Chapter 56:

Maze of Catacombs Part 2: Conductivity

Escape Witch

“It’s no use. If Mado-chan tried kicking the debris, it might collapse further,” Emeri stated.

“We should be lucky we weren’t caught in it. Do tweedled dumb, and tweedled dumbass have anything to say about this?” Serika growled.

“Someone might have gotten kidnapped, and they just happened to run into the catacombs. Besides, the entrance only collapsed once we were safely inside. I didn’t detect any danger until right in that moment,” Madoka stated.

“Great, so this was a trap,” Serika groaned.

“Yuni-chan, why did you say there was a kidnapper?” Emeri asked.

“Because I thought I recognized the woman being kidnapped. I think she’s my cousin Nika. I’m not sure, but she was dressed the same as she was when I saw her in Venice. At first, I thought I just saw her, but then I saw her being carried away with a bag over her head and crucified upside down on a cross,” Yuni explained.

“That sounds like something Illumous would do, though what concerns me more is the fact that the signal’s dead. We’re not that far underground yet I can’t get a signal to call for help. I’m afraid this might be due to deliberant interference.”

“Great, so we can’t even call for help. Madoka, you better be able to find another way out,” Serika growled.


The girls all turned as they heard the faint sound of electricity. They could also make out the faint sound of something being beaten. They cautiously walked towards the source.

Once they got close, Madoka suddenly froze in terror.

“We really shouldn’t be going any further. Something bad. Something REALLY bad is up ahead.”

Everyone was taken aback by Madoka’s fear.

“I’ve never seen her get this scared before. Let’s head back towards the entrance. Since this is a popular tourist attraction, someone probably called for help outside,” Emeri stated as she began to walk back with Madoka.

Serika stopped and sighed as she noticed Yuni sneaking off to take a look.

“That idiot. I’ll tag along just to make sure she doesn’t screw up.”

Yuni carefully inched around the walls until she arrived at the source. Her eyes widended in terror as she peeked around the corner.


“Does it hurt? It damn well better considering how much I hate you,” Kasumi growled as she coated her shoe in electricity and kicked her captive’s head.

Blood was beginning to ooze out of the sack of the captive’s head.

“No, it’s Kasumi. That means that captured girl must be Nika. How evil. How could she do that to her own sister. Why- __!”

Yuni’s thoughts were interrupted by someone covering her mouth with their hand and pulling her away.

“Shh, it’s me. Just come back with us,” Serika whispered.

Yuni begun to relax, but quickly went on guard as she heard the footseps of Kasumi’s metal soled shoes stomping towards them.

The girls attempted to flee but stopped as they felt a spark of static run through their hair.

“Hair is good at conducting electricity. However, it burns too quickly. Thus I opted to cover my body completely with electric tattoos. It’s quite handy. I can effortlessly jam signals, communicate from afar, control underlings, and I can also sense eavesdroppers,” Kasumi’s voice rang out.

The two girls slowly turned to see Kasumi standing right behind them.

They both let out a scream and bolted away as fast as they could.


“*Tch* What’s that bitch doing here? Could this all be her trap?” Emeri thought as she hid in a corridor with Madoka as they watched Melinda from a distance.

“Emeri Ginkawa. I know you can hear me. Fear not, I am merely here to challenge you to a proper game without outside interference. The goal is simple. Just escape without being caught by my uncooperative associate. I would advise keeping your friend Yuni away from her as she’ll undoubtably set her sights on her,” Melinda stated.

“I think I can take her out,” Madoka whispered.

“Bad idea. She knows we’re here. Let’s try and find Yuni and Serika before it’s too late,” Emeri whispered back.

Madoka led the way as the two attempted to find another way out. They stopped once they heard screaming.

“EMERI, MADOKA, RUN!” Serika yelled.

Emeri and Madoka shrieked in terror at the sight of Kasumi. Madoka scooped Yuni up in her arms and ran as fast as she could while Serika did the same with Emeri.

They ran for what seemed like hours. Then they hit a dead end.

“You four have really caused quite a delay in my sceduel. Time is money, and you can pay for it with your lives,” Kasumi growled as she cornered them.

Madoka took a deep breath before placing Yuni down and unleashing a full force Madoka kick at Kasumi.

Kasumi blocked the attack with her hand and slid back a bit before throwing Madoka aside.

“I’m surprised such worn sneakers can reduce my conductivity THAT much. I assume your clothes also have some electrical resistance. In that case…”

Kasumi coated her body in electricity as Madoka got up.

“What the hell? Is she a cyborg or something!? Serika growled.

The girls ran away as Kasumi smiled.

“You’re heading towards the Seine. That passage will naturally be wetter and more conductive.”


“Who the hell is that!?” Serika growled.

“Kasumi. My cousin that joined Illumous,” Yuni answered.

“THAT was her!? I thought you might have been exaggerating how terrifying she looked, but damn that girl was creepy.”

“She’s also strong. It takes a lot to block one of Mado-chan’s kicks at full force,” Emeri stated.

Madoka suddenly stopped as she noticed something.


Kasumi slowly walked until she noticed the wet floor.

“Looks like I’m close. Just a little further in…”


“And here we are. A nice lightning rod to fry those 4. Good riddance Yuni,” Kasumi sneered as she coated her shoe in electricity and stomped down on the wet floor.

The passageway was suddenly lit with electricity as it coursed through the wet floors.