Chapter 34:


The Day I Forgot About You

Neo quickly sat up, thinking he was under attack, but then realized he was in a completely different place from where he thought he was. His head was throbbing, and he wasn't sure if it was because he had hit his head or because he was sleeping.

Looking around, he could see that he was in a brightly lit white room, lying on one of the two beds there. Additionally, there was a wardrobe and a television, and a door that he could swear led to the bathroom. Takeshi was next to him, looking startled to see Neo awake.

"Neo! You're awake! Wait a moment, I'll call the rest of the team," he said, quickly getting up and summoning the other boys into the room. They all seemed both happy and a bit sad to see their friend in that situation.

"How did I end up here?" Neo asked, placing his hand on his head and noticing that it was bandaged.

"Do you not remember?" Shike asked, alarmed.

"No," Neo replied.

"Ryu carried you to the hospital." Explained Pietro.

Neo was surprised by this information. "Ryu? I thought he hated me."

"Of course not, he was really worried about you. He just couldn't stay longer because someone had to help his uncle," Takeshi explained.

"And how are you feeling?" Maeda asked, looking at him as if analyzing him.

Neo smiled and said, "I'm fine."

Maeda wasn't convinced by that answer. "Do you have any idea what caused you to faint?" Pietro asked.

"It must have been the same thing as last time, I'll be fine."

The whole team sighed in relief. Maeda still didn't seem to believe the words he had heard. The nurse appeared and asked them to leave the room so that Neo could rest.

"Hey, guys," he said before they left. "Thank you. Really."

Takeshi looked at them, and they all nodded their heads. They raised their fists and clenched their fingers—a sign of "stay strong."

With his friends leaving, Neo began to feel very tired. The room was so quiet that it made him feel drowsy. He turned to his side and fell asleep.

Later, the nurse came in with food. The food seemed tasteless and dull. The truth was that Neo wasn't doing well with the situation he was in. He had discovered the truth.

"Neo?" the nurse called. "Are you well enough for a visitor?"

"Visitor?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, a very pretty girl came to see you while you were sleeping. She was really nice, and everyone loved having her here. I thought she might be your girlfriend."


"Yes, I'll bring her in."

To call herself his girlfriend, Neo was sure it could only be Yume, but someone nice enough to make a good nurse? He didn't know she had those qualities.

Entering the room, a blonde-haired girl appeared. Neo was clearly surprised. It was Saya. She was worried about the boy.

"You fainted again," she said sadly.

"Yes, this time it was my fault."

"Didn't Katherine tell you not to look into your past?"

"I wanted to know more about my mother." Neo looked sadly to the side, unable to look at Saya.

"I understand," she said, placing her hand on his hair.

"My mother... She's no longer here," he said, tears rolling down his eyes.

Saya brought his head to her chest and hugged him while gently running her fingers through his hair. Neo cried and cried for a long time.

Saya thought she could do something nice for him. She was a bit embarrassed, but she needed to do something.

"Neo, I met Mia. She was an amazing person."

She began to softly sing the lyrics of the song that had helped Neo throughout this whole journey. He stopped crying and looked surprised at her.

The doctor interrupted their special moment. The man had shaved brown hair and a full beard.

Neo then wiped his face, trying to hide that he had been crying.

"So, how are you feeling?" the doctor asked.

Physically, Neo was fine. "I'm getting better."

"Great, that's great. Have you fainted before?"

"Yeah, this is the second time."

"Do you remember the first time?"

"I was trying to remember my old teacher, and that's when I fainted."


The doctor pondered while examining the reports, which made Neo worried.

"Am I really sick, doctor?"

"Please don't call me by my profession; it makes me feel weird... My name is Wellington," he said, pointing to his nameplate.

That was strange, but Neo noticed his last name was Miyamoto. Where had he heard that last name before?

"Alright, Wellington. Am I really sick?"

"Well, you fainted and slept for a whole day, probably due to the psychological strain you've been under. We'll run some tests to make sure there's nothing from the impact. Physically, you should recover quickly. As for the psychological part, I'd say your condition is related to trauma. You were in the laboratory accident, right?"

"Yes, I was."

"Then it's as I suspected. Now that you've remembered, you should focus on slowly accepting what happened and stay away from anything that reminds you of that accident. 'Cause you to search like this will break anyone, no matter how strong or intelligent they are. Over time, you'll come to accept it and improve."

"Okay, I'll do that, Wellington."

Wellington smiled.

"Also, because you need to get better for your girlfriend and your friends who were worried and came to see you."

Saya blushed.

The doctor then left. Seeing that he was better, Saya decided to let him rest as well.

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