Chapter 11:

Hot spring antics

AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

“Haaaa! I really did miss the hot springs,” Tetsuka blissfully moaned as she lounged in the water.

“I also missed coming here with you. You know I am still a little upset that you never sent me photos. I would have loved to see how you grew up this past decade,” Harumi pouted.

“Yeah, I guess I’m sorry about that. If I didn’t always eat my phone- “

“You could have just paid someone to take a photo and send it as a postcard.”

“Wait really!? Well, now I just feel lousy. Sorry Ka-san.”

“Well, I expect you to make up for it by spending LOTS and I mean LOTS of quality time with me.”

“Heh, sure. I’ll be coming back here every night now thanks to good ole Jouzu.”

Kumi happily splashed around and tried to sneak up on a meditating Honoka, while Nika and Ramona silently watched from a distance.

“I take it you feel a bit out of place here,” Nika said to Ramona.

“Na- Yes, it does feel a bit awkward to be here. The Ginkawas are reuniting, and you and your party are relaxing. I’m the only one that feels out of place,” Ramona lamented.

“Zeno’s part of the party though.”

“Do you think I want him to be here with us!?”

“Oh yeah, he’s a guy. Though isn’t he on the other side of the wall?”

“If he’s peeping, I’m waxing his eyelashes off.”


Zeno gulped nervously as blood trickled out of his nose.

“Relax, you’re just sitting still, far away from the other side of the wall,” I snickered.

Since I’m omnipotent, I can naturally see everything that’s going on on the girl’s side effortlessly. I can also bestow those visions to others, which is what I was doing to Zeno.

“Hey! Why’s that guy getting so horny just by sitting still? Is his mind THAT perverted?” a pretty boy with silver hair asked.

The silver haired boy was none other than 21-year old Yuki Ginkawa, Harumi’s nephew and Tetsuka’s cousin. He was infamous for both his pretty looks and for being the pervert of the Ginkawa family. He  would frequently hang out in the hot springs in order to peep on his female relatives, and any female guests or friends they brought with them.

“OI! Come on! Don’t just leave a guy hanging!” Yuki growled as he shook Zeno.

“Want me to show you what he’s thinking of?” I asked.

“Huh!? Who said that!?”

I was lounging in the same spring as him, however, I made it so he couldn’t sense my presence.

“If you say yes, I’ll show you EXACTLY what he’s seeing in his mind,” I offered.

“Hell yeah! If he’s getting that turned on, it must be good. Unless it’s BL or some weird fetish. Then don’t show me,” Yuki responded.

“Don’t worry, it’s beautiful girls.”

“Show me!”


I then warped him over to the girl’s side.


“YUKI YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Harumi roared.

“YUKI!? You’re still a perv!? Seems like I need to remind you what happens when you peek on me!” Tetsuka growled as she headed towards Yuki.

“Paradise!” Yuki cried as he nosebleed and lost consciousness.

“What the hell!? Oi Jouzu! Why’d you just do something like that!?” Zeno stammered.

“Entertainment,” I answered.


“NGH!” Yuki moaned as Ramona waxed off the last of his eyelashes.

“This is what you get for daring to peek on me and the others,” she scoffed as she traded off with Nika.

Yuki had been hog tied and gagged and was dangling from a rope while the girls punished him.

Honoka had shoved a candle in his ass, Kumi had given him a kappa cut, and Ramona had just finished waxing his eyelashes off.

Nika walked up and slapped him as hard as she could.

“Pervert!” she scoffed as she walked away.

Despite being “punished”, Yuki had enjoyed every second of this. That was about to change as Tetsuka approached.

“I hear they built a top tier medical facility here after I left. Let’s see if they can fix you when I turn you into a pile of powder and bruises.”

Yuki’s muffled screams of pain and terror rang out as Tetsuka beat him to a pulp.


“Ahh! Feels good to drink good ole Ginkawa milk after a soak in the Springs,” Tetsuka smiled.

“This milk is quite good. Is this where your toughness comes from?” Honoka asked.

“Not sure? Ginkawa milk works wonders even for those without Ginkawa blood. Sure Ka-san-Geh!”

Tetsuka froze in fear as she saw her mother chugging down some sake.

“Tetsuka! Momma’s been so lonely! Now that Madoka’s not  here, it’s lonely. Say, you’re 20 now so time to chug,” Harumi smiled as she shoved the sake into Tetsuka’s mouth.

“YO! We doin spin the bottle and King?” Kumi grinned as she finished her milk.

“No, you idiot shut up!” Nika growled as she slapped her hands over Kumi’s mouth.

“Too late! Collab time!” Harumi yelled.

“I… didn’t miss this *hic*” Tetsuka mumbled as Harumi dragged her and everyone else away.


“Looks like you were a good boy,” Ramona smiled as she stroked Zeno’s head.

“Y- Yeah. Hahaha,” Zeno nervously laughed.

“Hmm? You weren’t secretly peeking… WERE YOU!?”

“N- NO! I was far away from the wall.”

“True, though you look as though you were fantasizing about Naname’s body.”

“I mean, it’s OK to imagine your girlfriend naked right-HUGEH!”

Ramona disappointingly elbowed Zeno in the gut.

“Yes, you can, but if you tell me you’re fantasizing about me being naked, I will punish you,” Ramona huffed.

As for me, I decided to watch over from the mountain cave overlooking the island. It was a cozy little mountain about 2,000 ft with a cozy cave that I had plopped down on an open patch in the center of the mansion island. I lounged back and smiled as I witnessed everyone’s antics.

It was good they were having fun tonight, considering we’d be participating in the Panini succession battle in a few days. I imagine Jackal and Ouga might make a reappearance considering Invidia’s Illumous faction, Leviathan has a member in the race.

"Welp, time to relax and enjoy the calm cozy downtime before we start kicking ass."

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