Chapter 0:

Chapter 0 - Am I dead or what?

Mr. Helper doesn't wanna help

I am tired.Bookmark here

I am really, really tired.Bookmark here

Right now, I am sitting on the floor of some secluded alleyway, don’t know where I am, nor do I care.Bookmark here

I just want to stay away from society, I don’t wanna see another human trash.Bookmark here

Fucking done with human beings and their social motherfucking skills, just done.Bookmark here

You guys wanna socialize make friends, good for you. Just leave me alone.Bookmark here

Fuck my ass feels cold.Bookmark here

I just realized that the floor was damped and now my pants are almost wet. Ah my dumb luck, but I don’t even care.Bookmark here

There’s no one around here and getting my ass wet is a small sacrifice.Bookmark here

My clothes are pretty worn out and my hair hasn’t gotten any haircut for the last six months. I don’t have any footwear either, been traveling barefoot for the last two months now.Bookmark here

Hasn’t gotten any decent food for months now. Living my life off while feeding on leftovers from restaurant dumpsters. At first, it tasted gross but now I am already used to it.Bookmark here

Sleep, I think I haven’t had a nice long sleep like forever.Bookmark here

Even before becoming a homeless hobo, but now it was even harder to fall asleep.Bookmark here

I need to be on guard from other hobo’s as well as abductors. I heard there was some certain organization kidnapping hobo’s and selling their organs for cash. Of course, that hobo donor doesn’t get shit. He just disappears.Bookmark here

My life turned upside down because of this mother fucking curse!Bookmark here

Suddenly I heard a creaking noise.Bookmark here

I started looking around to make sure if anyone was around me.Bookmark here

Currently, I am in some metropolitan city. I don’t have a clue what city, I was just wandering around for the past 6 months now helping out any human being that needed assistance. Bookmark here

And each time end up in other places because of some damn helpless motherfucking human required my assistance. I did odd jobs like mowing the lawn, digging up plotholes, and even looting a BANK!Bookmark here

Yeah, I fucking helped out some robbers in looting a mother fucking BANK!Bookmark here

That’s crazy, right! I even had no choice but to help them. It’s not like they asked me for help on a gunpoint. No, I helped because I was asked to. Yeah, just coz they asked for ‘help’.Bookmark here

And now I am a criminal too.Bookmark here

You could ask like, why didn’t you refuse the robbers.Bookmark here

But I can’t do that, It’s because of this curse-Bookmark here

*Approaching footstep noises*Bookmark here

What the hell-Bookmark here

I raised my guard.Bookmark here

Is it some stray dog?Bookmark here

Who could come to this secluded alleyway in the middle of the day?Bookmark here

I heard a loud panting noise.Bookmark here

As the footsteps came closer and closer.Bookmark here

Then suddenly an exhausted man wearing formal office clothes appeared in front of me.Bookmark here

He was bleeding from his right arm. Looks pretty bad. He seems terrified and stared at the wall with his jaw wide open as if he saw some kinda ghost or something.Bookmark here

The man seemed to be running away from something and sadly this alleyway had a dead end.Bookmark here

I lowered my head and pretended I had fallen asleep while sitting.Bookmark here

I started hearing more footsteps coming from that same way that this strange office man came from.Bookmark here

At last, the injured man fell on his knees,Bookmark here

“I am done for! They will kill me.”Bookmark here

I just glanced at the pitiful man, and somehow our eyes met.Bookmark here

Then all of a sudden, that man came to me and held my hand,Bookmark here

“Please save me.” he pleaded as he cried balling his eye out.Bookmark here

I shrugged off his hand,Bookmark here

“Hey, pal! Are you blind or something? Do I look like a doctor? I am Hobo, why the hell are you asking me to save you. Go to some hospital.” I got up on my feet, “You just ruined my only pair of clothes with your blood.”Bookmark here

The injured guy fell on his knees as he cried hopelessly.Bookmark here

I know this dude is in some deep shit. I can hear some people looking for him.Bookmark here

The wound in his arm is from a gunshot. The other people must be searching for him and this guy trying to escape ended here.Bookmark here

I just slowly tiptoed my way out, this isn’t something I don’t wanna get involved.Bookmark here

I am just a Hobo.Bookmark here

But just when I was trying to make my escape, the injured man grabbed my arm.Bookmark here

“Please don’t leave me alone here. They are gonna kill me,” he shouted.Bookmark here

I tried to free my arm,Bookmark here

“Hey what the hell are you doing? I told you it’s not my problem. You are ruing my clothes from your blood. I don’t have any money for the laundry either, so just let me go.”Bookmark here

But the injured man was reluctant about not leaving my hand.Bookmark here

I see a pattern, that I don’t like.Bookmark here

The injured man grabbed my legs,Bookmark here

“Please I beg you…”Bookmark here

Please don’t say it.Bookmark here

He continued,Bookmark here

“I don’t wanna die…”Bookmark here

Don’t fucking say it!Bookmark here

“Please Help me…”Bookmark here

Just soon as he said those words, my nerves on the back of the head started tingling.Bookmark here

Not this again!Bookmark here

Suddenly my expression changed with a friendly fucking smile (not a genuine smile, a forced smile).Bookmark here

I placed my hands on the injured man’s shoulder,Bookmark here

“I will be glad to lend my assistance.”Bookmark here

When he said ‘Help’ I had no choice but to help him. That’s the curse I have.Bookmark here

I have to assist anyone that asks for help. It could be mowing the lawn, doing laundry, or helping out on looting a bank. If I refuse to help them, a sting of pain in my head starts punishing me. I have to complete my task, even though it’s good or evil, I should complete it or die a painful death.Bookmark here

Seems kinda some game quest or something right?Bookmark here

But guess what, I don’t get a jack in return.Bookmark here

If my client decides to give something, that’s another matter. But all the human beings I helped out were greedy heartless bastards. Even the robbers that I helped rat me out to save their own skin from the police.Bookmark here

Hope they all rot in hell.Bookmark here

But now I ran avoiding people and thought no one would run into a secluded alley.Bookmark here

But I was wrong.Bookmark here

There I saw a wooden plank half-rotten laying on the ground.Bookmark here

I picked it up, might come handy for protecting him.Bookmark here

“I will protect you, you little shit!” I replied with a pleasant smile that I don’t wanna do.Bookmark here

I don’t have control over my body.Bookmark here

The footsteps started closing in.Bookmark here

That injured asshole hid behind my ass. I guess desperate times humans depend on anything if their lives on the line.Bookmark here

Me armed with plank stood like some adventurer armed with a sword on a quest to protect some princess. This is like an RPG game but I get no respawn chance.Bookmark here

Just when almost 10 to 20 men wearing full black suits and shades, all armed with handguns. Some of the men were giants as tall as 3 meters. Some of their muscles were bulging through their suits.Bookmark here

They surrounded us and blocked our entryway.Bookmark here

“What are you doing?” asked one of the guys.Bookmark here

SHIT! I am so dead!Bookmark here

These guys are the fucking Yakuza! What the hell did this guy do to piss them off?!Bookmark here

“I am doing nothing. Do whatever you want, please don’t mind me.” I replied.Bookmark here

“So lower that plank and move out of our of way.”Bookmark here

“Trust me! I would love to. But sadly I can’t do that.”Bookmark here

Fuck this is really bad!Bookmark here

The guy removed his shades and angrily glared at me.Bookmark here

“Stop wasting our time and hand over that man to us.”Bookmark here

Shit, they mad.Bookmark here

“Please take him away….” suddenly I lost control of my voice, “OVER MY DEAD BODY!” I blurted out.Bookmark here

I should have written down my will or something.Bookmark here

Fuck I can’t even afford a paper and a pen, I am hobo after all.Bookmark here

Also, it’s not like there’s anyone who gonna read it anyway.Bookmark here

“This is your last warning. Move out of our way.” warned the big giant man as he intimidating glared at me.Bookmark here

This guy can easily chew me and spit out like some chewing gum.Bookmark here

On the other hand, I have become quite skinny.Bookmark here

I started charging at that man with a wooden plank as tears flowed through my eyes,Bookmark here

“I will not let you harm that little piece of shit. I don’t even know that man, but I will protect him.” the words I blurted out had no control over it.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, that piece of shit hiding behind my ass just stayed on his knees doing nothing.Bookmark here

I rushed towards the big giant with a puny plank in my hand. He just stood there staring at with a weird look.Bookmark here

The next thing I remember was blacking out.Bookmark here

My mind just went blank.Bookmark here

I guess I died.Bookmark here

At least now I could get rid of that curse. (?)Bookmark here

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