Chapter 3:

Cancri ?City Root 5?

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

Soon, a burst of memories passed through her brain in the glimpse of a moment which felt like a lifetime to the girl. She then collapsed to the ground and her body was shaking quite aggressively but it stopped after a few minutes .

At that time ,the agent was left completely empty minded on what to do seeing such a sudden change of events to this, a calamity . As nothing was coming to his mind he just went and grabbed the girl from the back and made her rest on his hands while he was strongly holding her hands hoping that this would calm her down and kept shouting ,

"Hey! Are you alright? I am beside you, don't worry."

After a while the girl regained consciousness and it looked like she calmed down a lot too . Out of a sudden the girl asked the agent ,

"Umm,excuze me Mr.Agent . I might have found some of my memories back but firstly which is more important is for me to know the whereabouts of this place . Could you please feed me with the details , i am quite astonished myself at my current situation and I will explain you later on . "

"Yes,sure . Firstly you are currently in the City Root 5 which has been termed on the basis of its danger level . There are 10 cities now in total where the City Root 1 is the most dangerous ."

"Hmm, it seems I spawned in quite a dangerous zone . But since when did Earth become divided into city roots? Weren't there seven different continents separated from each other so that different countries were formed too?"

"What are you talking about ? What is Earth?"

"What do you mean what is Earth? Isn't it the name of this planet where we are living in right now ? " , the girl said confused . 

"To inform you in more detail , the planet we are in right now is called Cancri, the planet of diamonds. We basically protect the diamonds in this planet and utilize it in our infrastructures and weapons . Thus, we might as well be the most advanced species out here ."

"Wa..wai..wai..wait..wait, what is this Cancri?City Root 5?, Isn't this planet in thee milky way galaxy???"

"Hmmmm, I have heard that term previously. Oh yeah, if I recall correctly this planet was supposedly spinning around a object called sun which was apparently a star . The solar system it was in revolved around the milky way galaxy . But as far as the history goes , the moon started to deteriote , the moon was the natural satellite of this planet , and for this technical issue this planet found itself thrown out of the solar system and out of the milky way Galaxy . This resulted in joining of it's lands which were previously separated and due to the change of atmosphere the lands formed crystal like structures and these were named diamonds . "

"Now I think I can understand my whole situation right now. It was a lot of data to understand but I got the glimpse of it."

"You did? No wonder you are an enigma. It took me around 3 months the get the gist of it . Moreover, I thought this would be just one of those useless information that will be of no use to me in the future . Well I guess it at least helped you ."

"Yeah , it helped me quite a lot . I can tell you in detail about my circumstances now too ."

Actually , when her head started aching immensely one of the wonders of supernatural activities occured as she forced to remember her memories from her past or maybe it's from another parallel dimension ?

She started to say , " The last thing I remembered earlier before randomly waking up here is...."