Chapter 1:

Where am I?

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

*Eyes blinking*

*Heavy breathing*

A 20 year old girl woke up from her somewhat dream . Now, she was looking at her surroundings to figure out what was happening.

She said , "Ouch, my head's hurting like crazy. And wait a second.. , what is this place,where am I ?"

As she moved her head upward , she saw 3 middle aged men obstructing her movement . After taking a closer look she realized,

" Wait, is this the moment when a girl is being harassed and a hero comes to save her ? But i guess that is not possible in real life ."

One of the men then said , " Wakey wakey little miss . We were just thinking our today's pleasure would be ruined when you fell unconscious. You have got a nice body . I hope you won't mind sharing it with us , eh? "

His companion then added , " It seems you are unaware of the situation here missy . But let me warn you at first that this is one of the darkest and hideous alleyways there is . Moreover the only patrolling party are busy looking for prison escaped criminals in the other city . Oi Shinchi, didn't you say you wanted to go at her first ? Well, you are free to go wild . "

The group leader Shinchi then roared , " You are the perfect lunch for my unquenchable thirst that i have been holding for feeling the greatest pleasure . Let's get started miss beauty ,shall we? 

The girl just having gained consciousness was at a disadvantage by a huge border or it was as they thought but in reality, a major turn of events occured .

Unknown to the group of gropers , the govt. Of that region had already thought of increasing crimes in other areas than the emergency city so a secret qualified agent was deployed in every city . Luck being on the girls side , the agent was walking through that same alleyway as he knew that the most dangerous areas were to be patrolled first.

Meanwhile in the alleyway,

The girl still confused about her new environment shouted , " Hellpppp!! someone help meee . I am getting assault..."

Then Shinchi provoked her by saying , " Even though there are no guards around here now , I don't like when girls scream . You will understand that i will give you the greatest pleasure of your life."

The secret agent hearing the scream of the girl rushed to the spot thinking that a crime had already started , " Huh, not even 1 hour went by and my instincts were correct that this place would soon give birth to a crime ."

He made a quick decision and took a shortcut through the roof of the buildings and used his grappling equipment to make a perfect heroic entry on the midst of the scene. 

"Wow, I really sticked that landing pretty well."

But as soon as he looked up to rescue the distressed girl , he stood there with his jaws dropped as he saw the most transcendental scene like the moon hitting the earth as an asteroid....