serika grinned.

“Looks like we’ll have two days to have fun. Since it’s gonna rain tomorrow, let’s buy souvenirs tomorrow,” Yuni suggested.


The next day, the girls bought souvenirs and took them back to the room.

“Oo, guess what. I won some tickets to Turin! I wonder if momma will meet us there instead,” Madoka mused.

"How many?" Emeri asked.

"Four surprisingly enough."

"I've never really been anywhere with snow," Yuni stated.

"Mean neither. I've heard the alps are a skiing paradise though," Serika said.

"Alright! I'll give momma a call and see what she says. You start packing the souvenirs away," Madoka smiled.