Chapter 4:

The Memories which burst through

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

She started to say, " The last thing I remember before randomly waking up here is that I was in a plane . As far as I remember , hold on a second....why is my body so much lighter and why does my back hurt so much ??? "

As she looked down towards her torso she realized something that was the most intimidating thing that could happen to a man . She was dumbfounded seeing that she could not find the thing that was supposed to be attached with the hip of a man . She suddenly screamed ,

"Where is my manly pride?!?! "

As she started to touch her other parts of the body she struck her hair and came to notice that her hair was quite long and aqua in colour as she started freaking out .

Then the agent being puzzled asked the girl, "What are you talking about? You are making me confused . Why should a woman have what a man calls his pride ? Did you lose your memories that badly ?"

",listen to me . I can confidently say that I have indeed regained both my consciousness and memories properly. No matter what you have to believe me for what I am going to tell now ."

"I mean , you are a riddle in the whole pack . I don't have mostly anything to do so sure i would be interested if this turned out anymore breathtaking . But should I get you some clothes before? You must be freezing out here in those torn clothes ."

"Yes,it would be a great help and it's really cold out here . Please come back as soon as possible because this stuff is too complex even for me to take on fully ."

"On it.",said the agent as he started to head for the shopping mall in that district to buy some warm clothes for the girl to conceal her embrassment after he put the girl in a safe  spot .

Meanwhile, the girl even after hearing the complete description of the place she was now at , started to look around to figure out the base and basics of this planet called Cancri and why it was known as the diamond planet . Soon after she became aware and startled after figuring out that not only the ground she was standing in but to the sky and even the daily necessary things fallen around were just merely made of diamonds. She looked behind to see the stone she had picked up and threw at the gang leader. With no doubt she found that the reason that stone cut so deep was because it too was a piece of diamond .

*pants heavily*

The agent had reached the shopping mall at full speed but now came to realize the affair that lied ahead .

"I said that I would buy her clothes on impulse,but now that I am here I think it would have been smarter to bring the girl with me . Now, how am I supposed to just enter this women's clothing shop and find a suitable suit for that girl to wear ....."

A salesman approached the agent and said,

"Hey there pal, you look like you are in urgent need of some help . If you are new to a clothing shop for women then don't worry, first of all there is nothing of those clothes which are better averted from the eyes of men . I am talking to you as a man to a man . I will help you,so what do you need?"

"Thanks for your help.  I actually need any dress that would be liked and casual for a girl of about 20 years old . "

"Oh, I see . It's for your new girlfriend I see, no problem if you still don't have experience shopping for a women . You can come here anytime and I will find you the best material available."

"Umm.. it's not actually for my girlfriend.  I don't have on..."

"Well, let's not delay on the details and get going . Maybe this piece of cloth will suit her , afterall this is the newest design we have come up with and it has been quite famous to the customers recently. It would just be perfect for any girl around 20 years. Moreover,it's slim fit and can fit to the size of whoever's wearing it."

The dress was a half sleeved top which was also aqua in colour which matched with the girl's eyes and hair . As for the pant , it was half of the length to her knees . 

"Then maybe I will take this as it's quite the design and beautiful but won't one be cold wearing this?"

Then the salesman said with a sorry face,

"My bad, I forgot to tell you the most important and beneficial feature. After wearing it , a layer surrounds the body to a little radius such that auto heat is on maintaining the normal body temperature of the wearer ."

"Wow , things like that have started being produced? Damn , guess I will buy this after all."