Chapter 57:

Maze of Catacombs Part 3: Deception

Escape Witch

Kasumi scowled as she lifted her foot.

“*Tch* I didn’t sense any life. Don’t tell me they ran back to free the prisoner. That bitch is mine to kill, Melinda damn well better have gotten that message,” Kasumi thought as she ran back.

Yuni, Madoka, Serika, and Emeri let out muffled sighs before taking their hands off their mouths and emerging from a hidden passageway near the wet floor.

“Good thing you noticed the floor was wet. Though do we have to go that way in order to get out?” Yuni asked.

“I’m not sure. There probably is an exit that way, but it’s too dangerous. We’ll go through the passageway we hid in,” Madoka stated.


Melinda raised an eyebrow as Kasumi came running back.

“Hmm? Weren’t you- “

“Melinda, did ANYONE pass by you on your way here?” Kasumi demanded.


“How long has it been since left the prisoner?”

“I believe that is on you. This was originally supposed to be MY trap for the Ginkawa group. However, you suddenly barged in wanting to torture someone.”

“I can sense someone over there!”

“Then it is certainly not those 4. Well, I assume it must be the friends of your vctim. You deal with that, I’ll handle the 4,” Melinda stated as she passed by Kasumi.

Kasumi glared and ran towards where she was keeping her prisoner.


“What the hell is this place?” Serika asked.

“It looks like an abandoned mine. I heard the catacombs were only a small portion of the much larger Paris mine,” Emeri stated.

“There must be a way out then. It looks like there’s been some activity down here,” Yuni stated as she pointed to some modern tools.

“That electric freakshow probably can’t conduct very well in a place like this. Now we can make our escape. Follow me,” Madoka cheerfully declared.


After what seemed like hours, the girls saw light.

“I just hope we didn’t loop back around,” Serika grumbled.

“Nah, I’ve got a good sense of direction, this place is far away from them,” Madoka stated.

The girls reached a stairwell and ascended. They found themselves in a room of skeletons.

“Looks like another part of the catacombs to me,” Emeri stated.

“No, these skeletons, there’s bloodstains on them,” Yuni trembled.

“This isn’t good, let’s get out of here before someone shows up,” Yuni stated as she ran towards a wooden door.

One long hallway and another flight of stairs later, the girls were back on the streets of Paris.

“THERE YOU ARE!” Nakajima yelled as she ran up to the girls.

Her hair was disheveled, her makeup had smeared a bit, and she was out of breath.

“Yeah, sorry. The dumbass pair decided to run off,” Serika grumbled.

Nakajima immediately slapped the 4 girls before dragging them off towards the train.

“You’re lucky it hasn’t left yet,” Nakajima growled as she shoved the girls into the train.

The train began moving as the girls relaxed in their seats.

“I think I’ll call Auntie to check in,” Emeri stated as she called Harumi.

“EMERI! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?” Harumi cried.

“Ah, yes we’re all fine. Sorry, someone really wanted to sightsee.”

“It’s been hours since your scheduled train was supposed to arrive. I assume you’re currently on another Normandy bound train yes?”

“Yeah, last one of the day judging by Nakajima’s pissed off expression.”

“Seriously, when I heard Izuhana had her go with you, I thought that meant you’d be kept out of trouble.

*Sigh* I’ll be waiting for you. Izuhana was able to get through and should be arriving within the hour.”

“Ah! I just remembered we forgot to save her!” Yuni yelled.

“Is that Yuni? What’s she talking about?”

“Oh right, apparently she saw someone get kidnapped and dragged into the catacombs.”

“The catacombs!? So that’s why none of you would answer your phones. I was worried when I didn’t even hear anything from Nakajima.”

“Huh? Nakajima never came with us into the- “

Suddenly, the call was disconnected. The girls turned to see Nakajima smiling as she stood in the aisle.

She then ripped off her mask.

“So nice to see you all. Ahahahahaha!” Nadea laughed.

“You!? Where’s Nakajima!?” Yuni demanded.

“That’s for you to find out. Fear not. You are all safely en route to London,” Melinda stated as she walked up to the girls.

“LONDON!?” the girls shouted.

“Yes. The catacombs were merely the first stage of our game. Your friend Nakajima has been captured. If you wish to save her in time, you’ll need to find a key hidden within an old castle. Nadea’s purpose was merely to get you on this train. You need not worry about her so long as I’m here. Communicating via phone is off the table though until you disembark in London. Now please do enjoy your trip.”

Melinda and Nadea walked away as the girls stared in disbelief.

“Was that all a trap? Was this all because of me?” Yuni cried.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure that bitch is 100% to blame for all this,” Emeri growled.

“I take it you’d be fine with me killing that bitch?” Serika asked as she cracked her knuckles.

“Hey, save some for me! I wanna kick that bitch in the face for what she did to me back on the ship,” Madoka said.

“Good, then you two will have no problems with me joining in,” Emeri smiled.

“Thanks everyone. I’ll happily lend a hand,” Yuni tearfully smiled.


Harumi slammed her fist in frustration as her call failed to connect.

“Dammit! I can’t get a hold of them.”

Harumi then ordered some servants to look up the train timetables.

“What’s wrong Ka-san?” Tetsuka asked as she entered.

“I lost contact with Emeri and co. She stated she was on a train that just left Paris.”

“Paris!? Dang, shoulda said something earlier. We just got back from a wild time there.”

“So that’s why you’re a mummy?”

“Yeah, I kinda got fried a bit. Oh yeah, a small yacht just pulled up to the side. They say they’re Izuhana.”

Harumi sighed and walked out with Tetsuka.


Izumi unloaded the suitcases as Hanabi carried Eriza.

“Good job you two. I assume she’s free now?” Harumi asked.

“Yeah, that chip was a pain to get out of her, but luckily I was able to diffuse the miniature explosive mechanisms they wired her with,” Hanabi stated.

“I’m sure Muramasa Jouzu could effortlessly cure her, but it’s good that you were able to do it. _! Well look who showed up on que…”


“So that’s Eriza huh? If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have believed you,” Tetsuka stated.

“When she opens her eyes, you’ll be able to tell,” Harumi stated as Eriza slowly woke up.

“WHA!? Where am I? Auntie!? Oh no, did I miss the World championships!?” Eriza frantically asked.

“Calm down. I’m going to need to tell you a lot. Tetsuka, get her some warm Ginkawa milk.”


Eriza cried and sunk her head into Harumi’s breasts after Harumi finished telling her everything.

“I’m sorry. It hurts me too knowing I couldn’t save them. Just be glad you’re safe,” Harumi cried.

After a long night of consoling, Eriza drifted off to sleep.

“Well at least she’s calm now. Sorry for the late update, but I just learned those shits Oribia and Orise are in the UK,” Tetsuka stated.

“I disowned those shits. Though if they’re going to attack us, different story,” Harumi growled.

“That’s the other thing, apparently Emeri and Doka are also in the UK.”

“So, they went Paris to London. If those shits are after them, I’ll make landfall with you and have Yuki and one of Muramasa Jouzu’s guys guard the mansion.”


Emeri sighed as she, Madoka, Serika, and Yuni followed Melinda and Nadea through London.

“You are not obligated to follow us. You may simply make a run for it and leave Mutsumi Nakajima to die,” Melinda sneered.

“Like we’d trust you. I bet that hairless freak would pounce us the moment we decide to quit your game,” Yuni growled.

“You betcha! I’ve even got wax on hand right now,” Nadea snickered.

The group then stopped at the gates of an old castle.

“Welcome to this haunted castle. You’ll be participating in a murder mystery event with both members of the public and Illumous members. The murder is staged, however there is a danger to your lives. If you can all survive and identify the murderer, you will get the key to free your friend. If one of you dies or you fail to identify the murderer, you lose. You won’t be able to get cell service within the castle. Will you enter?” Melinda asked.

“Outta the way bitch!” the girls yelled as they plowed through the gates and ran towards the castle.