Chapter 51:

A day in the Alps

Escape Witch

As Madoka called her mother, Emeri, Serika, and Yuni decided to have an early dinner.

“I’ll be honest, the fact that Mado-chan won 4 tickets sets off some red flags for me,” Emeri stated.

“Yeah, usually it’s only two, though maybe we should try looking up the contest,” Yuni suggested.

“Good idea Yuni-chan.”

Emeri immediately pulled out her phone and did a search.

“Hmm, it’s sponsored by the official tourism bureau. I’ll do a little more digging though.”

“What do you mean it’s not a good idea to stay in Italy!?” Madoka whined.

“Something big is going to go down in Rome soon. I’d advise you to fly down to Sicily asap so we can reunite,” Harumi pleaded.

“But I wanna go skiing.”

“We can set sail to Scandinavia once we’re united. You wouldn’t want to endanger everyone just for some tickets you won.”


Madoka hung up and began pouting on the bed.

“I mean, I only spun the wheel for fun. It’s not like I expected to win them,” Madoka sulked.

“It was a little weird though. That old lady was really pushing us to play the raffle,” Serika stated.

“That’s normal. Even back in Japan there were folks like that. Don’t tell me you’ve never participated in a raffle?” Yuni asked.

“Of course I have. But I never win, so I just assume they just want money.”

“But some are free as a bonus for spending a certain amount in the store.”

“Whatever. I just hate it when they lock something cool behind a raffle.”

“Hmm, well, it does seem like the raffle has been going on for a week and is legitimate. Though I’m assuming Auntie knows something we don’t. I’ll try booking some tickets to Sicily. Good thing we did the souvenir shopping today,” Emeri stated.

Serika and Emeri began packing things up, while Yuni comforted Madoka.

“How much stuff did you buy!? We’re gonna need another suitcase,” Serika grumbled.

“But they had so much cool stuff,” Madoka pouted.

“We could probably just put our clothes in the backpacks I packed and keep the souvenirs in the suitcase.” Emeri stated.

“Oh, so that’s what those empty backpacks were for,” Yuni stated.


Once the girls were packed up, they headed to the airport.

“Mado-chan, why are you buying all those sweets?” Emeri growled.

“Cuz they’re good! Besides, maybe the bakery at the mansion can recreate em if I bring em some samples,” Madoka said as she downed one of the Pinza cakes she bought.

“*Sigh* Fine, I’ll check some of your sweets,” Emeri growled as she placed the sweets in a duffle bag and secured it to the suitcase they were checking.

She then tried the piece Madoka bought for her, and immediately apologized for getting mad.

“Yeah, this stuff’s good. We’re bringing back samples.”

Yuni and Serika agreed as well.


After checking the suitcase, the girls lounged in the waiting area as they waited for their flight to arrive.

“So what about the tickets?” Madoka grumbled.

“You’re still upset about that? Ugh. How long are they good until?” Yuni asked.

Madoka pulled one of the tickets out and handed it to Yuni.

“Huh!? Wait! Madoka, this ticket says it’s an all-expense paid Mediterranean cruise.”

“Wait what!?” Emeri cried as she looked at the ticket.

“This wasn’t what the official campaign advertised.”

“Wait! So, you’re saying this isn’t a ski trip!?” Madoka asked.

“Afraid not. Plus, it’s only good for the rest of the week.”

“Oh, it’s just a cruise? I mean, we’ll be sailing on the mansion, so whatever.”

“Your mood sure changed fast,” Serika stated.


Once the girls were in the air, the pilot made an announcement.

“Attention all passengers. We will be making a sudden landing in Turin due to the storm. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Emeri grumbled.


Once the girls landed in Turin, they were forced to spend the night due to the storm.

“*Sigh* I guess there’s no avoiding it. Well, at least this means no planes can arrive from Rome either,” Harumi sighed.

“So does this mean we can go skiing!?” Madoka asked.

“It seems the storm isn’t affecting the alps, so yes. Just be careful.”

“YAY! We’re going skiing tomorrow!” Madoka jumped with joy, as she ended the call.


The next day the girls went skiing.

“You need to keep yourself balanced,” Emeri said to Serika.

“I’m surprised you’re an expert on skiing. I thought you hated sports,” Serika stated.

“I do, but I guess you could say I learned the mechanics of the sport to better help Eriza.”

“Oh. Sorry I-“

“It’s fine. Though honestly, I’m more surprised they sold chartreuse winter wear.”

“Yeah, I was thrilled to the moon. Now I can ski in style.”

“Madoka! What are you looking around for?” Yuni asked.

“The abominable snow man! I heard he lives in the alps,” Madoka responded.

“I’m pretty sure it’s the Himalayas not the Alps.”


After a fun day of skiing, the girls relaxed in the hotel.

“Say, since things will clear up tomorrow, why not use those tickets and take the cruise to Sicily,” Yuni suggested.

“I don’t know. It’s probably better to just fly out,” Emeri stated.

“Yeah, something’s rubbing me the wrong way about those tickets,” Serika grumbled.

The girls were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Pardon me, I am the hotel manager and wish to speak with Ms. Gindini,” a man’s voice said from the other side of the door.

“Gindini!? Wait, isn’t that your stage- “

Before Yuni could finish, Madoka had run up to the door. When she opened the door, she was greeted by a well groomed and dressed man with a small mustache.

“A pleasure to meet you. My name is Lawrence Calamari. I am the owner of this hotel chain. I was wondering if you would be willing to perform a show for us,” the man asked.

“You want me to perform a show!? YES! When do we start?” Madoka asked.

“Ah, would tomorrow night be possible? It would be on a cruise ship though.”

“Wait! Do you mean this cruise?” Madoka asked as she whipped one of the tickets she won out of her breast.

“Huh!? Well would you look at that. I guess you really are a magician. Yes, it is that very same cruise.”

“Then I’m in!”

“Wonderful, I’ll see you tomorrow. The ship leaves at 3 P.M., so don’t be late.”

As Madoka happily closed the door, she was greeted by an angry Emeri.

“MADO-CHAN! That was WAY too suspicious. You shouldn’t have agreed so easily!”

“But this is the first time someone’s asked me to do a show in a while,” Madoka countered.

“Wait, didn’t you once tell me that you always got kidnapped after you did a show,” Yuni asked.

“Wait! You did shows and got kidnapped after each one!?” Serika asked.

“Oh, Come on! It’s a legitimate cruise ship. Besides, I’m 19 now so I’m older and wiser,” Madoka argued.

“Debatable,” the three other girls grumbled in unison.

“I’m doing the show! I said yes and the cruise ship’s going to Sicily anyway,” Madoka pouted as she dove into the bed.

Emeri sighed and pulled out her phone.

“Only if that guy’s legitimate. If he’s sus, we bolt for the airport asap.”

“Fine, but I didn’t sense any malintent from him.”


Lawrence happily skipped down the hallway.

“I actually met her. Gindini-chan herself. I can’t wait to see her perform,” he thought to himself.

Suddenly a shadowy figure knocked him out from behind and began dragging him off.

“Now then, let’s see how Emeri Ginkawa handles this,” M.M. glared.