Chapter 55:

Maze of Catacombs Part 1: An old friend

Escape Witch

As the yacht sailed, the girls received an introduction from Izumi and Hanabi on who they were.

“I’m Hanabi. I used to be part of the Bombino family but ditched them and Illumous. Izumi’s my wife and the reason I was able to ditch them,” Hanabi stated.

“Izumi grew up in the slums. Izumi met Hanabi and knew it was fate,” Izumi stated.

“I believe we met before, when you first encountered Vincenzo. Though I was out of sight. Yuni probably remembers me from the salon though.”

“Yeah, now that you’re wearing that school outfit, I recognize you. So you’re an explosives expert right?” Yuni asked.

“Right. That’s how I was able to take care of Vanessa’s little bomb. Speaking of her, I heard that Nadea girl messed her up bad.”

“Considering she wanted to kill me, I don’t really feel too bad for her.”

“We were also in Japan for a while too. Remember the Interpol agents from the museum? That was me and Izumi.”

“WAIT That was you!? Why didn’t you help then?” Madoka asked.

“We had a mission to take out the goons at the source. We also ended up killing that Kentucky fried bastard right before we left Japan after saving someone you know well,” Hanabi smiled.

A woman with short purple hair wearing a violet blouse, skinny jeans, and white flats exited from one of the cabin doors. Yuni smiled as she recognized the woman.


“Hello Yuni, good to see you’re doing well, I’m glad Madoka Ginkawa and the redhead are doing good as well. Where’s Serika though?” Nakajima asked.

“Right here you dumbass chief,” Serika glared.

“HUH!? Serika!? But you’re wearing a dress and look so girly.”

“I’ve ALWAYS been girly!”

“Ha ha, I guess I couldn’t see your face under the hat.”

“What, the green hair and the chartreuse dress and sneakers didn’t clue you in? No wonder you’re a dumbass that can’t get a boyfriend.”

“UM, a little too far! I AM still your superior you know.”

“And did you do something about that kook Kaori?”

“No, in fact I got caught and was on the verge of becoming mind controlled by her had it not been for Izuhana,” Nakajima glumly stated.

“Oh great, so that kook took over the station. No wonder we’re on the most wanted list.”

“Purin Myouchi also survived. Judging by her wounds, I’m assuming you failed to land a fatal blow.”

“Bullshit! I blasted a hole where her heart was.”

“Then it must have been on the other side of her chest.”

Serika clicked her tongue in frustration and sat down.

“You look good with your hair cut short,” Yuni stated.

“Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad someone appreciates me.”

“Nakajima-san, is there any other intel you gathered?” Emeri asked.

“Well, not much from what I’ve already told you. Though I was arrested for allegedly murdering Benise on that day. I’m assuming Nadea’s probably the one that did it since I was out at lunch. Bianka also looked kind of distraught when I last saw her.”

“Yeah, she probably wants to kill me for what I did to Mochi,” Serika sighed.

“Wait, YOU were the one that caused that rampage I was hearing about over the radio?”

“Yeah, I killed Zerin and Mochi and powderized every bone in Kurobane’s muscly body.”

“Muscly body?”

“Yeah, that bitch was a muscly gorilla underneath that suit.”

Nakajima conversed and caught up with the girls as time passed.

“So what happened with Eriza?” Emeri asked.

“Well, we found her unconscious in Crete. Luckily, we were able to get there shortly after Madam Ginkawa called,” Hanabi stated.

“She’s still unconscious, but she should wake up after some proper medical care,” Izumi stated.

The girls then decided to turn in for the night.

The next day…

The yacht received a transmission from Harumi.

“I’m in the Atlantic, meet me at the southern part of the UK. Cut through France, don’t go through the strait,” Harumi stated as the transmission cut off.

“Oo yay! We’re going to France! That means we can escape the catacomb maze,” Madoka giddily exclaimed.

“You idiot! We’re trying to reunite with your mother not get lost in some tomb,” Serika growled.

“It might not be a bad idea to go under Paris. Of course that’s assuming we can’t just fly. You guys should be able to fly just fine. Izumi and I won’t be able to as easily,” Hanabi stated.


The girls made port in Monaco and took their backpacks as they headed for the airport.

“Boo. I want to see the catacombs,” Madoka pouted as the plane took off.

“Why are you like this Mado-chan,” Emeri groaned.

“Don’t worry about your sister. Izuhana will get her safely to the mansion,” Nakajima stated.

“I’m surprised they agreed to take the suitcases with them,” Yuni stated.

“Well, it’s probably best not to be carrying too much considering we’ll be taking a train to Normandy.”

“Why couldn’t we just stick with them on the boat? They said there was a secret waterway that cut through,” Serika grumbled.

“It’s through Spain not France. Besides, I’m sure it’s best for us to be out of their way while they plow through.”


The girls gaped in wonder as they stared at the Eiffel tower.

“We’re not here to sight see ladies. We’re here to catch a train,” Nakajima chided.

As the girls glumly followed Nakajima towards the train station, Yuni stopped and turned around.

“Huh!? Was that her? The hat and dress are the same from back then and the hair color is the same as well,” Yuni muttered.

She then came to her senses and realized she got separated. As she wandered around, she froze as she spotted the woman in a teal dress being carried away upside down on an upside down cross with a bag over her head.

“What the hell!? KIDNAPPER! THERE’S A KIDNAPPING OVER THERE! POLICE!” Yuni yelled as she charged towards the woman. However, the kidnapper picked up their pace and headed towards the catacombs.

“Ugh! What are you doing you idiot!? We thought we lost you!” Serika growled.

Yuni turned to face Serika, Emeri, and Madoka.

“Nakajima’s buying the tickets. The train- “

“Someone that might be my cousin just got kidnapped! The kidnapper ran into the catacombs. We have to save her!” Yuni desperately pleaded.

Madoka immediately charged towards the catacombs forcing everyone to give chase. When they entered, the gate slammed shut and the entrance collapsed.

“Great, now we’re stuck here thanks to you dumbass,” Serika growled.