Chapter 1:


Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

Birthdays are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives, but for Kasumi's parents, it turned out to be the most terrifying day. Today was Kasumi's 14th birthday, and she and her parents had gone to Tokyo Gardens. Suddenly, Kasumi heard a strange voice saying, 'Twinkle Twinkle, come here and play with me.' She began searching for the source of the voice and eventually stumbled upon a strange box. When she opened it, she found a clown doll. She took the box home with her, closed her bedroom door, and started playing with the doll, hiding the box under her table. Hours passed, but Kasumi didn't open the door.

Ann Halford, her mother, started calling her to cut the cake, but Kasumi didn't respond. Instead, she said, 'Leave me alone,' and continued playing with the doll. At midnight, she finally opened the door and started crying. Hearing her cries, her mother came to her and asked, 'Why are you crying?' Kasumi stopped crying and began shouting loudly at her mother, then locked the door. Her mother started crying too.

The next day, things became even stranger. Kasumi stopped talking to her parents and began talking to herself. She stayed in her room for extended periods and stopped going out to play with her friends. On this Sunday, Ann made a plan to refresh Kasumi's mind and invited her for an outing. After some arguments, Kasumi reluctantly agreed. They went shopping at Tokyo Hypermarket, but Kasumi's behavior towards others remained rude. Her mother became angry and scolded her. They sat in the car and headed to a nice hotel, where Kasumi's mother worried about her behavior.

Suddenly, Anne stopped the car and entered the hotel with her daughter. After ordering food, Kasumi started behaving strangely again, throwing plates and shouting at other customers. Her mother felt embarrassed in front of the other customers and stopped eating. She slapped her daughter for the first time and apologized to the manager and other customers, saying, 'I'm sorry for my daughter's strange behavior. She's been acting this way since her 14th birthday.' She paid for the damaged items and the partially eaten food. The shop manager responded, 'Thank you for paying, but please don't come back here.'

Frustrated, Ann left the hotel and confronted her daughter:

Ann: "Do you even know what the hell you're doing?"

Kasumi: "I'll do whatever I want. Who are you to question me?"

Ann: "Calm down, Kasumi. I am your mother. Why are you talking to me like this?"

Kasumi: "It's my life, my wish, okay..."

Ann began crying and sat in the car with her daughter. They finally reached home. After returning home, Kasumi quickly ran to her room and locked the door, but she forgot to take her clown doll. The doll was still in the car. Without realizing it, she went to bed and started sleeping. The next day, a Monday, Kasumi began packing her school books with a creepy smile...

Achu B
Achu B