Chapter 2:


Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

The sun rose, a new day began, and it was Monday. But Kasumi was still sleeping. Like all mothers, Ann also forgave her daughter and called out, 'Kasumi, wake up, or you'll be late for school!' Upon hearing this, Kasumi woke up, opened her room, and greeted her mother.

Kasumi: 'Ohayo, mama.' 

Ann: 'Ohayo, Kasumi-san.' 

Ann: 'Come, Kasumi, breakfast is ready.' 

Kasumi: 'Okay, mama.'

Kasumi started to dress up and joined her mother in the dining hall. They both said 'itadakimasu' and began eating breakfast. After finishing breakfast, she suddenly heard the school bus horn and rushed towards it. She boarded the bus, which started moving towards the school. After an hour of traveling, they reached the school. All the students disembarked and headed to their respective classes. Kasumi also went to her class and started talking to her friends about her birthday, but this time she was talking normally to others.

Conversation between Kasumi and her friends:

Rei Suwa: 'Ohayo, Kasumi-san.'

Kasumi: 'Ohayo, Rei-san. Why didn't you come to my birthday?'

Rei Suwa: 'I'm really sorry, Kasumi-san. As you know, our Christmas holidays start tomorrow, so my family and I went shopping for gifts.'

Kasumi: 'Oh, okay, no problem, Rei-san. We can go to Tooka's house during our vacation.'

Tooka: 'Nice idea, Kasumi-san. And Rei-san, we can enjoy this Christmas at my house. I'm eagerly waiting for Christmas.'

Kasumi and Rei: 'I think sensei is coming. Hurry up, let's take our seats...'

Tomorrow was Christmas, and Kasumi, Rei, and Tooka had made plans to play at Tooka's home. Their school bus was waiting for them, so they hurriedly got on and took their seats. They were the last students on the bus, and it started moving. However, after some time, the bus broke down on the side of a forest. At that moment, Rei went missing from the bus, causing all the students to panic. The bus driver called the police and reported the matter as a missing person.

Once the bus was repaired, the driver suddenly started it and drove away rapidly in a panicked manner, aiming to take the other students home safely. After dropping them off, the driver went to the police station and explained all the events that had occurred. Upon hearing this, the police called Tooka's parents and informed them that their daughter had gone missing on her way home. They reassured them that an investigation was underway, but despite their words, Tooka's parents began to worry.

Achu B