Chapter 10:

Tetsuka's homecoming

AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

After blasting the Jester gang off, I warped to the shore along with all the members of my party.

“Geh! Not again! Ramona’s gonna be pissed with me for vanishing,” Zeno groaned.

“You can call your girlfriend by her real name around us,” I snickered.

“Ramona? That’s your girlfriend’s name?” Nika asked.

“Yeah, Ramona Panini’s her name.”

“Paninis are sandwiches, right?” Kumi giggled.

“Ugh, why do lightning based power holders always get on my nerves,” Zeno groaned.

“Panini, I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before,” Nika muttered.

“OH! I can see it in the distance,” Tetsuka exclaimed.

A massive city-like structure came into view and began sailing towards the shore.

“Tis quite the spectacle. Though what is it exactly?” Honoka asked.

“My family’s mansion. I guess it floats now. I’ve really been out of the loop ever since I started traveling nearly ten years ago. Geh! Just realized I haven’t seen Ka-san in person for nearly a decade. Oh boy, she’s probably gonna give it to me,” Tetsuka groaned as the mansion arrived.

A draw bridge extended out and everyone began walking towards the mansion.

“I don’t remember this being here,” Tesuka said as we gazed at the structure before us.

“It’s the visitor area, it was built 5 years after you left,” I explained.

“How do you know that?”


As my party entered, they gawked at the inside. It looked like the lobby of a 5-star hotel.

“Tetsuka, who exactly are you? This something only the wealthiest families in the world could pull off,” Nika stated.

“Oh yeah, guess I never mentioned. I’m Tetsuka Ginkawa.”

“G- GINKAWA!?” most of my party screamed in unison.

“Quite the twist of fate. My family had just been commissioned to take down a Ginkawa, yet now I have defected. Ohahaha! I guess that means I will get to fight and slay my father,” Honoka smiled.

“My daughters sure do have a thing for befriending the daughters of my enemies,” a woman’s voice rang out.

Everyone turned to see a woman with ankle-length silver hair, heterochromia, and titanic breasts sliding down the stairs. She wore white sneakers, torn capri jeans, and a grey t-shirt that struggled to contain her breasts.

She landed perfectly and immediately walked up to Tetsuka.

“Well you’ve certainly grown. Would have been nice to send me a PICTURE!” the woman yelled as she grabbed Tetsuka’s cheek.

“ITE! Ka-san!” Tetsuka moaned.

“Apologies everyone, I am Harumi Ginkawa, the head of the Ginkawa family. Thanks to my intelligence, I know who most of you are,” the woman stated.

"Yo Harumi! Those guys are with me," I stated as I appeared before her.

“Muramasa Jouzu!? Well that explains why there’s such an assortment of characters here,” Harumi sighed.

“Don’t worry, the mansion’s now under my protection. It’ll even serve as a home base, so you can see Tetsuka every time she comes back from an adventure,” I stated.

“Huh? What do ya mean home base?” Tetsuka asked.

“Simple, remember the hotel room you traveled in? I simply just link that to the mansion, and boom! You can travel from the mission site back to the mansion just by passing through a door.”

“Why couldn’t you just warp us here from the start?” Nika grumbled.

“Cause that’s no fun. Besides, I wanted this to leave an impact on you,” I answered.

“YO! Nice to see you again Milfmilk69!” Kumi yelled.

“Kumi-chan!? You’re here too? Well, collab after dinner. Oh yeah, my servants got all the stuff from your place back in Japan safely moved in. Yours and your sister’s rooms are in section 2 of the guest area. There are other rooms available too for the rest of your party mates,” Harumi smiled as she gave the group a tour.

“You know Harumi Ginkawa!?” Nika asked Kumi.

“Yeah, she’s the Ewetube CEO after all. Plus I’ve been here for a collab before,” Kumi explained.

“Why didn’t you tell me!? I would have loved to come and interview her.”

“You were busy with the exam, so I didn’t want to bother you.”

“WAIT!? That’s why you ditched school that day!?”

“Yeah, I had no chance of passing, Milfmilk wanted to collab, so I said screw school.”


Kumi cried in pain and massaged the lump on her head as Nika angrily huffed.

“Ah yes, I do wish for Miss Shibawara to divulge all that she knows,” Harumi declared.

“Tis no challenge. What doest thou wish to know?” Honoka responded.


“Why is all my stuff from home here!?” Nika gasped in shock.

“Oh, that’s cause Milfmilk offered to let us live here. Apparently she’s also a big supporter of Fuka-ba’s work,” Kumi smiled.

“*Sigh* I really didn’t want to hear her name again. She’s arguably the root of what tore our family apart,” Nika grumbled.

“Come on, she’s actually really cool. I never really paid much attention when we were younger, but I’ve started to respect her the more I watch her. “

“*Sigh* You’re becoming more like HER.”

“Come on, you were way too harsh back then. I mean who knows what happened to the poor girl after you kicked her out.”

“I’m sure you’ll see your cousin again eventually. Anyway, like the base? It’s got all your things from home, so no need to worry about not having something. It’s also dinner time.”  I stated as I appeared before them.

“OO! Is there a warp feature like in a game?” Kumi asked.

“Sure, I’ll slap a warp wheel in each of your rooms. You’ll be able to freely warp to designated areas in the mansion at your own discretion.”

I set up said feature and watched as Kumi warped away to the dining hall, while Nika decided to walk there.


Right before dinner was served, Harumi turned to face Zeno.

“Your boss may join us for dinner. She’s the one I wish to talk with anyway.”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll go fetch her,” Zeno sighed as he went through the door connecting to the hotel room.

“Well where did you go? I’m quite angry that you just vanished like that,” Ramona glared as she pointed her gun at Zeno.

“I was told to invite you for dinner by the head of the Ginkawa family,” Zeno stated.

Ramona immediately sheathed her gun and walked over to Zeno.

“Ginkawa you say? Are you sure it’s the real deal?”

“Just come through this door and you’ll see.”

Ramona was so bewildered by the warp setup that she almost lost her composure.

“Ah, Miss Panini, please take a seat. We will discuss all after the banquet,” Harumi stated.


“In honor of my daughter Tetsuka’s homecoming, I have prepared many zinc and iron rich dishes. Enjoy!” Harumi smiled.

Tears of bliss rolled down Tetsuka’s face as she ate the food.

“It’s not pure metal, but it tastes SO good. Damn, I’ve missed your cooking Ka-san!”

“We’ve got a lot of mother-daughter time to catch up on,” Harumi smiled.

Kumi and Honoka also happily gorged on the food while Zeno and Ramona silently smiled as they ate their food.

“Perk up Nika, this is a time to celebrate,” I said as I devoured some food.

“I don’t know, it’s just all this food reminded me of that creep from Venice,” Nika sighed.

“This place is under my protection; you don’t need to worry about the marauders.”

“But what if one attacks again? You informed us that they were really powerful. None of us but you would stand a chance against them.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got some secret weapons for dealing with them. You’ll meet one of them when we go to Rome.”

Nika sighed and smiled before enjoying the food