Chapter 0:

Crux Ansata


A child cried in front of his mothers corpse. His father still alive begging for his life. The attacker was relentless, He listened not to the fathers begging and struck the father down decapitating him. The child looked into his fathers cold eyes and tears of sadness became tears of anger. The boy stood up, his knees were shaking. He had never been so scared and angered before, but without his parents he had nothing.

The boy was hungry for blood, He ran at the man and started hitting his legs. He was too short to reach his face and too weak to be felt. The attacker looked down and kicked the boy. He flew into the wall and dropped to the ground coughing up blood. The boy was so frail, five of his ribs broke on impact. 

"Why even try? Did you really think you could do anything to harm me as a child?"

The boy opened his eyes to see the man walk away, he wore a white hooded trench coat with western styled leather boots. A katana in his left hand and a symbol on the back of his coat. The symbol was an ankh. The boy had started to black out as the man left his house and lit the house ablaze.

During the fire a child only a few years older than the boy walked by. He saw the blinding gaze of the flames. The child ran inside and rescued the boy. When he awoke he was far from home.

 The child told him “My name is Aderland, we are at the training halls in Braxford. This is only a few miles away from your home.” 

The boy looked around the room and stood up. 

Aderland spoke. “Do you remember what happened?” 

The boy stared at him not knowing what he said. Aderland quickly learned that the boy had no knowledge of the language. He let the boy stay at his house and he let him train and learn how to speak…

Seven years later Aderland had been transferred to the Akhara Academy to train there. The boy continued to train in Braxford for another six years under Master Dhiedan...

One day a messenger came in looking for the boy. “I have been informed that the one we know as 'Fireborne' trains here, I have a message for him.”