Chapter 1:

Vicar Loux


The message reads “Sir Fireborne I would personally like you to come train with me in Athens. You seem to be very talented and I would like to perfect your techniques, If you would kindly accept” - Duke Armine. 

"I'll go, just give me a minute to say goodbye."

The messenger waited for him at a meeting spot nearby.

On his way to the messengers meeting spot he walked past a Man getting mugged. He used his skills to free him and scare off the attackers. While he was thanked, he walked away. But the man followed, impressed by him and wanting to learn from his savior.

“Please teach me how to do that! You saved my life, Please mister.” 

He turned around and said “I can't help now right now, I'm busy and I'm sure I'll be busy for a while, find someone else to help you!"

He started walking faster but the Man said “Wait! What’s your name?” 

“I have no name.”

“Can I give you one? What do you think of the name Jack? That was my grandfathers name - I always thought it sounded nice. Do you like it?"

“I don’t really care right now, piss off dude."

“Let me come with you, I won't be a bother. I promise!"

“Fine, if you want to follow me go right ahead but I doubt you're getting let into the Duke's house or wherever in Athens."

They made it to the meeting spot but the messenger was absent. In his place was a pool of blood and a bulky man with a greatsword. He wore a great helm on his head and wore a green cloak.

The two boys panic, as adrenaline rushes throughout their bodies they try to think of a way out of this.

“Are you the Fireborne? My name is Vicar Loux a mercenary of Algaria. I have been sent to eliminate you.”

The pair still frozen in shock fail to respond. Loux swings his sword and they use their adrenaline rush to nearly escape the blade.

He catches the kid and throws him into the dirt. This angers Jack and he fights back. With his years of training he is able to hold Loux off for a moment. But he gets the best of him and knocks Jack to the ground.

Jack wakes up in a hospital with the other kid.

Jack remembers “My name is Vicar Loux... I have been sent here to eliminate you.” 

"He had been sent here to kill me but I'm still here..."  

The doctor walks into the room reading from a paper.

“It seems that one of your ribs had broken and punctured your lung. It will take about six to eight weeks to heal Mister… uh what is your name?” 

“It’s Jack, Jack Fireborne?”

Jack looked over to the bed to his left and tried to speak once more.

“I never got your name."

The kid stared out the window and said “My name is Mialwraith.” 

There was silence in the room. 

“You haven’t said anything? Don’t you think my name’s weird because I share a name with him?"