Chapter 2:

Who rescued who?

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

As the agent stood there gazing and doing nothing ,in front of him were the bodies of men lying on the ground and remained standing in front of him a beautiful 20 year old girl who had a pair of bright aqua eyes and long aqua coloured hair in torn clothes .

He then asked the girl , " What the hell happened here ? Weren't you the girl who cried in distress for help ? "

Then the girl just straight up shouted at him ,      "Duck!!"

Not knowing what was going on the agent just decided to go ahead with the girl's order and ducked. As he was trying to figure out the girl's reason to tell him to duck he saw the girl throwing a piece of rock which was pretty sharp and average shaped from the ground towards him . Surprised at this behaviour he told the girl

"I am not your enemy! I came here to rescue you . Now calm down and explain me the ongoing situation."

Then the girl said, " Sure but look behind you first."

The agent looked behind him and saw another body lying on the round whereas that was the leader Shinchi whose head was pierced to a certain extent by the sharp stone and blood was gushing out .

Before asking any further questions , the agent first put handcuffs on the criminals and arrested them . Then he turned towards the girl to ask her some questions regarding this event.

Meanwhile the girl was looking at the 25year old quite fit young man with black hair who was what looked like a police officer with many gadgets around his belts .

The agent started by asking the girl , "If you knew how to fight , why did you scream in the first place? More importantly I would have never believed it was physically or mentally possible for a girl like you to be so experienced such that you were able to beat these 3 goons who are famous around here as 'The Palpater Wolves' ."

The girl was quite astounded herself and the agent got a glimpse of it and understood that the girl herself was amazed at her skills . Still he let her answer the questions.

She replied to the questions as "I don't know myself how I was able to defeat these goons . I was woken up by the rustling sounds of trash bins and harsh voices of the bandits as it seemed like they were waiting for me to wake up . I somehow could guess the situation I was in and without thinking anything logically as I was literally in a unknown new environment , I did the only thing i had in mind which was to cry for help loudly."

"It seems that you have little knowledge about the areas around here . I think it's because you were kidnapped from the city where you live at . "

"To be frank Mr.officer , I really don't remember anything before suddenly waking up here . Like I mean it , I don't even remember where live or when I was born . Amd regarding those moves earlier which I used to beat the gropers were just on reflex and I completed those skills on my own without thinking straight."

"You can call me Mr.Agent . It's been a complete mystery since I saw you . Starting from your stance to your behaviour is like that of a man's. Then again if I am correct the moves you used were seen by me during my training at the headquarters . The people who were training to be an army were learning those skills through what felt like a really hardcore training to me . I don't even know where and how you learnt those moves ."

"If you will excuse me for a minute, I will try to remember anything which happened to me previously . I am feeling mysterious to me all the well as not feeling anything at all . It will be quite underwhelming if one kind of those supernatural things occured in my case . Well now let's see, ummm, the last thing I remember was ....augh.."

Suddenly the girl let out a large scream due to a horrific pain which was seemingly harming her brain. Soon a burst of ....